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  2. I totally understand why someone would question the current repertoire at Covent Garden as it seems to totally ignore current issues. Part of the problem is that the rep is chosen well in advance of a season, but, there's an obvious slant towards what seem to be misogynist or sadistic themes. I do wonder what many modern choreographers feel is "healthy" subject matter for dance. Somehow the vocabulary of steps/movements in dance has been skewed too far towards violent motions presumably because they are obvious and dramatic. "There are no mothers-in-law in ballet", but there are rapists, apparently. The subject of gay men's views on women is a really complex topic. ;) Some gay men in the dance community seem very attuned to women's issues in the present day, and others are completely uninterested in those issues. I wouldn't be surprised if we could find both gay male choreographers who are feminism advocates (and try to bring that into their work), and ones who are essentially misogynists. And everything in between of course.
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  4. So true that social media works both ways. R. Fairchild and T. Peck used media to publicize their story/marriage, but in doing so they created an audience that's interested in their relationship. They understandably, are not forthcoming about the reasons for their breakup, but they are left with the audience they built.
  5. He has a right to be offended. Everyone has a right to their feelings. But his privacy violated? I didn't film them together without their knowledge, or post a photo from a paparazzi/gossip rag magazine. And social media works both ways for performing artists. R. Fairchild has used his social media to promote his past and upcoming projects. Using your public-facing social media to promote yourself is totally acceptable. It's what athletes like Serena Williams or Steph Curry or Broadway stars like Ben Platt or Lin Manuel Miranda do all the time. With that being said, if you use your social media to promote your own projects but then also post personal stuff, you can't expect people to know what is "private" and not okay to link and what is "public" especially if all the photos are all public-facing.
  6. [Admin mallet in hand] Do NOT discuss the discussion. It's tiresome having to repeat this. The photos were on public-facing social media, and are official news. Whether you agree with someone posting official news is not our concern and is not a subject for discussion. Do not respond to posts that discuss policy. Report them, and we will remove them. [Mallet at my side, in case I need it.]
  7. Well, I did not connect the dots and do not follow them on social media at all. I am just reading this thread and responding. You are right that they don't owe anyone anything, but being gay, in my opinion, is no big deal in 2017 especially in NYC so their lives will go on if they are indeed gay and probably for the better. The hiding is the part that keeps people from being amazing people. I have witnessed a very homely guy who held himself very awkwardly and looked ugly literally blossom into a gorgeous man (after he told his parents and they accepted him) who was no longer stiff and nervous looking and transformed into a hunk (his face was lit up and no longer had a serial killer look) that every guy wanted to date. When I saw this amazing and incredible transformation of a friend in college it made me realize that people have to be who they are. Period. Trying to hide it is no good. But you are right. Nobody has to follow my idea of how to act. Everyone can act however they want, but I have a right to have an opinion also. I also have a good friend whose husband left her for a man while she was pregnant. It was very traumatic. So, yes, I know that there are sensitive issues at play, BUT I bet she's glad she's not being fooled anymore! If I were a woman I would be thankful that my husband didn't keep hiding it and waste my precious time looking for someone who really wants me. Who wants to live a lie? The Truth is always the best, in my opinion. Best for everyone in the long run.
  8. As someone who is gay and openly gay in the South and in education (a field where many find it harder to be open) I find it absurd to be gay and closeted in the performing arts in NYC in 2017.......it boggles the mind. I took lgbt high school students and their parents to meet with school board members way before anti-bullying iniatives were popular and mainstream. They were getting harassed and beat up and the schools they attended were not doing anything about it. I was shocked by these kids' stories and took them to meet school board members to tell what they are going through (getting beat up simply because other kids assumed they were gay without them necessarily admitting it). Other teachers thought I was risking my career, but hearing what these kids went through (fearing for their physical safety on a daily basis) made me not worry about my career. They needed an adult who showed them he is not afraid to be who he is and stand up for them to the school board. After those experiences I have no patience for people who worry about their careers after hearing about what these kids went through.
  9. Fairchild has 26,900 followers on instagram. If he did not want certain information to be public, he should not have posted and commented on a public facing medium.
  10. The Arthur Pita choreography has gotten fairly good notices – it's the cluster of ballets with violence against women at the Royal Ballet that was the issue. Pherank you're right about the old plot device but a lot of fine choreographers have passed on it – too many other much fresher things for them to work with. And Jennings does say, "Elsewhere in the British arts establishment, the question of female agency in performance is a live topic. At Covent Garden, it’s not even a conversation." Some of this choreography is by gay males – so I'm wondering what that says: a kind of internalized lessened self-regard, or a preemptive move of some sort, or a kind of beating the other choreographers at their own game? Somewhat related to this the Washington Post today has opinion piece by Allison Yarrow on the misogeny of Saturday Night Live writers – https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/posteverything/wp/2017/11/20/al-frankens-saturday-night-live-era-was-full-of-jokes-disparaging-women/?hpid=hp_no-name_opinion-card-c%3Ahomepage%2Fstory&utm_term=.7e63ba2b0f47
  11. Well I have been blocked by Ashley and Robbie on Instagram. I guess for posting those photos? I am surprised they found out my instagram handle but if they are reading this: I apologize I did not mean to hurt anyone's feelings or anything of that sort. I just thought that since those photos were public that they were okay to post. I am a big fan of Robbie's dancing and support him in all his future endeavors, personal and career-wise.
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  13. "Restless Creature: Wendy Whelan"

