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  1. sandik

    Another new RDB article

    Very true -- the creation of new work is baked into the DNA of NYCB, and is part of the draw for their audience. Balanchine made his share of duds (as my sister says about her home life, "Not every dinner is a winner") but the sheer size of his output meant that you would still wind up with a substantial amount of great work.
  2. sandik

    Is Bournonville Still Alive?

    I'm wondering if the question isn't so much "Is Bournonville alive?" as "Is Bournonville an active influence on the Danish company/school?" Balanchine is alive because the repertory is still performed, yes, but even more so because it matters to the company, and to many other parts of the ballet world. I'd argue that Macmillan, as overwrought as I personally find many of his works, is alive because his work and his choices still influence a significant part of the community. Cunningham is still alive, even though he decided before his death to disband the company -- I see his hand in a multitude of artists.
  3. I'm sorry to have missed the school show this year (too much other dance happening in town in June), and especially sorry to have missed Ross's work -- he's really developing skills at showing young dancers to their best advantage. Like you, I'm mulling over Next Step. My first response is that it was just too much stuff -- between the outdoor works, and the multiple works in the theater, it's hard to keep things sorted out in my head. But there was some wonderful stuff going on in all these places, and I can't tell you what I would be willing to lose, so there it is. In the post-show Q/A, Ross was asked the inevitable question about what's next for the program. He said that he'd like to extend the project to a two-evening run, but I'm wondering if it would be possible to create two different evenings, rather than one marathon program.
  4. Looking forward to seeing them as they appear next season. In the meantime, we can think about who might get promoted...
  5. sandik

    Another new RDB article

    In this, the RDB finds themselves in the same pickle juice with many modern dance companies that were named for or focused on their founder. Bournonville, Balanchine, Limon, Brown, and many more -- none of them are making any more new work.
  6. sandik

    Macaulay on ABT 2018 Met season

    I'm not in a position to observe the ABT audience, but I can look at the company's programming choices and those certainly do seem to be designed to give a limited number of highly skilled dancers the chance to tackle a large, narrative work, and to come back to it again during their career (something that happens far less often in other companies, for many reasons). It makes sense, with that kind of programming, for the company to emphasize the performers, and for the audience to focus on that aspect of the experience. I don't want to get into "yes he did/no he didn't mean that" arguments, but we might want to think of a balletomane as someone who is already knowledgeable about the choreography (especially in ABT's classics-heavy Met seasons) -- the variable, the thing that might be different in this performance, is the dancing itself.
  7. sandik

    Program 5: Celebrating Jerome Robbins

    I love that solo, and he does such a wonderful job with it here. Particularly in the opening section, where he manages to make it all into one long breath phrase. And then at the end, after all the complexity that comes between, he goes back to that simple phrasing. What a wonderful performance.
  8. Gender dysphoria does indeed present itself in multiple ways, and the people who grapple with it have used many different tools, both in the past and currently. One of them is gender affirmation surgery, and thank you for working with that cohort. But as you know, not all trans people choose that pathway. As someone who's watched the Trocks for many years, it's been fascinating to see the company evolve from a group where the cross dressing was the main point of the humor to something much more complex. Part of me wishes that Johnsey hadn't needed to leave the group -- his highly refined sense of classical style was a real asset in the more subtle aspects of their repertory. But as we're constantly reminded, a dancer's performing life is short, and they need to follow their opportunities. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next for him, and also for the Trocks.
  9. Thanks for the link -- we get to see some great experimental stuff in my community, but not as much of the more conventional documentary works. I need to look out for some of these.
  10. I made a new topic to make sure people didn't miss this -- they are re-running three of their broadcasts over the summer (Giselle, Ratmansky's R&J, and Swan Lake) -- take a look at the schedule here.
  11. Indeed -- I'm very glad that they've got next steps in mind.
  12. And I felt the need to say "thank you!"
  13. sandik

    Is Bournonville Still Alive?

    He considers himself to be very influenced by his experience in Denmark with the company and that repertory.
  14. sandik

    Anthony Bourdain dead at 61

    When I told my daughter about his death, it was that episode about Congo that she remembered. Almost no one talks about the colonial history of that area -- how miserably they were treated, and how it reverberates to this day.
  15. Many thanks for the excellent pocket description! I would just add that people who identify as trangender may do all kinds of things as they discover more about themselves, or they may do nothing. Some pursue hormone treatment, some pursue various surgeries, some would like to be recognized exclusively as their true gender while others are fine presenting themselves in the world so that you are aware that they are trans. I know that this can be confusing or disconcerting for those of us who really hadn't considered these options, but like any new thing, it will become more familiar with time. Bingo!