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  2. Building New Ballet Audiences

    What I mean by B2B is that the audience for the arts ( and I include visual arts in this) is more likely to be affluent and have business decision making authority, making the arts an attractive platform for a B2B company to reach its target audience. One of our clients ended up doing a theatre sponsorship where they funded free outdoor performances during the summer. It ended up improving the client's reputation considerably, the turn out was quite good and the theatres got quite a decent amount of inquiries about upcoming performances.
  3. Why is it called the D'Jampo dance?
  4. Why is it called the D'Jampo dance?
  5. Yuri Vladimirov

    To make room for Yuri Vasyuchenko on the coaching staff? I guess now that Dmitry Gudanov has been put out to pasture, and Denis Rodkin has switched to a different coach, Vladimirov was deemed "unnecessary." Another deplorable move from Vaziev & Co.
  6. Today
  7. Polina

    It has been reported in Russian press that Anastasia Shevtsova has left the Mariinsky to focus on her movie career.
  8. Behind the Scenes with Alyona Kovalyova, Rising Star at the Bolshoi Ballet http://www.vaganovatoday.com/alyona-kovalyova-bolshoi-ballet
  9. Yuri Vladimirov

    His wife posted on Facebook that he is no longer working at the theatre and it clearly wasn't his choice to leave.
  10. Interview with Heather Watts

    I really enjoyed this episode. I wis we had more interviews with the dancers who have worked directly with Balanchine.
  11. Well it's hard for Melania to do her "job" when her husband has multiple new twitter feuds every day. This weekend alone: 1) the entire NFL; 2) Lebron James; 3) Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors. The kind of soft-focus warm-fuzzy events that tend to be a First Lady;s job are almost impossible to do under the current climate.
  12. Roster in Review - 2017

    Agreed, ABT Fan.
  13. Laetitia Pujol Bids Farewell To POB

    From social media:
  14. Sunday, September 24

    Alastair Macaulay reviews Houston Ballet: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/24/arts/dance/review-mayerling-houston-ballet-macmillan.html
  15. Roster in Review - 2017

    I don't think you have to worry. The company rarely has guest artists in the fall and none have been announced. I'm hoping it'll be a debut cast instead of going to one of the two scheduled casts (nothing against them, I just want to see another couple get the chance, preferably two up-and-comers).
  16. 2017 Fall Season

    I saw Zachary Catazaro's debut, with Sterling Hyltin. There were no major problems, but I was underwhelmed. Catazaro generally looks assured and danced well, and having his hair cut shorter makes him look more serious and adult. However, I find him lacking some quality of grandness or confidence - hard to define. I didn't feel Hyltin conveyed emotional depth. And they seem a mismatched pair, with him dancing on a large scale and her so thin and nervous-looking. At this same performance, Unity Phelan was lovely in the pas de trois. Emily Kikta brought tremendous panache to the Hungarian Dance, and somehow seems more grown up than when I last saw her. So great to see Adrian Danchig-Waring back!! He and Emilie Gerrity were very grand in the Russian Dance. Very glad to see Anthony Huxley back as well (subbing in the pas de quatre for injured Harrison Ball), although he seemed to struggle at times to keep up with the music, and may not be back at his previous level. Abi Stafford in the pas de quatre was delightful. I love her piquant charm and the splay of her fingers. Finally, Kennard Henson, who caught my eye as an apprentice last year, stands out for his elegant bearing. Sara Mearns and Tyler Angle in yesterday's matinee were as grand as you would expect. I loved it, although my partner felt the interpretation was "too Wagnerian." Joseph Gordon was Benno - he looked fantastic in his solos in the pas de trois. He has a very immediate, appealing, wide-open stage presence. Lauren King, Ashly Isaacs, and Indiana Woodward were all wonderful in the pas de quatre, with Woodward being especially scintillating. Lydia Wellington was beautiful and seductive in the Spanish Dance. However, I fear I will be disappointed in the Spanish Dance men forever, as no one can live up to the snap Taylor Stanley brought to the role. My partner, a professional musician, was critical of the playing in both performances. The percussion was murky rather than snappy in the Hungarian Dance, and the violin solos were unfortunate. (However, he hastens to add the NYCB orchestra is much better than ABT's.) I won't be seeing Teresa Reichlen this time. Would love to hear any reports.
  17. Yulia Stepanova

    [Admin Beanie On] This is not news to the mostly seasoned crowd here: talk about the subject, not each other, and refrain from pointing out any alleged bias, unless it's your own. [Admin beanie off]
  18. https://www.operadeparis.fr/en/magazine/last-rise-of-the-curtain https://www.dansesaveclaplume.com/en-scene/449164-les-adieux-a-la-scene-humbles-et-emouvants-de-laetitia-pujol/
  19. Yulia Stepanova

    I don't think anyone was suggesting any such thing, although it's true that the award tends to go to dancers who are currently in favor with the management. (Not always, as in the case of Alexandrova last year, whose relationship with Vaziev is clearly not very good, and who described her relationship with Filin as "non-existent.") It is worth noting, though, that most of the current principals have received it at some point, so perhaps it isn't such an extraordinary distinction. For the corps members who have received it, it would be more of a distinction. Not exactly a ringing endorsement.
  20. 2017 Fall Season

    On Thursday evening, Ashley Bouder was a cunning, seductive Odile. More importantly, she was impassioned and affecting as Odette. There were some mistakes; but there always practically are in this demanding dual role. What matters is that Bouder gave a committed, richly detailed, very moving performance. I wouldn’t underestimate an artist of her caliber in any part.
  21. Yulia Stepanova

    Мы увидим !
  22. Yulia Stepanova

    I too am sad to see the Moscow style diluted, and understand your point about "mediocre" Vaziev wielding great control over careers of dancers more talented than him, BUT ... in comparison with the completely non-existent dance talent and career of Yuri Fateev at Mariinsky, Vaziev would quality as a genius of dance ...
  23. Yulia Stepanova

    I seem to be saying the same thing over and over - but I have seen Stepanova in almost every role she dances, live in Russia and in the UK, and many times executing perfect fouettes, and given the award she has just won, her technical and artistic excellence is seen by others at Bolshoi also.
  24. The Full Program will be: Dances for Lou choreography - Val Caniporoli music - Lou Harrison (created for the 100the anniversary of Lou Harrison's birth) Ruth, Ricordi per Due choreography - Gerald Arpino music - Tomasso Albinoni (final work created by Arpino. Never before been formally performed in New York) World Premiere Work in Progress choreography - Africa Guzman music - Enzo Bossa (complete work to e premiered at Bw's National Choreographic Festival in May 2018) Chaconne (pas de deux and variations) choreography - George Balanchine music - Christoph Willibald Gluck (excerpt from the complete ballet that was performed by BW last Spring of 2017) Fox on the Doorstep choreography - Nicolo Fonte music - various composers (created for the National Choreographic Festival 2017, dedicated to the memory of his father)
  25. New Executive Director

    https://balletwest.org/news/michael-scolamiero-joins-ballet-west-as-executive-director Ballet West has hired a new Executive Director - Michael Scolamiero - former ED of Pennsylvania Ballet & Miami City Ballet
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