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  1. Watching the Olympics

    Well I would have scored the artistic side (or whatever they call it now) very, very differently. IMHO Zagitova looks wobbly on the ice and her edge qualities look like she she is a Junior class skater. But the new scoring system baffles me. I would have scored the men’s artistic side very differently as well. And the Sochi women’s performances too. I think the sport is moving in a direction (due to the scoring system) that may not interest me in the future. The women’s hockey competition was tremendous, and I’ve enjoyed the X-games this time! Maybe because their scoring system is so unknown that I don’t try to evaluate it. Instead, I just enjoy the high flying tricks.
  2. No, it is still terrible. I like Red Angels, but nothing else on the program is exciting. I wish they were reviving Artifact II, NY Export: Jazz, Arms That Work, or bringing in Ivenesia. Or better yet, Symphony in Three Movements. I am debating exchanging my tickets for a second night at the subsequent rep. Why waste my money?
  3. If you can go, you should go! Alexandrova was born to play Kitri (snd Gamzatti, and Raymonda, etc).
  4. Peter Martins Retired; Succession Discussion

    Lourdes Lopez as AD, Suzanne Farrell and Wendy Whelan as Assoc. ADs so they can focus extensively on staging. That’s my hiring plan, and I’m sticking to it!
  5. Peter Martins Sexual Harassment Allegations

    Or... we will look back in 20 years and think of the accusers in the same way we think of Anita Hill today.
  6. DTOH in Miami 3/10. 3/11

    Go see them for Dancing on the Front Porch of Heaven!!!
  7. Winter 2018

    Septime Webre’s work is beginning to travel to smaller regional companies. OBT is performing his Alice this month. Here is his Hong Kong Ballet bio, which lists other companies that have performed his works. http://www.hkballet.com/en/About-Us/Artistic-Members-And-Dancers/Artistic-Members/Septime-Webre.html
  8. Colorado Ballet 2018-19 season

    Lots of performances! I wish them tremendous success. Definitely family-friendly, and if it shores up their financials and stabilizes dancer salaries, all the better.
  9. Watching the Olympics

    I also came to love ballet by first loving figure skating. My first memories are Dorothy Hamill skating in a televised professional show. But I was glued to the TV to see *all the competitors* in the 1980 Lake Placid Games. The pairs really entranced me. Don Jackson was really wonderful, and I wish the code of points would go back and assign points to some the inventive moves of the past. This would give skaters more tools to use to interpret the music and still earn points. I would really love to see truly excellent spins valued like the quads.
  10. Workplace Problems at ENB

    I think Rojo is a product of her upbringing: namely RB and ENB before. She learned her standards of professional behavior from difficult personalities at both locations during her long career. That doesn’t make it right, nor does artistic success make it right or acceptable. Quality of work does not negate bad behavior.
  11. Watching the Olympics

    Here is Canadian Don Jackson winning the 1962 World Championship in Czechoslovakia. The old Cold War competitions (before the Prague Spring), when all the men wore suits on ice. The choreography was very simple compared to 2018. But the inventive jumping styles, technical spinning skills, and edge work were all exceptional.
  12. Watching the Olympics

    I dislike some of the poppier musical choices. I realize skaters are young and want to relate emotionally to their programs. But some of the choices are just lackluster. I did like the Russian male skater’s rockabilly choice, though. If you choose pop, choose the *best* of the genre. At least there are fewer movie soundtracks (somewhat) now that sung music is allowed. Also, I miss the beautiful scratch spins from the earlier eras. A few here and there, but at the top 10 level, they should *all* have top notch scratch spins, and get proper points for them. I am ready for ugly, contortionist spins to go away.
  13. Watching the Olympics

    These things go in waves — four years ago I thought the Japanese could be team contenders. Maybe if the Shibutanis had skated for Japan, they would have. This wave, they are trying to give their youngest athletes experience in advance of Beijing 2022. While I liked Nagasu’s triple axle, the rest of her program lacked artistry. Interesting that Patrick Chan’s skating skills have helped him so much, but Carolina Kostner’s vastly superior skating skills have not. I’m glad the judges’ names are linked to the scores this year. I have been watching the Canadian coverage and the commentary is superior. But surprisingly, NBC is showing more skaters!
  14. Winter 2018

    Based on recent changes at other companies, these changes seem to go slow unless the prior AD pulls rights. If you are the new AD, what would you program? Both mixed rep and story works? Commissions?
  15. Binet Allegations

    Binet’s works were well received at NYCB and SFB. I fon’t think he is known south of the border as a hack.