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  1. I just heard a teaser for an interview with Smirnova, which is supposed to air on NPR's "All Things Considered" this afternoon.
  2. Indeed, alongside others who have been working to improve international relations in many ways -- it seems that everyone is returning to a more nationalist and isolationist position.
  3. Is there anyone still in the company who participated in that earlier project?
  4. Considering the most recent developments, I'm wondering if we'll be seeing anything of the main Russian companies in the west at all for the next period.
  5. Bavarian State Ballet 2018-19 season

    It's a change from companies that do their festivals in the summer -- I think it might be a help.
  6. That was wonderful, wasn't it?!
  7. 2018 Met Season

    Company members -- I cannot recall who, but it was back in the very early days...
  8. 2018 Met Season

    "When I aged out of the 18-29 program, I got no special solicitation or follow-up messaging from ABT" That is indeed a missed opportunity -- several other companies around the country are really exploring age-related marketing, and while I get a bit queasy about it sometimes, I have to admit I keep track of the "senior" options available to me (at 61, I'm a senior in some places and not in others). In Seattle, many organizations participate in Teen Tix, which is a program to get teens into all kinds of cultural institutions (you register and get an access card -- different groups give different deals. The ballet let's TT kids get $5 tickets 90 minutes before performance (on Sundays, you can get an additional ticket and take a friend). It gets kids in the door and fills in last minute seats -- so far it's been a great program for the company. I want someone to do their masters or PhD on these access programs, do a little tracking and long-range analysis of use, and come back with some substantial information. There are all kinds of good initiatives going on, but not as much tracking as a geeky girl would like to see. I still find it ironic that ABT's website annoys so many users, since they were one of the first companies to create an online presence. If I remember correctly, much of it was designed by dancers -- why has it gotten so icky?
  9. And that's why you and I sit in the audience, instead of dancing on stage...
  10. Next season announced (Atlanta)

    Gaines' work is certainly neo-classical, so that might help with the anchoring you were hoping for.
  11. Program 5: Celebrating Jerome Robbins

    I know it's not new, but the Fancy Free/Cage combination does seem a bridge too far, if I can mix my references.
  12. I'm not sure I understand what you object to in Capelle's review -- while I don't know that the current interest in revival/reconstructions can all be ascribed to the Vikharev SB production, I think it's very true that we're seeing a number of productions that are (finally!) using the textual materials we have in archives to peel away some of the changes in these legacy works. I haven't seen either production first-hand, but from what I hear from friends and colleagues, her capsule description of the two (Vikharev and Ratmansky) seem pretty clear. Capelle is writing for a generalist audience -- this is a review, not a critical essay. While I am hoping that this anniversary and these performances will jumpstart more in-depth material, this review, coming right on the heels of the event, seems like a good "report from the field." If she's got her basic facts wrong, or is hanging her opinions on faulty reasoning, please tell us more.
  13. The Lilac Fairy

    My problem is that I'd like to see it both ways! The original was certainly much closer to this example from the BRB (thanks for the link to the header -- I wouldn't have seen it otherwise and it's quite lovely) -- as I understand it, Lilac wore an ankle-length gown and heeled shoes, and carried a wand that was about the same size as a walking staff. This obviously would affect what she was able to do. And your observation that she's a visual counterpoint to Carabosse in this costume is very astute. There are moments in the choreography where that twinned aspect are pointed up, and this costume would certainly reinforce that. But there are some wonderfully dancey sequences in the score, especially in her variation, and I would be so sad to lose those moments as well.
  14. From the Dance Notation Bureau "Sadly, the Dance Notation Bureau, announces the passing of our dear friend and notator, Allan Miles, on March 5, 2018 . When Allan came to New York in 1961 he was one of only 7 certified notators recognized by the Bureau. He was with us until 1966, also teaching notation at Julliard. Allan went on to teach Labanotation at a number of colleges and universities and giving of his knowledge to the dance world by his influence on students and colleagues. His continued interest in notation is preserved through his published works, The Gail Grant Dictionary of Classical Ballet in Labanotation, Labanotation Workbook (Part I and Part II), Labanotation for Ballet Dancers, and Balanchine's Agon. He will be greatly missed but not forgotten. "
  15. PNB and The Robbins Centennial

    Looking at this again, I'm sad that Interplay seems to have dropped out. But there's much to be grateful for.
  16. Program 5: Celebrating Jerome Robbins

    The images from The Cage are an interesting juxtaposition to the score from Fancy Free...
  17. Shen Yun

    They have become an annual event in Seattle -- I have yet to see them, but they promote themselves widely and seem to sell well. They're scheduled here March 28-April 3. And Cloud Gate is here the previous weekend...
  18. It's hard for me to listen thoughtfully and write, except for low-key email tasks. And I don't listen to podcasts with a mobile device (just through my desktop computer) so that cancels out cooking and cleaning. I'm obviously behind the times...
  19. Allan Miles

    I'm sorry to hear this.
  20. I haven't seen a press release yet, but this was in a display ad in today's (Sunday) Seattle Times. September 21-29 Jerome Robbins Festival Week 1 Circus Polka In the Night Afternoon of a Faun Other Dances (PNB premiere) West Side Story Suite Week 2 Circus Polka Dances at a Gathering The Concert November 2-11 All Premiere New Kyle Davis (world premiere) Silent Ghost (PNB premiere) Cacti (PNB premiere) November 23-December 28 Nutcracker February 1-10 Sleeping Beauty March 15-24 Director’s Choice New Mineko Williams (world premiere) New Matthew Neenan (world premiere) In the Countenance of Kings (PNB premiere) April 12-21 A Midsummer Night’s Dream May 31-June 9 Themes and Variations Signature Tarantella The Moor’s Pavane Theme and Variations
  21. The pile of books I need to read is threatening to topple over, and it looks like my "must-listen" list will be taking over my hard drive soon!
  22. I hadn't noticed that -- it would be a very popular option!
  23. It likely doesn't fill the newsroom staff with confidence either.
  24. Thanks for the nudge!