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More on the seven Cuban dancers recently arrived in the States.

The Los Angeles Times

The prestigious company has seen a number of dancers defecting to the U.S. over the past decade. Rolando Sarabia, one of the company's top dancers, defected in 2005.


The U.S. petitioners are currently based in Miami, which serves as a large hub for the U.S.-Cuban exile community. It is not clear whether Alejandro Méndez, the 20-year old dancer who remained in Mexico, plans to rejoin the group.

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More on Poluninpalooza, Part 2.

The Independent

Igor Zelensky, Polunin’s mentor and artistic director of the Stanislavsky Ballet, was due to dance in Midnight Express too, but returned to Russia on Wednesday night.

Yet one source close to the dancers said it was a “joint decision” between the Eastern European dancers, adding “it is purely artistic differences” rather than a meltdown.

The Daily Mail

'Artists have good and bad days - that goes with the territory - but rehearsals were going well,' he said.

The dance company said Polunin's mentor, Igor Zelensky, had also left the production.

The Guardian

.....And a more solid argument against his mental health being anything to do with the current situation is the fact that Zelensky, too, has left the production. According to some sources, the two walked out of Schaufuss's ballet simply because they had irreconcilable artistic issues with it.

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A review of Boston Ballet's 'The Sleeping Beauty' by Grace Young for The Tech, MIT's student paper.

During the Prologue there was a problem with dancers’ shoes squeaking too loudly. At times, the squeaks overpowered the soft flutes and harps in Tchaikovsky’s melodies. Unfortunately the sound reminded me of the sound Barbie dolls make when you move their legs and arms; and to complete the distracting inference, the dancers, dressed in sparkly tutus and pastel Easter-egg colors, easily looked like Barbies.

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An interview with Johan Christensen, who will take over the role of Billy Hayes in "Midnight Express."

“I thought Sergei was fine,” he said. “Last week everybody was doing their work and it was all going in the right direction, so it has come as a bit of a shock that he didn’t turn up this week. It’s a bit of a surprise really. He seemed to be really enjoying it.”

Christensen said he is determined to do the best he can in the leading role, which is arguably his biggest since joining the Peter Schaufuss Ballet company four years ago.

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A story on the resurgent Dance Theatre of Harlem by Gia Kourlas in The New York Times.

The turnaround at Dance Theater has not come overnight. It’s the result of adherence to a five-year plan initiated in 2010 by Mr. Naidu and Ms. Johnson; a consultant, paid for by the Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone, worked with the company to put the plan into place. As of February the organization has reduced its debt to $644,000. Mr. Naidu said the goal was to keep the company in the $5 million to $5.5 million range, which means raising $3.3 million to $3.6 million “a year from contributed sources and then earning the rest.”

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Photo gallery of six-year-olds trying out for the School of American Ballet.

It’s one of seven auditions that will be held this spring for young dancers vying for about 100 openings for the school’s fall term.

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