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  1. Today
  2. I suspect that Petrushka will be not Fokine’s but Varnava’s version.
  3. "New" means live, as opposed to recorded during a previous season, such Don Quixote, Sleeping Beauty and The Golden Age. The current production of La Bayadère is only five years old, Vaziev seems to like it, because he puts it on stage more often than Giselle, Sleeping Beauty or Swan Lake, and there's absolutely no indication it will be replaced any time soon.
  4. Watching the Olympics

    ABT tweeted:
  5. Yesterday
  6. The Ratmansky reconstruction is for Berlin. Don’t know what ‘new’ means in posting above or indeed if it does not just mean new broadcast. But if it were to happen, then I would pay money to be in the room when Ratmansky instructed the Bolshoi dancers not to life their feet higher than their waists when dancing Petipa...
  7. Favorite SFB Short Video Clips

    Froustey's recent Instagram post regrading Muriel Maffre and Tiit Helimets ("one of the best partners I ever danced with") reminded me of a Helimets interview in which he talks about the pride he takes in partnering (something few modern danseurs talk about). The great danseurs always learn to care about partnering. The "good" ones are often stuck at that level due to their partnering issues. San Francisco Ballet principal Tiit Helimets speaks with Youth Arts in Action mentor Maria Sascha
  8. Watching the Olympics

    The Times should get someone other than Kourlas to opine on figure skating every four years. It's basically a variation on the same article every time. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/02/27/arts/dance/27skating.html https://www.nytimes.com/2014/02/19/arts/dance/in-olympic-figure-skating-compete-has-replaced-perform.html
  9. 2017-2018 season: Washington Ballet

    Any word on the progress of the three new ballets for the March presentations, including Marcelo Gomes’ newest work?
  10. Thank you. So the Grigorovich Bayadere from the early 1990s is being replaced, perhaps by a long-awaited Ratmansky reconstruction (or am I mixing this up with a reconstruction in Berlin)? I recall Fokine’s Petroushka danced by the Bolshoi at least 30 years ago, so it’s not new, unless it’s a completely different staging.
  11. 2018 Met Season

    I'm never going to get the hang of this, but I try.
  12. 2018 Met Season

    I don't know why this happened. You're so right, California, it absolutely depends on the ballet!
  13. 2018 Met Season

    Side orchestra, on the aisle, is one of my favorite places to sit, even farther back, but it's difficult to get, as many seem to be reserved for critics and VIPs. Still, in an unfamiliar theater, it's safest. You're at a slight angle, so you don't have the tall person's head problem. At the Met, second choice is side parterre, in the front row, as Angelica says. But you also have to be careful about the ballet. To see the balcony in R&J, you have to be theater left. To see Giselle's grave, theater right. etc. Third choice is Grand Tier, Row A or B, even if it's over to the side - unobstructed view, but very far from the stage.
  14. And that’s what I am referring to. I interpret it as “I’m dancing this but don’t know the exact dates”
  15. 2018 Met Season

    FWIW, I experimented one year and sat in many sections of the Met. The overall problem is that the opera house was built for opera, not for ballet, and the horseshoe is very deep, so even if you're in the most expensive seat, center parterre, you're very far away from the stage. This is unlike the State Theatre, which has a much shallower horseshoe (and also has enough ladies rooms, so there is never an impossible line at intermission). But I digress. Now I always sit in the Orchestra, although that has its own problems, depending on where you're seated and how tall the person in front of you is. But before I could afford Orchestra seats I used to sit in the Side Parterre, boxes 5, 6, 7, or 8. That way you're closer to the stage, even though a small portion is cut off. If you sit in the Side Parterre, it's essential to sit in the first row of the box. One must make this very explicit when ordering Side Parterre tickets. Seating preferences are so much a matter of personal taste.
  16. Zaharova To Dance All Anna Kareninas in March ???