    I too ordered the DVD and loved the extras, especially the performance footage and the conversation with Wendy. One part of the film I thought was so moving was when Wendy made her "comeback" in 2014 Albert Evans ran down the corridor to welcome her back, his face overflowing with tears. Evans was obviously a nurturing figure to many of the dancers (he plays the same role in Ballet 422), and it's hard to believe that less than a year later Albert would also be gone
  14. Ratmansky R&J Coming Up - Casting a Mystery !

    According to the Bolshoi website, Semyon Chudin has withdrawn from Romeo and Juliet and been replaced by Artemy Belyakov. Chudin has had some recent physical issues and one hopes this is not due to a recurrence. Belyakov will partner Obraztsova on November 26th, according to her website.
  15. SFB 2017-18 season

    SFB sent out an email today about adding an evening Nutcracker on Friday, Dec. 29, 2017, available to the general public tomorrow.
  16. Executive Director position description

    Just announced via e-mail: Shelly Power will be the new Executive Director: http://paballet.org/welcome-shelly-power-named-executive-director-pennsylvania-ballet
  17. Placing females in 'precarious' situations (usually violent), sometimes to be rescued by 'heroic' males, is one of the oldest and most overused plot devices in the arts. Certainly the film world has been over-relying on this approach since its inception. I think modern ballet is simply echoing what has worked elsewhere. Originality is hard to come by in all times. The article specifically mentions Arthur Pita, known as 'the David Lynch of dance'. Lynch himself was long accused of creating scenes of gratuitous violence against women in his films, but that interpretation somewhat misses the mark - Lynch's latest work, Twin Peaks: The Return makes it fairly clear that, in Lynch's view, females are a constant target of predators and manipulators, and males are the main instigators of this brutality (but not males alone). And males are shown to be pawns of greater forces - not the "masters of their own fate" as is constantly depicted in stories. Males in European-based cultures have been especially enamored of the whole notion of "mastery" over situations and other people, but that notion is mostly a chimera, imo. [I never thought about it before, but it's interesting that the "chimera" was always a female monster.]
  18. Keeping Up With SFB Veterans

    Congratulations to Ms. Maffre! A very talented individual - I think she will be a real asset to the organization. I've long wondered about the relationship between SFB and AKLB - SFB soloists often end up at some point doing barre, rehearsing or posing for photo shoots over at AKLB. There seems to be an open door policy for Bay Area ballet dancers at the AKLB studio.
  19. Monday, November 20

    James Whiteside and Isaac Mizrahi talk about coming out (and coming way out).
  20. "Restless Creature: Wendy Whelan"

    I add my thanks for the details about the DVD extras. I was interested in the surgery footage and thought it was courageous of Whelan to let us see her at her most vulnerable. I cannot speak to the resemblance to medical reality shows because I have not seen any, but I thought the sequences in the film were tastefully handled and not overly graphic. I also liked what the doctor had to say in the operating room about ballerinas.
  21. The topic of violence against women on stage has come up again with the Royal Ballet's production of Arthur Pita's "The Wind." As posted in Sunday links, Luke Jennings in "Royal Triple Bill – and Yet More Sexual Violence" notes that – https://www.theguardian.com/stage/2017/nov/12/royal-ballet-mixed-bill-review-arthur-pita-twyla-tharp Hannah Furness (also citing Burke's essay) summarizes the responses – http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/11/12/royal-ballet-accused-gratuitous-abuse-audiences-despair-rape/ So what it that makes violence against women a go-to dramatic device in contemporary ballets – at least in big opera house venues? This doesn't seem to be the case with small companies, at least as I can glean from watching clips at Jacob's Pillow. With British choreographers is it a sort of Francis Bacon existentialism intensification and activization of the choreographic narrative? etc etc
  22. Official sources only are allowed here. Other internet forums are not official sources.
  23. This isn't about comfort, which is a discussion of the discussion. We're not a fan board, and dancers and families read here at their own risk. If anyone has an issue with a post, there is a "report" button. We review reported posts and, if we agree, we delete, move, edit, etc.
  24. Nutcracker Casting

    I believe it is that same cast.
  25. Robert Fairchild and Tiler Peck...........

    Honestly, I would have preferred their relationship be discussed in the “Robert Fairchild in American in Paris” thread instead of in this one. I can imagine that it’s uncomfortable for Day to have people his relationship with Fairchild being discussed in the same place that people discussed Fairchild & Peck’s. Although, I don’t know that this thread was the reason some pictures were taken down.
  26. yup If you don't want to be the subject of gossip, better not to participate at all.
  27. Keeping Up With SFB Veterans

    Good news for all concerned!
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