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  1. sandik

    ABT gala

    Thanks for the heads-up -- I'm so impressed with Dorrance!
  2. sandik

    Macaulay on ABT 2018 Met season

    I'm pretty sure his comments refer to her presence on stage, not her personality.
  3. sandik

    Favorite SFB Short Video Clips

    How lovely -- it looks like they have that moment where Aurora looks out onto the crowd before she fully enters the space -- Croce described it in one of her earlier reviews of the Royal Ballet production, and I always hope to see it.
  4. sandik

    Current Dancer News

    Excellent -- it's a great program, and I'm so glad she's been involved!
  5. sandik

    Alexandra Ansanelli

    It sounds from the description like this might have been personal materials that would not necessarily be duplicated by the NYPL collection.
  6. sandik

    2018 Spring Season

    I hope that you continue to write -- I know you expressed some reservations about the work, but I think we're all better off with a multiplicity of voices from all kinds of sources. Plus I did think I was the only person I knew who used "gobsmacked," and it's nice to realize I have company...
  7. Jayne linked to the thread here about the last big wedding, saying that we would have to manage without Mel's comments for the upcoming ceremony. So, let's do the best we can, and as we're waiting for the event, help me remember how many ballets have a wedding as part of their plot.
  8. I'm a big fan of Terkel, but didn't realize he'd spoken to so many dancers. Thank you so much for doing the homework, and pointing us in the direction!
  9. I like the dress a great deal -- the lines are quite lovely, and the neckline is especially flattering. I agree about the wayward hair, but it's a very popular look nowadays. I also thought her mother looked great.
  10. sandik

    Paul Taylor names successor

    You are quite right -- my memory was faulty. Kylian's work seems to be in several repertories, but Sokolow, Nagrin and McKayle are not as well represented -- I worry that we might lose them.
  11. sandik

    Paul Taylor names successor

    Something to think about. In the past, companies have been focused almost entirely on new works, and when then founder dies or retires, the institution continues to pursue new works. The Limon and Graham companies have been doing this, to greater or lesser success, as has the Joffrey. More recently, it seems like some companies like Taylor and Stephen Petronio are taking on the task of restaging past seminal works by other choreographers -- I wonder if this will be a better model going forward.
  12. sandik

    Paul Taylor names successor

    I'm so grateful that they're making these decisions now, in what seems like a methodical and thoughtful fashion. It seems that many people have been learning lessons from the various poor choices in the past -- fingers crossed that this will have the desired outcome.
  13. In general, publications have standard practices -- it's not quite as ad hoc as I may have made it seem.
  14. I wish I could say that I'm shocked, but lately there has been so much open hostility based in race that the element of surprise is pretty much gone for me.
  15. This sounds very exciting -- I'll be curious to see what the actual programming is.
  16. Was at a workshop this evening about press, and was reminded of this old rule of thumb for publishers. One or two people in the image -- identify them. Three or more -- use your own judgement.
  17. Different publications have different house styles, but it's highly unlikely that the NYT would cede that task to a publicist.
  18. As the part of the image that is the most prominent (and in the case of Firebird, she is the titular character), if they were going to name anyone, they would likely name her. And, whether you care for her dancing or not, she is the most familiar name for a big part of the Times' readership. If the choice were to give a specific name to a specific person, or to use the ubiquitous "artists of ABT," I would imagine the editor would prefer the more lively cutline.
  19. I don't know the Times current policy. In general, they have tried to create as much editorial independence for themselves as possible, and I imagine that would include their photos. In the case of tboth of these photos, the cutline under the image is pretty clear, with credit to "Andrea Mohin/The New York Times"
  20. sandik

    The Green Table

    I hadn't heard anything about this project -- thanks so much for posting this here! My partner is in Berlin this spring, and has been fascinated by the way the city tries to engage with its political past. Some of the artwork he's been telling me about is indeed very difficult to deal with, but that does seem to be part of the point.
  21. sandik

    2017-18 season

    Thanks for these -- they were a part of my early dance education.
  22. He and his colleagues were a part of the downtown dance scene in the 1980s -- it's when I first started carrying earplugs to dance shows. I loved the visceral nature of the work, but it was very loud.