    I was/am referring to Zaharova's own website calendar, not Bolshoy's - at this moment still showing what I wrote above : http://www.svetlana-zakharova.com/calendar/
  17. No, it is still terrible. I like Red Angels, but nothing else on the program is exciting. I wish they were reviving Artifact II, NY Export: Jazz, Arms That Work, or bringing in Ivenesia. Or better yet, Symphony in Three Movements. I am debating exchanging my tickets for a second night at the subsequent rep. Why waste my money?
  18. Winter 2018

    Ditto on Behind the China Dogs. Actually the first time I saw it, I didn't care for it, but I began to appreciate it by the second time I saw it.
  19. Monday, February 19

    A review of Washington Ballet's "Romeo and Juliet" by Arielle Ostry for danceviewtimes.
  20. Contenders that I know of from Instagram (other than Zakharova who is a shoe-in after her dust-up with Neumeier re Lady of the Camellias): Kretova, Shipulina, Stashekevich. I have heard of others but cannot confirm. Cute photo of Shipulina and Stashkevich in rehearsal.
  21. Thursday, February 22

    The Imperial Russian Ballet visits Cairo.
  22. 2018 Met Season

    Thank you nanushka and angelica, and good point about the back of the grand tier. I'll keep that in mind. I'll definitely go for grand tier for the shows I definitely want to watch and are in my schedule, and maybe dress circle for those last minute "why not? I'm already here" unplanned shows (they seem to always happen). You know, just so I know how much I can still see from up there for any future lengthier season. Thanks again to both.
  23. Wednesday, February 21

    The St. Louis Symphony Ballet performs with American Ballet Theatre.
  24. Winter 2018

    I saw Mejia in the Four Seasons a couple of weeks ago, and he stole the show there as well. Like others on here, I can't wait to see more of him!
  25. Bolshoi in Cinema - Flames of Paris 3/4/18

    Casting for broadcast of Flames of Paris from Bolshoi website. Good luck to Shrainer! Jeanne, daughter of Gaspard and Lucille Margarita Shrainer Jerome, her brother Denis Savin Philippe, a Marseillais Igor Tsvirko The Marquis Costa de Beauregard Semyon Chudin Adeline, his daughter Ana Turazashvili Mireille de Poitiers, an actress Kristina Kretova Antoine Mistral, an actor Artem Ovcharenko Jarcasse, an old woman Irina Zibrova Gilbert, captain of the Marseillais Alexander Vodopetov King Louis XVI Gennadi Yanin Queen Marie Antoinette Nelli Kobakhidze Gaspard, a peasant Yuri Ostrovsky Lucille, his wife Anna Antropova Amour in the ballet Rinaldo and Armida Daria Khokhlova Apparition of Bride in the ballet Rinaldo and Armida Olga Kishnyova Friends to Armida in the ballet Rinaldo and Armida Yulia Grebenshchikova Elvina Ibraimova Alyona Kovalyova Olga Marchenkova Furies in the ballet Rinaldo and Armida Daria Bochkova Anastasia Gubanova Anastasia Kazakova Tatiana Lazareva Svetlana Pavlova Xenia Zhiganshina Huntsmen, friends to the Marquis Batyr Annadurdyev Anton Gaynutdinov Alexei Gaynutdinov Maxim Oppengeym Auvergne dance Kristina Karasyova Oxana Sharova Ivan Alexeyev Vitaly Biktimirov Marseillaise dance Andrei Bolotin Georgy Gusev Alexei Matrakhov President of the Convention Alexander Fadeyechev Master of Ceremonies Alexei Loparevich David, an artist Egor Simachev Sutler Anastasia Vinokur Conductor Pavel Sorokin
  26. Bolshoi announced plans for Bolshoi Ballet in Cinema 2018-19. All fairly predictable but Petrushka!?! November 11, 2018 LA SYLPHIDE (new) December 2, 2018 DON QUIXOTE (repeat) December 23, 2018 THE NUTCRACKER January 20, 2019 LA BAYADERE (new) March 10, 2019 THE SLEEPING BEAUTY (repeat) April 7, 2019 THE GOLDEN AGE May 19, 2019 CARMEN SUITE (new) PETRUSHKA (new)
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