Elaine Stritch has died

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At least she had a nice long run, onstage and off. We won't see her like again. One of her final interviews.

There’s a scene with you performing and you forget your lyrics on-stage. Was that frustrating?

I was 88. That’s late in life to be remembering Noel Coward lyrics. He used to have a contest with me. I knew what I was talking about when I talked about lyrics. I said, “I will not make one mistake tonight in my lyrics, Mr. Coward.” [Pause.] What’s your first name?

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Memories from George Chakiris.

"For eight months of my life, in 1971, I had the pleasure of working with Elaine in Company. It was a great time mostly due to Elaine," says Chakiris.

2014-08-04-george.jpgThe still handsome, still-fit Chakiris, who now designs jewelry, enjoys reminiscing. But two weeks after Stritch's death in Michigan at 89, he wants to set the record straight.

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