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  1. I am fascinated by the contrast between Gnossie's reviews of Dorothee Gilbert's dancing qualitities (quite negative) and the other posters' reaction to her lead in Emeralds at LC (quite positive). Perhaps we are looking for such disparate qualities because we are exposed regularly to styles of dance that emphasize those qualities? Would Gilbert be better served dancing for a neo-classical company? I thought the 20th century POB was much more of a hybrid, influenced by various Soviet satellite dancers (Lifar, Balanchine, Nureyev) and Americans and French-Americans (Tallchief, Verdy, Robbins, Forsythe, etc).
  2. Gnossie, what do you think it would require to recapture the french style at POB?
  3. I thought Melissa Hamilton was too short for Tall Girl when RB broadcast earlier this year. Now I know why.
  4. Last booing at a ballet that I recall was PNB's Forsythe work banging on tables. We get it back for the 3rd time next season. Since I know what to expect, I'll peobably get a drink during that performance. I do enjoy hissing the baddies (Carabosse, etc) and I think the dancers "get it" and enjoy that form of appreciation. Sort of like Alexis Carringtin on Dynasty: the baddies we Love to hate. ;)
  5. Beautiful pic. I was fired once, about 12 years ago. In retrospect I can see that it was a poor fit for my personality, and a poorly run organization. It was a shock to get the news, after I had poured my heart and energy into the position. In the weeks that followed I definitely went through grief stages and I wasn't myself at all. (edit) So I have a lot of sympathy for her, and I hope no one holds her emotional turmoil against her.
  6. Would the Nureyev set fit inside the War Memorial? I am fairly certain the Bolshoi scale is quite different.
  7. Could you give us the jist of remarks about his ballet career?
  8. It looks fascinating, definitely critical of Soviet politicalization of ballet (and art).
  9. Golding is Canadian and in the past RB only hired Commonwealth dancers, but then allowed stars such as Nureyev, Makarova, Kirkland, various Cubans, etc to take the stage. Strong male partners are always in demand, I think he will do well elsewhere.
  10. I've seen many complimentary words about Zhong-Jing Fang. Possible soloist?
  11. Their energy might be better spent organizing a gala farewell for Veronika in the early Autumn. She could perform excerpts and invite colleagues to perform. If Kevin McKenzie really did vacillate over the season, or gave that impression, then he was terribly unprofessional. Sadly VP's history of injuries make her a poor candidate to hire elsewhere. I hope, however, that she may pursue other goals and perhaps do some guesting.
  12. This is a sad end to things. Her linked interview indicates some long term sadness. And the "Not a team player" comment is interesting. I wonder what Kevin McKenzie's response would be? Too many prolonged injuries to justify her salary? Too little box office compared to other Russian imports? Too much negative energy when the AD brought in all those guests? Maybe she can find a place in Munich at Bavarian State Ballet with the other Mariinsky expats?
  13. Perhaps competition allows her to earn much needed prize money?
  14. The NYT is not fake news, nor is its Arts section fake news. Just because it is underfunded, or one does not agree with its critics does not make the paper fake news. Fake news is the proliferation of false webpages based out of eastern europe that wrote racy headlines with articles mixing recycled wire news facts with false facts. These websites imitates newspapers, but had zero editors, ethics boards, fact checkers, professional journalists, or source confirmation policies. They made many Macedonian teenagers and young adults six figure incomes through online ad sales. I don't always agree with many editorial policies at the Wall Street Journal, but WSJ is just as much a legitimate news organization as NYT, WaPo, or the Chicago Tribune. Rant over, back to dance writing.
  15. Not all experiments succees, but you don't know until you try. Still, an AD's obligation is to cast the best performance on the stage.