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POB-related links

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Here are some links which might be useful:

-the official Paris Opera site:

Most of it is only in French, but there are some pages in English about online booking.

And now there are some pages especially dedicated to the ballet, with a list of the dancers and some biographies of the étoiles and premiers danseurs:

-some personal pages of POB dancers:

Nicolas Le Riche (étoile):

José Martinez (étoile):

Manuel Legris (étoile):

Well, I'm not sure that it works well, as I can't go past the first page...

Marie-Agnès Gillot (première danseuse):

Gil Isoart (sujet):

Alexandra Cardinale (coryphée):

Sophie Parcen (quadrille):

Her site often includes some interesting information about the casts (especially those of the corps de ballet, which generally don't appear on the official POB site)

-a site by a former student of the POB dance school:

It also includes some pages about the première danseuse Karin Averty

-a site about the POB (I don't know who made it):

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