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  1. One thing management has been doing to ease crowding is to make announcements about the garage level entrance. The line has been much longer than usual down there, but it moves very quickly. There are benches to sit on, bathrooms outside the house that are always open, and it's much easier to get an uncrowded elevator at that level. I always go in down there.
  2. I also saw the Weds. matinee, but it was my first time seeing the piece, and I was in the back of the Dress Circle without benefit of opera glasses. From my vantage point the individual performance stood out less, but I loved the production; I was one of the audience members laughing her head off. The big visual effects (like the nurses with their YUGE hypodermic needles) really stood out. I think Balanchinomane has nailed it with his/her review. I loved it, just loved it; I found it a refreshing, fun change from yet another stale Nutcracker. Some poor boy was crying his eyes out outside on one of the benches afterwards. I couldn't figure our what the problem was until I finally heard him cry to his mother "it's over." This is a big hit with kids and there were a lot of them there on Wednesday and all well-behaved, no rustling in seats and making noise. I think this piece really captivates children. I did hear two woman outside complaining afterwards; there verdict was "aside from the leaps at the end (Simkin) there was nothing special there. What a disappointment!" Simkin continues to amaze me this season; he has really come into his own. A special shoutout to whoever was in the costume of the animal, with the long neck, in white with red polka dots. In the last scene the rest of the creatures were just standing there but this character was bouncing around, really in the spirit of the piece. My eye kept going to that character instead of all the others.
  3. ABT 2017 Onegin

    'Gun' is a rather generic term for what Lensky and Onegin would have been using. They would have used dueling pistols, especially made in pairs, so that opponents started off on an equal basis weapon-wise.
  4. ABT 2017 Onegin

    I'm just back from the performance also and echo much of what Batsuchan said. I thought Act III was killer. I do have issues with the sets and costumes. I thought the last act sets bordered on the garish; a little tasteless in my opinion. I also don't like how the house is angled in Act I. If I remember correctly, in the Rose production the house was straight across against the back of the stage. I felt that worked so much better (for whatever reason). I thought both Vishneva and Gomes looked like they were going to breakdown at the curtain calls. Definitely bring hankies if you go Friday. I am going Thursday for Ferri-Bolle. I'm curious to see if they can bring it off. Also, on the subject of Boylston: I now get the complaints about her arms. Her hands were so floppy I almost wondered if her wrists were double-jointed.
  5. ABT 2017 Onegin

    I don't remember the Jurgen Rose costumes or much of the sets. The one set I do remember is the first act and I really prefer the Rose set to the current design. The layout of the original set just suited the choreography better in my opinion. I'm seeing Onegin tonight and again on Thursday; if anything else occurs to me I'll let you know.
  6. ABT 2017 Swan Lake

    Joining in the conversation for the first time, if I may, since I started following this site several years ago. It's interesting what strikes us and what we remember about a performance. I too went to the Semionova-Gomes Swan Lake, and for me it was one of the most dispiriting, disheartening experiences ever. Even Gomes couldn't save the evening for me. Semionova's Odile was technically astounding but the character came across as a vapid teenager with a stupid grin on her face. There was no temptress and no prince with an IQ over 5 should have been deceived. Bland does not begin to describe it. All the technique in the world does not work for me if it does not advance the story.
  7. New member checking in

    I just wanted to say Hello and how happy I am to have discovered this board. I am strictly a fan, with no technical background. I just enjoy going to the ballet and reading about what's on the mind of everyone else.