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  2. He has already partnered Osipova at the opening of the New Theatre gala in Hull (I think in the R&J balcony duet).
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  4. Yulia Stepanova

    Thank you so much MadameP!!!!
  5. 2017-18 Season

    Looks like the promotions game at the POB is also complicated
  6. 2017-18 Season

    I think the company could have really used someone like Mathilde Froustey to headline its female ranks right now. I saw her a long time ago as Giselle and was awe-stricken. And what I see right now, at least on videos which may be a very poor way to judge things, are dancers going through the motions, some better, some worse, but without any feeling, whether internal or outwardly expressed, I just don't see personalities. It is true that no personality can be above a company, but a company also needs personalities to maintain identity. Her departure for SF feels like it was a lose-lose for her and the POB.
  7. 2017-18 Season

    It's been long since Marie-Agnès Gillot has danced a classial ballet , in Paris at least... I think it was in Cinderella in 2011. She has danced Myrtha in Giselle though in the 2012 US Tour and 2013 Australian Tour
  8. Winter 2018

    On the casting sheet, for Divertimento No. 15, how are the dancers ordered, in relation to their variations in the second movement? Would it be this? Gordon and Sanz Woodward Pereira Phelan Isaacs Finlay Bouder
  9. SFB Gala 2018: Celestial

    Another backstage shot: Greco and De Sola after Le Corsaire PDD A few more photos here. Greco is an exploding star, to be sure. I think it's great how distinct Greco and Di Lanno are as dancers even though they both were trained by Teatro alla Scala. RE: Scheller - I got the impression from the World Ballet Day rehearsal for Sleeping Beauty that Helgi was pushing Scheller to be more emotive and use mime effectively. That will prove to be a good thing.
  10. SFB Gala 2018: Celestial

    Loved your review, PeggyR! Very easy (and entertaining) to visualize. : )
  11. Yulia Stepanova

    Thank you!
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  13. Yulia Stepanova

    Thank you both for posting links. I don't find the Rothbart-centric clips very revealing, so it's especially nice to have the other.
  14. 2017-18 Season

    But there are videos of her classical ballet performances on YouTube. I must say, I thought I would see the superstars of POB in Emeralds in New York last summer, must cannot say that I was overly impressed. Rechecking the cast, the performances featured Pujol, Ould-Braham, O'Neill, Eun Park, Colasante, Baulac and Gilbert. Apart from remembering that I thought that Heymann and Marchand were two EXTREMELY good looking men, there is not much I can say about those performances, they left me largely disinterested. I am even surprised to see that Ganio was actually also among the performers I saw then, he did not leave much of an impression with me, so I have forgotten he was even there. Although I had seen him at other times and found him to be outstanding. Perhaps, Balanchine's choreography is wanting in terms of showcasing the considerable talents of the POB artists. But if Gillot no longer dances, I am afraid Pagliero is probably the only dancer at the POB I would specifically go to see live right now.
  15. Yulia Stepanova

  16. The Bolshoi under Vaziev

    I've always felt that the artists should be treated with love and respect. I certainly hope that this is the case (or becomes so) with Alyona Kovalyova and everyone else.
  17. The Bolshoi under Vaziev

    Vaziev undoubtedly has a talent for spotting real talent and a strong desire to nourish it. He's acutely aware of the brevity of dancers' careers and cites that as a reason for bringing them along as quickly as possible. Historically dancers have both benefited and suffered under Vaziev's guidance. His extraordinary promotion of Stepanova to prima from soloist, however much deserved, made her a target of anger and resentment. While at Mariinsky he pushed Alina Somova to a premature Swan Lake and other leading roles, performances for which she was brutally criticized for many years. Neither dancer was at fault. Somova has overcome her rocky start, as will Stepanova, but how much of the suffering was really necessary? Is it necessary to push quite so hard? Other dancers have benefited when Vaziev takes a more measured approach, for example, Xenia Zhiganshina, who has been given appropriate opportunities over the past few years to gradually gain experience and the ability to perform at a consistently high level. She has made her mistakes somewhat under the radar, and has learned from them. After the 3+ years in the troupe, and after successful debuts as Masha/Nutcracker, Gulnare/Corsaire, Gamzatti/Bayadere, Shirin/LOL and many other major and minor roles, she is now ready to make her debut as Aurora! This is still fairly fast track compared to others but nobody is going to complain that she is not deserving of a promotion to soloist whenever Vaziev decides to do it. Perhaps Vaziev is more willing to take his time with dancers he views as excellent but not extraordinary. Perhaps he thinks that trial by fire is an essential means of turning exceptionally talented people into strong and resilient artists. Many were horrified at the way he harangued his dancers on World Ballet Day, and he has subsequently defended his methods as the "tough love" necessary to get the best out of people. To the degree he successfully brings his stars along, to the extent they have long and successful careers, I suppose his approach can be defended. Somova survived and prospered, eventually, but was that because of or in spite of Vaziev? Hard to know. We will see how Kovyalova, Tissi and Vaziev's other favorites do in the coming years. I hope they don't have to suffer too much. My best hopes and wishes to all of them.
  18. Peter Martins Sexual Harassment Allegations

