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  2. Jewels: 22-23 Sep and 28 Sep-1 Oct

    I went to the dress rehearsal tonight and enjoyed Jewels more than any other time. The new production is so beautiful! The skirts in Emeralds and Diamonds have amazing movement quality. The colors/hues for Diamonds I found particularly fresh and current yet still based on tradition. I'm excited to see it up close this weekend!
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  4. Casting is up for second weekend: https://www.pnb.org/season/17-18/jewels/ Here is the link to the downloadable spreadsheet: Jewels Casting Weeks 1-2 21_Sep_17.xlsx There aren't any "*" indications of debuts, but there are new casts in second weekend: Emeralds Verdy couple: Leah Merchant (who danced with Steven Loch last time Emeralds was performed) and Joshua Grant (Thurs/Fri) Emeralds Paul couple: Emma Love Suddarth and Miles Pertl (Thurs/Fri) Emeralds Pas de Trois: Elle Macy, Madison Taylor, and Dylan Wald (Thurs/Fri) Rubies Tall Girl: Cecilia Iliesiu (Fri) Diamonds Couple: Sarah Ricard Orza and William Lin-Yee (Fri)
  5. Natasha Sheehan

    I'm worried about her, too.
  6. Natasha Sheehan

    Why are people worrying about her? Her instagram looks fine to me...
  7. Yesterday
  8. Natasha Sheehan

    The "Faces" piece shows great depth for a young dancer. Clear potential. I follow her on Instagram and I think that Helgi needs to slow her down and shelter her some. She appears to be under pressure.
  9. Natasha Sheehan

    She is lovely and smart. I worry a little about her.
  10. Limon Dance Company

    From the latest Limon Foundation newsletter: "In his second year as Artistic Director, Colin Connor continues to expand the Company’s already eclectic repertory by commissioning works from talented rising choreographers and giving them the opportunity to create work on the renowned Limón Dance Company. Connor chose Adam Barruch, Rosie Herrera, and Yin Yue for their strong evocative movement and their dynamic use of rhythm, gesture, and music. Their unique contemporary visions and commitment to socially conscious dance will carry our tradition forward, ensuring thought-provoking, powerful works that will resonate alongside the Limón classics." Colin Connor is also choreographing a new work for the company's women. Based on Facebook and Instagram posts, the Limon repertory for 2017-18 looks like it will include The Moor's Pavane, Suite from A Choreographic Offering and The Unsung. It does look like the old policy of first Ruth Currier and then Carla Maxwell of programming classics from the modern dance and even ballet repertories has gone by the wayside. That's a shame as the company had made very productive use of such revivals as Kurt Jooos' The Green Table, Lar Lubovitch's Concerto Six Twenty Two, Anna Sokolow's Rooms, Antony Tudor's Dark Elegies and the solos of Daniel Nagrin.
  11. 2017 Fall Season

    A few years ago I took a cousin to what I think was his first ballet, the POB's Giselle. After the first act I apologized to him for not explaining the mime in advance, but he'd figured out most of it on his own. Later I heard from his horrified Wagnerite parents that he came home and declared that he preferred ballet to opera because, for one thing, he didn't have to spend the entire evening reading titles. He found the stage action self-explanatory. (Smart boy.)
  12. 2017 Fall Season

    The synopsis in the playbill tells the entire story. No need for supertitles. More informative would be some instruction on the meaning of certain gestures used in mime. Certain gestures are clear enough even for the first timer, but many mime gestures do require explanation to be understood by the casual ballet fan. I learned more about mime gestures a number of years ago at a pre performance lecture at ABT.
  13. Building New Ballet Audiences

    Getting back to this, as I just finished a report for a Fortune 100 client where we recommended more cultural involvement, given that their target audience shows an interest in the arts and cultural engagements have historically been very effective for our B2B clients. My personal opinion on the Kennedy Center Honors show is that 1) awards shows are on the decline overall and 2) the type of performers reflects the trends in culture. I think as time goes on you will see less of a presence from the performing arts as it is going to be hard for someone to make an argument that, say, Peter Martins had as large of an impact on American Culture as Madonna.
  14. 2017 Fall Season

    I've sometimes wondered why we haven't seen a production of one of the classics with supertitles that could explain the mime sequences in detail. Hardcore balletomanes would object of course, but I think novice audiences would find the addition an ehancement. You wouldn't have to explain to your friends ever again that Odette told Sigfried the story of the curse that she's under.
  15. 2017/2018 season

    The cast list for the first livestream, Corsaire is up. Medora: Olga Smirnova Conrad: Igor Tsvirko http://www.bolshoi.ru/performances/198/roles/#20171022180000
  16. Tuesday, September 19

    A review of the Royal Ballet in Hull by Siobhan Murphy for DanceTabs.
  17. 2017 Fall Season

    Oh, it took me at least a decade to figure out how to watch a story ballet! In my early ballet-going years what I thought I wanted was all dancing all the time; since I'd cut my dance teeth on leotard Balanchine and Merce Cunningham, I couldn't imagine why anyone would want to clutter up a dance stage with all that other stuff. It took me a while to understand what the form's various conventions were and why they were important. By the way, I think one of the sweetest examples of mime is when the little Nutcracker Prince recounts his battle with the Mouse King to the Sugarplum Fairy and her court. A good Sugarplum makes sure we see that it's the most thrilling battlefield report she's ever received.
  18. Thursday, September 21

    A review of English National Ballet in 'Giselle' by Louise Levene in The Financial Times.
  19. Thursday, September 21

    Sara Mearns talks about dancing in Matthew Bourne's "The Red Shoes."
  20. Thursday, September 21

    The Royal New Zealand Ballet announces its first season under artistic director Patricia Barker. In brief,
  21. Thursday, September 21

    An obituary for Barbara Ann Smith, who has died aged 76.
  22. Thursday, September 21

    Syracuse City Ballet moves into new digs.
  23. Thursday, September 21

    Ron Cunningham talks about the history of Sacramento Ballet.
  24. Wednesday, September 20

    Another story on the appointment of Michael Scolamiero as Ballet West's new executive director.
  25. Wednesday, September 20

    Photo gallery from the Australian Ballet's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland."
  26. 2017 Fall Season

    Thank you for sharing Kathleen! I appreciate your insight and the comedy video is so cute. Now that I think about it, I do like a lot of story ballets -- La Fille Mal Gardée was adorable, I had so much fun at Onegin, and La Sylphide grew on me the second time I saw it (as did Sleeping Beauty but I first saw the Ratmansky, then the Martins). I've been trying to get to Midsummer's but the timing hasn't worked out yet. And I'm a cliché but my favorite ballet is the Balanchine Nutcracker...but IMO this is very light on story and heavy on Tchaikovsky and dancing. I think I have to reevaluate my stance! It must be the Giselles, Don Qs, and Corsaires I grew up with that color my view.
  27. Alyona Kovalyova Swan Lake Debut

    Dear Helene I was devastated when I missed Masha's last performance as Gamzatti at the Balshoy end of past January and she resigned couple of days later - I had tix but could not make the trip and gave my tix away to friends. It was my dream cast : Zaharova, Alexandrova, Rodkin.
  28. Alyona Kovalyova Swan Lake Debut

    Stepanova's fouettée at time 1:11 in this gala video is quite acceptable in my view, but she cannot be relied on for perfect execution each and every time https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1451&v=BQiIA3Hyqfc
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