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  1. Houston Ballet: hurricane and flooding?

    If they could afford it, this would be the time to just blanket the community with free and reduced price low-tech shows/recitals. People need art, especially in hard times -- if they could manage to be there, they'd be doing a great service along with keeping their visibility high.
  2. Houston Ballet: hurricane and flooding?

    I think that most of the performing institutions in Houston are going to have to collaborate on finding spaces for the next step -- the Wortham Center isn't the only space that's in need of work.
  3. Houston Ballet: hurricane and flooding?

    I saw a photo from Houston Grand Opera earlier today (I think they use the same theater) that was pretty messy -- lots of soggy paper.
  4. Favorite SFB Short Video Clips

    And that is the question of the moment.
  5. Val Caniparoli used the Glazunov for a work at Pacific Northwest Ballet several years ago -- I thought it was problematic as a whole, but was fascinating as individual sections. They felt very distinct, which is often the case with Petipa's work. In some ways, his overall structures remind me of children's building toys, where each interlocking piece could attach to several other pieces in many different orders. Caniparoli's work had a similar feeling, where you could re-order material if you chose. In a way, it underlined the connection between Petipa and post-modern choreography, though I doubt that was the goal! Perhaps Doug Fullington could stage a larger version of his Petipa and Balanchine lecture-demonstrations -- I learned so much from those programs.
  6. Favorite SFB Short Video Clips

    I re-listened to the Korbes interview from the Conversations on Dance podcast, and she spoke very feelingly about that process -- even with the elevation challenge and the chill, she loves to go to Vail and do new things.
  7. Someone online posted the scene from Pretty in Pink where Stanton explains to Jon Cryer that sometimes love is reciprocated, and sometimes it's not -- lovely and understated -- makes me cry every time.
  8. I believe you. I'm still hoping that someone down here will pick up the Royal programs, though -- it's a long, long drive to Bellingham for me.
  9. 2017-18 Season

    Oh, I like this -- I always loved the family tree charts that some historical novels would use!
  10. Thanks for the nudge -- I spoke my piece on their website. Well, if all else fails, I can schlep up the freeway for these. You must have skills I lack -- I looked on the theater's website as well as the Royal's, and didn't see a thing.
  11. They're getting a new work by Forsythe in the America program -- that should be exciting.
  12. And now it looks like the Royal isn't broadcasting anywhere near me -- not even the Pickford Theater in Bellingham a couple hours north of Seattle. Fiddlesticks.
  13. I've been waiting to do the research on this, since the theater chain that has been showing much of the Royal Ballet work just closed several screens in Seattle and things have been in flux. I get so frustrated with the lack of promotional information from the theaters -- I wonder sometimes if they want anyone to come to any of these...
  14. 9/11 Remembrances in Dance

    And yesterday, this performance of Graham's Lamentation
  15. Thanks! I live in Washington state -- we are supposedly the "evergreen state," so I'm always curious about other uses of the word.