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I hope they bring it back next year. I can't wait to see it again. 


I could go for a three-year rotation of Onegin-Manon-R&J -- similar appeal in all of them, great music, different choreographers, lavish partnering.


BTW - Bolle and Nunez are doing 5 performances of Onegin at La Scala this fall: September 23 - October 18:

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Thank you California and Abbat for your earlier posts on Stearns/ Abrera. - I would have missed this memorable performance without them...


Mr. McKenzie look no further - your Onegin cast is here, just needs a fraction of the marketing done for the vacuous Fluffed cream;  amazingly the house was not sold out this PM!


The 5 dancers, Abrera, Stearns, Trenary, Gorak, Hammoudi slipped into their characters seamlessly - the dancing was uniformly splendid throughout, any faults seemed minor when faced with such uniform excellence.  


Cory portrays Onegin extremely well - elegant self assurance, jaded beyond words at the tender age of twenty-something, when not studiously indifferent, vaguely amused as when he takes a look at Tatiana's book.  He courts Olga with both mischief and a delicious maliciousness - as he impetuously  shatters Lensky's naive belief in his uncomplicated love.  Could he be jealous of such pure happiness? lovely jumps, elegant lines.  Cassandra and Cory's dance together was also the best of the three casts I saw. 


Great chemistry with Stella in the mirror PDD,  a budding passion  which  finds its complement and culmination in the tormented final.  


Stella's Tatiana is masterful - she is Tatiana.  A wonderful moment when she lets the torn letter slip through her fingers.  The scene where she exits left and he exists right at end of Act 1, was truly poignant.  The final PDD is from the start a struggle not to succumb to her love for Onegin.   it was extremely touching and I have to admit I cried at the end...I also lfound it appealing that she does not give back the letter to Oniegin as if it was revenge  as it sometimes is portrayed.

I think Onegin requires freshness, and this cast has it in spades. 










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