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Dances at a Gathering videos

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I've been looking about for digital footage of Robbins' Dances at a Gathering, and this is what I've been able to find so far:


Agnès Letestu

Ludmila Pagliero and Karl Paquette

Mathieu Ganio

Simon Valastro (dancing same solo variation as Ganio)

Violette Verdy coaching Isabelle Guérin

Hamburg Ballet trailer for Robbins program

If anything better (and longer) can be found please feel free to add those links...

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French television is promising a broadcast from the Paris Opera on June 27. However, bear in mind that their Palais de cristal appeared online a day later than originally advertised. In any case, a complete performance is being filmed.

I don't know yet whether there will be a geo-block.

The scheduled cast:

Pink: Ludmila Pagliero
Mauve: Amandine Albisson
Apricot: Nolwenn Daniel
Green: Aurélie Dupont
Blue: Charline Giezendanner

Brown: Mathieu Ganio
Purple: Karl Paquette
Green: Josua Hoffalt
Brick: Emmanuel Thibault
Blue: Christophe Duquenne

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this comes back a blank -- is this a http or https?

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