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  1. kbarber

    UNBOUND 2018: A Festival of New Works

    Those are the five I would have chosen, though I did like the Welch piece (but it went on a bit too long). Did they say which ballets will be on which programs? I particularly want to know about programs 2 and 3.
  2. kbarber

    The Green Table

    how do you know that an "aging audience" "demands comfort"? Seems like a pretty ageist assumption . I was just in San Francisco for Unbound. Looking around at the audience, it was pretty much the same proportion of white hair as at most ballet performances, and they responded VERY enthusiastically to everything.
  3. This happened just this very minute. Live feed on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/kglteater/videos/?ref=page_internal
  4. kbarber

    RDB 2018/19 Season

    not sure how it can be judged a "horror" when it hasn't even been created yet.
  5. kbarber

    Ballet & feminism

    I think the point that most people make about women directors is not that they don't exist, but that they don't exist for the most part, at MAJOR companies, even though many of those were founded by women. NBOC, ENB, and Paris Opera are currently (and recent) exceptions. So up against all the Charlottes and Memphises and Sacramentos, there are the following MAJOR companies run by men: San Francisco Pacific Northwest ABT Boston Houston Birmingham Royal Bolshoi Mariinsky Hamburg Stuttgart Berlin Dresden Munich Dutch National La Scala Vienna Czech National Australian NYCB (well, we'll see...) and maybe major-ish, or less well-known but nonetheless big companies Scottish Northern Ballet Sarasota Arizona Polish National Estonian National Hungarian National Toulouse Bordeaux Compania Nacional de Danza (Spain) etc.
  6. those aren't the people who participated in the survey, they're the ones who signed the petition complaining about the leaking of the survey.
  7. I was just at an event with National Ballet of Canada's New Zealander Principal Dancer Harrison James, who recounted that at the beginning of his career, after graduation from San Francisco Ballet's school, he was offered a job by SFB but his work visa was refused. (yep, New Zealand ballet dancers, one of the great threats to the USA). So he joined the Royal Winnipeg Ballet instead. No problems with Canadian immigration.
  8. kbarber

    2018 Met Season

    That looks promising . 6-8 weeks is the standard time it takes to heal from breaks etc.
  9. Oh come ON!! Mathieu Ganio? Mathias Heyman? etc etc.
  10. kbarber

    Neumeier's Nijinsky on DVD/Blu-ray

    off topic about Nijinsky DVD but on topic about Riabko... last year I was at a Hamburg Ballet performance of Neumeier's Shakespeare Dances in Vienna. I was in the second row and at one point Riabko came and stood on a little extension of the stage over the orchestra pit. I literally could have reached out and touched him. (No I didn't!!!) Major fan girling going on in row 2!!! Have been a fan of his since the first time I saw him, in Neumeier's Sleeping Beauty about 15 years ago.
  11. just posted on her FB page I will be leaving San Francisco Ballet after this season. Unbound festival will be my last shows with the company. I’m very lucky and grateful for the career I had with San Francisco Ballet. I want to thank the dancers I shared the stage with, all the choreographers and teachers that I worked with in the past 11 years who made me the dancer I am now. I’ll be forever grateful to Helgi for putting his trust in me, for taking a risk and giving me a principal contract. Thank you to the people in the audience for coming to see my performances and supporting me. Thank you to everyone who helps to make this company a special place. The time has come for me to move on to other opportunities. I don’t know what my next big step is going to be but I’m excited to see where it takes me.
  12. I saw Pepperland in Toronto a couple of months ago and was VERY underwhelmed by it.
  13. kbarber

    "Manon" Osipova-Shklyarov "Friday the 13th" April

    and did all of her training at the Royal Ballet School. So much for "must be Russian". There are fantastic dancers in the world who aren't Russian.
  14. I know you are being hyperbolic for effect, but Robert Parker has been at Elmhurst since Sept 2012, which would make a 7-year tenure if he were to take over at BRB when Bintley leaves in 2019.