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  1. 2017 Fall Season

    It's more that I'm new to her — I haven't been enough of a NYCB regular until recently to be as familiar with the corps/soloist roster as I am with ABT's. So I'm still in the process of putting together names, faces and onstage impressions.
  2. 2017 Fall Season

    More information on the reasons for Fairchild's departure can be found here. There are also, perhaps, some personal reasons having to do with the breakup of his marriage to fellow NYCB principal Tiler Peck, but I don't know that we have any information on that from official sources, so any further details would likely be speculative.
  3. Podcast Interview with Sarah Lane

    At least in the podcast she didn't specify which role. She did say she'll do Giselle again, but didn't mention Juliet.
  4. 2017 Fall Season

    I forgot to note, also, that Lauren King looked great in the first variation of "Cortège Hongrois" — nice presence and clarity of execution. Will look forward to seeing more of her.
  5. 2017 Fall Season

    I agree with much of what cobweb has written above, especially about Duo Concertant, which I also found myself really enjoying more than I sometimes have. I did think Amar Ramasar looked less commanding with Sara Mearns than he does with Sterling Hyltin, perhaps because Sara seems less petite. I'd really have loved to see Aaron Sanz in the role, as he was originally scheduled. Also, I really wish that NYCB would stage the ending of "La Valse" at home like they did in the Paris video, with a blackout at the end rather than just with the curtain coming down. The sudden blackout as the dancers continue to circle the corpse is so much more dramatic and arresting.
  6. Fall 2017 Season

    Happy anniversary, Kevin!
  7. ABT 2017 Met season

    Didn't Sarah Lane do something quite similar with Ferri maybe 5 years back? It certainly didn't lead to anything very immediate that time, so I don't know that this necessarily means Skylar Brandt will dance Juliet this year. Of course it's possible, but I just don't view this as a particularly strong indicator.
  8. 2017 Fall Season

    Not to mention that expecting Marcelo Gomes to better personify one's ideal image of a Russian-trained ballerina is....well, kinda bizarre.
  9. 2017 Fall Season

    I understand what you're saying.....but change performances that people (many of whom may be very much looking forward to those pieces, as much as others would like to see more SL) have already bought tickets to? Really? Business sense aside, that'd be kind of a nasty move.
  10. 2017 Fall Season

    Still, no reason to let part of the audience see you in the wings. That's just silly. Wait 5 more seconds.
  11. ABT 2017 Met season

    My thoughts exactly.
  12. Roster in Review - 2017

    These are really great points. I've often found myself really frustrated by Kochetkova's work for ABT in a way that has felt a bit in excess of my actual assessment of her performances (an assessment that hasn't been positive, in general, but also hasn't been overwhelmingly negative). I think this explains it. Edited to add: It also just takes a lot for a tiny dancer to get me really excited. (Purely a matter of taste, I know.) Sarah Lane: yes. Kochetkova: no.
  13. ABT 2017 Met season

    And I could totally imagine the opposite casting as well. What a treat that'd be for two different nights in the same week!
  14. 2017 Fall Season

    These were exactly my impressions of her Balanchine one-O last year too. And I am all about long legs in SL — Veronika Part is my ideal. I really thought I'd love her but was sorely disappointed.
  15. 2017 Fall Season

    COMPLETELY agree. That's what matters to me too. That and musicality. I never count, just watch.