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  1. Jane Simpson

    Veronika Part

    RNZB welcomes Veronika Part as a guest artist for their forthcoming tour: http://rnzb.org.nz/news/rnzb-welcomes-international-guest-artist-veronika-part-for-dancing-with-mozart-season/
  2. Jane Simpson

    2018 Met Season

    Footnote to the AfteRite discussion above: the Royal Danish Ballet has just announced next season's programme, which includes AfteRite and lists it as a co-production with ABT. (And they're doing it on a double bill with Etudes!)
  3. Chase Johnsey is joining English National Ballet and will appear with them in Sleeping Beauty this summer.
  4. Jane Simpson

    Liam Scarlett's Queen of Spades for the RDB

    No, I haven't seen anything in Copenhagen this season (yet ). The Danish reviews have been very good, I believe.
  5. Jane Simpson

    "Manon" Osipova-Shklyarov "Friday the 13th" April

    For those who don't know her and may be a little confused by this, Naghdi has a Belgian mother and an Iranian father. She was born and brought up in London, where her outstanding talent has been recognised for quite some time.
  6. You are right, it was Brenda Last. And David Blair.
  7. Scarlett's latest ballet opens in Copenhagen tomorrow - while we wait, the Danish paper Politiken has published an interview with Kizzy Matiakis, who dances the Countess - the photographs are wonderful! Google translate works quite well on the words.
  8. Jane Simpson

    Francesca Hayward

    I saw her Giselle in February and and watching her in Act 2 there came a moment when I suddenly felt that little, and so rare, shiver of recognition; she's The Real Thing. Impossible to describe, unmistakeable when you see it.
  9. Jane Simpson

    RDB Group to Jacob’s Pillow, Mid-June 2018

    1955 - the link in the first post links to a short clip from that visit, with Mona Vangsaa and Stanley Williams dancing a snippet from Konservatoriet.
  10. Jane Simpson

    Royal Ballet in Cinema 2018-19

    The RB's Within the Golden Hour is getting new designsby Jasper Conran, who has done some lovely work in the past - his tutus for David Bintley's Tombeaux are on many British ballet goers' 'best ever' list.
  11. Jane Simpson

    Royal Ballet 2017-18 season

    The RB has just announced that Hallberg will be replaced by Shklyarov in botth the Manon performances he was due to dance with Osipova.
  12. Jane Simpson

    Maria Alexandrova

    It's just been announced that Alexandrova will dance Aurora with English National Ballet in London in June - exact dates to be given soon.
  13. Jane Simpson

    Giselle RB Osipova Hallberg Thursday 1 March

    Also he's being replaced by Ball as Albrecht on Friday.
  14. Jane Simpson

    Nini Theilade

    The Hollywood Reporter announces that Nini Theilade died yesterday, aged 102.