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  2. Am I just missing something, or does the press release not mention the Arpino work?
  3. Keeping Up With...

    I'm glad to hear about McCall's current dance life -- I enjoyed his work here, and was sad to see him leave.
  4. Saturday, September 23

    Fort Wayne Ballet presents "A Dancer's Legacy."
  5. Friday, September 22

    Marian Horosko has died at age 92.
  6. Saturday, September 23

    A review of Matthew Bourne's "The Red Shoes" by Peter Debruge for Variety.
  7. Saturday, September 23

    Reviews of Houston Ballet's "Mayerling." The Houston Chronicle Houston Press
  8. Friday, September 22

    Montreal's transit authority nixes Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montreal’s new ad. Related.
  9. Friday, September 22

    The Dutch National Ballet celebrates Hans van Manen.
  10. Monday, September 25

    Misty Copeland speaks at a book signing in Pittsburgh.
  11. Monday, September 25

    Carlos Acosta is interviewed by Neil Norman for The Stage.
  12. Monday, September 25

    Photo gallery of the Lyric Opera of Chicago's production of with the Joffrey.
  13. Monday, September 25

    New York City Ballet gears up for its fashion moment.
  14. Monday, September 25

    Royal Ballet dancers talk about the challenges and rewards of dancing in the ballets of Kenneth MacMillan.
  15. 2017 Fall Season

    Morning all! I've had a few DM's from folks wondering if my Spotify playlists have been updated with the Fall 2018 Rep for NYCB. They are! Playlists are organized by choreographer and premiere year. (So Apollo is on one side of the spectrum and Gianna Reisen's new piece which debuts next week is at the top.) All playlists are public, and can be found at https://open.spotify.com/user/mayrea
  16. Today
  17. Jewels: 22-23 Sep and 28 Sep-1 Oct

    A quick shout-out to Elle Macy.......you were dazzling in your Rubies "tall girl" debut in the Sept 23 matinee performance. I've been watching you for a while now (Waiting at the Station, Emergence, Little Mortal Jump, or even just in the back of the corps someplace ), and the thrills just keep on coming. You dance with such energy, with such commitment, with such pure joy.....sometimes I just can't tell which is you moving and which is the music -- you swim in the music. However you decided to make dance your life's work, you chose well.
  18. New Company Roster

    Now. . . let's see if Nedvigin employees the dancers coming through the school
  19. 2017 Fall Season

    Ignore current season casting. Neither has Siegfried in their rep. Martins SL: Ramasar-Spanish, Russian; ADW- Benno, Hungarian, Russian.
  20. 2017 Fall Season

    I thought Bouder's performance on Sunday was much improved compared to prior seasons. Previously, I found her phrasing choppy. This time there was more flow from one phrase to the next. Her "white acts" were much softer compared to prior years. She got a little greedy in the third act (black swan act) and bit off more than she could handle in terms of the fouettes (as described by others above). However, overall it was a very fine performance. My one bit of advice would be for her to quit smirking through the entirety of Act III. It's OVERKILL. Reichlin, on the other hand, gave one of the worst performances I've ever seen from her. Her portrayal was lacking in any dramatic depth. I could have lived with that if her technique was stronger. However, she made numerous errors during the difficult third act. Moreover, there were numerous obvious partnering errors from Janzen. I thought Catazaro made a strong impression on Friday evening during his debut as Siegfried. Hyltin was lovely, although I found no connection between her and Catazaro on a dramatic level. Onwards to the new casts this week.
  21. 2017 Fall Season

    Adrian is returning from serious leg injuries (see his Instagram posts from this past year), and Amar is recovering from a shoulder/upper arm injury that required surgery in the spring (again, see his Instagram feed from then). Casting for the third week of this season shows him scheduled for Stravinsky Violin Concerto (a non-lifting role), and Adrian is anticipating performing that same role in the last week of the season. (Casting should be out officially tomorrow.)
  22. Kutura (Rossiya K) is one of the channels offered by TVTeka, a paid internet service, although if Google translate is working properly, it may also work on devices like Roku, which I don't have: https://tvteka.com/ It's $12 for one month or $30 for three months. I've used them for several years to watch figure skating, and, in general, I've found the service quite reliable if you have a strong internet connection. I don't know if they archive Kultura to watch on demand like they do sports channels, because if the site is pounded, you do end up with buffering.
  23. 2017 Fall Season

    As if to prove me wrong directly, Ashley Bouder gave a virtually flawless performance in Swan Lake on Sunday afternoon. A segment of Odile’s variation went awry. However, the Act III solo was otherwise wonderful. Although a few in the chain of Bouder’s embellished fouettés may not have been perfect, I believe (without actually having counted) she did them all and finished well. There were no other technical flaws I could detect either in the rest of Act III or the Odette sections. Contrariwise, impeccable turns and arabesque poses, as well as long-held balances abounded. Throughout the entire length of the ballet, furthermore, Bouder displayed an admirable and striking musicality. Odette’s grace and beauty and tenderness consummately matched in Act II the same qualities in Tchaikovsky’s composition. Bouder’s alternating rapid and subdued movements, and expressions in turn of profound fear, anguish, despair, and ultimately fortitude and resignation, likewise, appeared intertwined with the electrifying music the great Russian artist composed for the final act of the ballet. A gripping performance overall, and positively searing in Act IV! Some praise is also certainly due to Andrew Veyette for his adroit partnering, as well as his fine solo dancing.
  24. How can you tune in to TV Kultura ?? We cannot get it on satellite in Istanbul, and I have never been able to get the webcast either direct or via VPN. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated !
  25. Alyona Kovalyova Interview-Swan Lake Debut

    My favorite part of the interview is Kovaleva's reaction to the audition for the Vaganova Academy prepatory classes. Her six-year old self immediately intuited that the ballet world is a peculiar place: "When I went downstairs after the audition, some children were crying, some were joyful and I told my parents that they had accepted me. Then I told my mother that I would not attend, I said I was afraid and the people are crazy." With Chenchikova coaching her, I infer at least some Mariinsky traditions are alive and well...at the Bolshoi.
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