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  1. POB 2018 US tour cancelled

    We've had the Mikhailovsky twice in Orange County and I don't think they are at the level you would hope for at the Lincoln Center Festival. When POB was announced, I was going to go for the entire week in Chicago and then a long weekend in NY as my vacation this year. Without any hesitation, I would fly to NY or anywhere in North America to see Akram Khan's Giselle. I hope Tamara Rojo gets your thought-message, Drew!
  2. POB 2018 US tour cancelled

    I was so looking forward to seeing Ludmila Pagliero in La Sylphide.
  3. POB 2018 US tour cancelled

    Silvermash, I just learned that the USA tour cancellation is reported by Philippe Noisette in Les Echos.
  4. POB 2018 US tour cancelled

    Two questions remain: Is POB touring to Dallas and Chicago, as was heard? What major ballet company will take over the slot In the Lincoln Center Festival? Quel dommage.
  5. UNBOUND 2018: A Festival of New Works

    I checked into purchasing tickets at the discount price and you cannot choose your seat, though you can choose a generic location. I suspect that they will fill these orders in after the subscription seats are assigned.
  6. 2017-18 Season

    Dallas as well? This is great! Any idea as to what theatre in Dallas?
  7. The pirouette that went awry in Emeralds was a finger pirouette from fouetté en dehors and not a "supported" pirouette. Her handsome partner's hand slipped away and Gilbert miraculously releveed straight up, twice, to save it. It was an amazing save. She is a beautiful, musical dancer.
  8. Nureyev premier postponed to 2018/2019

    I go every year right after Christmas and I do not recall any singing during the snow scene at SFB.
  9. Veronika Part leaving ABT

    I can't say that the change in caption is any less heartbreaking to me than the earlier one. But I hope she continues to dance - she is just too beautiful and should not be stopping because of ABT's idiocy.
  10. Then/Now photos

    Oh, canbelto, these comparison photos are a delight!
  11. SFB 2017-18 season

    Thanks, Pherank. I was hoping to get in all the new works in one fell swoop.
  12. ABT 2017 Tchaikovsky Spectacular

    Memorable for many reasons.
  13. Nicolas Le Riche Royal Swedish Ballet AD

    Thanks, volcanohunter and silvermash, for the information!
  14. Nicolas Le Riche Royal Swedish Ballet AD

    Eleonora Abbagnato, director of the Rome Opera Ballet, is currently an etoile of the Paris Opera Ballet (and is not a former etoile). Who from POB is in Madrid? Wonderful news about Le Riche!