    I find the point of it is when the ballet person "defects" to the other side. Because, sneakers, fun. It's like in the movie "Center Stage," where the happy, pizza-eating jazz dancers are the ones to emulate. One of the reasons I admire "Emergence," is that both work side-by-side, doing different things, but living cooperatively.
  19. Beware of "ballerina" Dominika Egorova !! WARNING : trailer at link below is not for the faint-hearted : has horrific violence and sex scenes !! (where I come from we love it ...... ) http://m.imdb.com/title/tt2873282/
  20. Peter Martins Sexual Harassment Allegations

    A related question: Upper Room wasn't made for a ballet company -- it was one of the last things she made for her own company, which by that time had many people with significant ballet experience. If you weren't seeing it in a ballet environment, would you have a different experience with it?
  21. So for once, the gods favor those of us who were late to order.
  22. this now in: We slipped up on THE DUMB GIRL OF PORTICI Dear friends of Milestone, For those who have already purchased (or will be purchasing) Lois Weber's THE DUMB GIRL OF PORTICI, we goofed. Through a chain of human error that ended with me, the second disc (both DVD and Blu-ray) with all the Anna Pavlova bonus features was not replicated and added to the release. For those who have already received the film, my apologies. We will be shipping you the second disc in the next month along with a 2-disc case. If you haven't purchased the DVD or Blu-ray yet, we will be moving the new release date for the complete set sometime in late February hopefully. Again, my apologies. In a month of big mistakes (see Hawaii: button) and other mistakes (see White House: Big Button), I hope you'll be able to keep this in perspective. For me, this was a release that I have been trying to bring out since 1989. I'm disappointed, but proud to be releasing this amazing film. We'll be back in touch when the swan is ready again to fly! Sincerely, Dennis Doros Milestone
  23. The Bolshoi under Vaziev

    Some members could very well have seen her but I did not see any post focusing on Kovalyova before mine, in any case will change "unknown" to "little known" - would this be more agreeable ?
  24. Potential Strike By ABT Dancers

    All the more reason they deserve raises. The content is so well-done that I assumed it was created by a social media manager. The voice is remarkably consistent across posts, so I wonder if one particular dancer writes most of the content. He or she is better than most marketing professionals who do social media for a living.
  25. 2017-18 Season

    The casting has been consistently erratic under Dupont's rule of the company. By now this is a common knowledge. Cranko's Onéguine however is not exactly Pouchkine or Russian in spirit, and the casting to me seems much less controversial than for the last remnants of classics in the repertoire. Great artists, like Pagliero, can be compelling in almost any role, including the ones for which they were not amply equipped by nature. I, for once, find Marchand, the current favourite of la directrice , to be a perfect choice for Onéguine, whose principal feature after all is that he was a young dandy, and Marchand is the dandy of the company. I am much less convinced that Bullion, who projects depth and sensitivity quite uncharacteristic of a dandy is cast as Onéguine too. Likewise for an unlikely Tatiana, Gilbert. We may be treated to surprises though, and I would certainly want to see Bullion in a major role again. On the other hand, Albisson and, yes, Park, seem to me to be well cast. I am much more inclined to see Albisson acting than dancing classics. Park may on the other hand project well naïve faith in love.
  26. The Bolshoi under Vaziev

    Some of us HAD already seen her, and noted her immense talent since Vaganova days, where she was being featured in Vaganova performances long before her actual graduation year!
  27. Potential Strike By ABT Dancers

    The instagram account is run by the dancers. It says it at the top of the account.
  28. Peter Martins Sexual Harassment Allegations

    How do you see In the Upper Room poking fun at ballet with a stacked deck? That's not my take on the ballet at all. I just remember phrase after phrase of incredible movement. If you said that about Push Comes to Shove I'd understand, even though I wouldn't agree.
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