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  1. I think they should go, and speak their minds. This is a platform with great media attention, glamour, and prestige. Use it to defend the arts!
  2. Roster in Review - 2017

    The music is "Carousel" and there are cartwheels in the Wheeldon version of this. Really inventive stuff.
  3. Could they get rid of the plastic recycling chandelier? It's ugly and always dusty. I loathe that thing. All that gorgeous glass art in Seattle and we have to look at that trashy eyesore. Move the iconic dancing girls statue out from the lower orchestra entrance and out to the lobby. leave the wine in the lobby.
  4. Sara Murawski

    That's quite a name for a company that hasn't done a thing to earn the title.
  5. Joy Womack

    NYCB was saved by adding classics? I agree that they are box office gold but NYCB's golden goose is Mr B's 1954 Nutcracker. NYCB was saved by it's amazing stable of exciting dancers: Tiler Peck, Sara Mearns, etc. I would go further on the Lacotte comparison: it's like asking Pina Bausch to judge the proficiency of Bolshoi dancing Bournonville, rather than asking a Danish stager. If Edward Villella or Allegra Kent says a Russian company is dancing Balanchine well, that I would believe. Back to Joy Womack -- she does have injuries, and time off will help heal them. I suspect she is on her parents' ACA health insurance as a 23 year old. So treatment getting covered is possible. But I really think a year off to get perspective would be healthy. I do like the idea of a social media advisor. It worked well for Misty Copeland. Anyway, Atlanta Ballet is hiring! Maybe she would do well under Gennadi's tenure. They have similar Moscow training.
  6. Joy Womack

    For her own future employment (in or out of ballet) I think she needs to take down the vlog. And maybe take a year off dance.
  7. Fairy Variety Costumes from Sleeping Beauty1978

    I wonder if a costume museum would want to buy them?
  8. I am fascinated by the contrast between Gnossie's reviews of Dorothee Gilbert's dancing qualitities (quite negative) and the other posters' reaction to her lead in Emeralds at LC (quite positive). Perhaps we are looking for such disparate qualities because we are exposed regularly to styles of dance that emphasize those qualities? Would Gilbert be better served dancing for a neo-classical company? I thought the 20th century POB was much more of a hybrid, influenced by various Soviet satellite dancers (Lifar, Balanchine, Nureyev) and Americans and French-Americans (Tallchief, Verdy, Robbins, Forsythe, etc).
  9. Gnossie, what do you think it would require to recapture the french style at POB?
  10. I thought Melissa Hamilton was too short for Tall Girl when RB broadcast earlier this year. Now I know why.
  11. Last booing at a ballet that I recall was PNB's Forsythe work banging on tables. We get it back for the 3rd time next season. Since I know what to expect, I'll peobably get a drink during that performance. I do enjoy hissing the baddies (Carabosse, etc) and I think the dancers "get it" and enjoy that form of appreciation. Sort of like Alexis Carringtin on Dynasty: the baddies we Love to hate. ;)
  12. Veronika Part leaving ABT

    Beautiful pic. I was fired once, about 12 years ago. In retrospect I can see that it was a poor fit for my personality, and a poorly run organization. It was a shock to get the news, after I had poured my heart and energy into the position. In the weeks that followed I definitely went through grief stages and I wasn't myself at all. (edit) So I have a lot of sympathy for her, and I hope no one holds her emotional turmoil against her.
  13. Nureyev premier postponed to 2018/2019

    Would the Nureyev set fit inside the War Memorial? I am fairly certain the Bolshoi scale is quite different.
  14. Kabby Mitchell, RIP

    Could you give us the jist of remarks about his ballet career?
  15. Nureyev premier postponed to 2018/2019

    It looks fascinating, definitely critical of Soviet politicalization of ballet (and art).