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  1. Nureyev premier postponed to 2018/2019

    There's now a long piece on the topic by Ismene Brown here
  2. Royal Ballet roster changes for 2017-18

    I think most of the promotions were widely expected - the surprise perhaps is that Kevin O'Hare was reported to have said he would no longer promote to the Principal Character Artist rank - I'm pleased that he's changed his mind (or was misquoted), especially for the sake of Bennett Gartside who for me has been performing at that level for the last several years.
  3. The RB published its promotions and leavers list this morning, including: Yasmin Naghdi promoted to Principal Matthew Golding leaves the company Bennet Gartside, Christina Arestis, Kristen McNally and Thomas Whitehead promoted to Principal Character Artist Matthew Ball and Marcelino Sambe promoted to First Soloist Reece Clark, Benjamin Ella and Anna Rose O'Sullivan promoted to Soloist Hannah Grennell, Calvin Richardson, Gina Storm-Jensen, and David Yudes promoted to First Artist Full listing
  4. ABT 2017 Tchaikovsky Spectacular

    In his book The Diaghilev Ballet in London, C.W.Beaumont describes the changes Diaghilev made to the original, including: "...Diaghilev refused to permit Prince Charming and Princess Aurora to dance to a certain boisterous melody which occurs after the grand pas de deux. this melody was certainly not suited to a classical pas de deux, and Nijinska used it for a character number, "Innocent Ivan and his Brothers," based on Russian folk dance measures..." Also the RB's 75th anniversary book, by Alexander Bland, talks of the changes made to the 1921 version for the RB's 1939 production, including "The coda to the grand pas de deux was rescued from the Three Ivans, to whom it had rather incongruously been allotted". So that sounds to me as if there was no coda in the 1921 version.
  5. Onegin and Jewels

    ... though Arlene Croce loathed it, and said so, as Alexandra described in an earlier thread ! (just noticed that earlier thread was 18 years ago!)
  6. Ulrik Birkkjaer leaving Royal Danish Ballet

    Eva Kistrup's take on Birkkjær's announcement (starts half way down her article)
  7. RDB season 2017/18

    Eva Kistrup fills in some more details in her blog I'm pleased to notice that they are spreading their productions out over longer periods, so that it will be easier to see 2 or even 3 different shows in one trip - an excellent thing for us visitors.
  8. RDB season 2017/18

    Next season in Copehagen includes; Raymonda, produced by Nikolaj Hubbe A full-evening Queen of Spades by Liam Scarlett A new version of the Kylian evening Silk and Knife Reruns of Swan Lake, Giselle, Kim Brandstrup's Shaken Mirror, Balanchine's Nutcracker, Akram Khan's Vertical Road A new piece for the RDB School by Gregory Dean A portrain of Sorella Englund AND A week's Festival in the first week of June, including Napoli but not limited to the Bournonville repertoire Full details here
  9. RDB's Jewels

    Lots of nice photos now up, as well - but still no captions!
  10. RDB's Jewels

    All the casting is now up, though in a way that would be meaningless to people who don't know the ballets. If I'm interpreting it correctly, the first night cast is: Emeralds - Amy Watson and Jonathan Chmelensky, Susanne Grinder and Marcin Kupinski ('walking' pas de deux) Rubies - J'aime Crandall and Jon Axel Fransson, Astrid Elbo Diamonds - Holly Dorger and Gregory Dean It looks as if other casts show Caroline Baldwin and Ulrik Birkkjaer in Diamonds, Ida Praetorius, Chmelensky and Emma Håkensson in Rubies, and Kizzy Matiakis/Andreas Kaas and Wilma Giglio/Sebastian Haynes in Emeralds. But I could have got this completely wrong...
  11. Romeo and Juliet - multiple versions

    The RNZB Romeo was by Christopher Hampson - a fairly small-scale production to allow for touring, but I rather liked it so far as I remember.
  12. Royal Ballet 2017-18 season

    It's rather confusing as he's shown as a guest artist on one page and a principal on another - the general opinion seems to be that it's the 'guest' that's right.
  13. Giant Steps

    The theatre has just announced that next season's programme will be revealed on April 26th.
  14. Giant Steps

    Interesting: I don't remember anyone in London linking Infra directly with the terrorist bombs, or even mentioning that - it was (and still is, so far as I know) seen as a more general reflection on the stress of living in a busy city and the loneliness that can exist in the middle of crowds. But maybe I just didn't read the programme note...
  15. Plastique

    Also you might be interested in a couple of earlier discussions: http://balletalert.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/14281-plastique http://balletalert.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/26348-plastique/#comment-219359