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  1. Nutcracker 2017

    I've been a short person all my life (even my last name is short -- "Kurtz") . I always wonder what it would be like to be tall.
  2. POB 2018 US tour cancelled

    I imagine one could do this homework, and get a sense of the complete budget, but I've never looked at their tax forms and have no idea how they itemize -- most summers the festival presented several different things, and I don't know that their 990s would parse each project. Yes, they've done a great deal of fundraising, and many people have mixed feelings for how that worked, but I don't know that anyone made a great deal of money out of it.
  3. Yup! Your lips to the gods' ears.
  4. Or a really clueless guy, who had no idea how to choose a new "special gift."
  5. It's a new world, but it's getting here in chunks, depending on where you live and what you do. I'm thrilled when people are publically out, but I can certainly understand when they'd rather be low-key.
  6. PNB and The Robbins Centennial

    Dances! And Interplay (I haven't seen it in years and years!). And yes, opportunities to travel for dance...
  7. POB 2018 US tour cancelled

    I have no specific knowledge, but I'm willing to bet that it varied greatly from event to event. The Festival was a series of one-off programs, rather than a long-term production. Some companies travel with a great deal of support from their home institution, while others are project by project groups.
  8. Jerome Robbins Centennial

    Heaps of information indeed -- glad to get a heads-up on performances! And if you haven't listened to this yet (Woetzel and Peck at the Kennedy Center), you have it to look forward to!
  9. "Restless Creature: Wendy Whelan"

    That was such a fraught moment for me -- I didn't realize I'd see him, and there he was.
  10. Which is to say that gay men and women often have the same variety of experience and opinion that het men and women do! It interests me that this conversation (implied violence against women represented by the ballet rep) is being pursued at the same time as the discussions in the bigger world about harassment and aggression. I'm not always a believer in serendipity, but there are times when it seems pretty obvious. There's all kinds of element to this discussion, not the least of which is the fundamental physics of ballet technique, which was developed at a time when male/female relationships were very different than they are today. The technique and the repertory tend to replicate and reinforce those mores, while the world has moved on.
  11. yup If you don't want to be the subject of gossip, better not to participate at all.
  12. Keeping Up With SFB Veterans

    Good news for all concerned!
  13. Several mentions of the breadth of Sokolow's repertory -- I hope that they're able to keep a wide variety of the rep in production.
  14. MCB's Jewels October 2017

    "I was disappointed in Lauren Fadeley's Tall Girl. She was the All-American Big Smiling Girl in this role. I much preferred Jordan-Elizabeth Long in that same role. She was more of a femme fatale " That's a distinction that we saw here in Seattle as well -- we've had several dancers approach this part like a cheerleader, but I like to see the connections with Choleric and the Siren in Prodigal, where they use their height as power.
  15. Gemze de Lappe

    Alongside her work with de Mille, de Lappe began her dancing life with Duncan technique, and continued to teach and coach those roles. I had the good fortune to watch her work with that repertory in the 1990s, and it was truly special.