Liane Dayde, Swanhilde, 1968

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scan of a publicity photo of COPPELIA, Act 1, with Dayde in the center of the group, presumably in the "Ballade de l'Epi" - the caption doesn't identify the dancer performing Frantz, who is perhaps seen cut off on the right edge of the photo with his hand to his ear.

maybe BA members familiar with French dancers of the period can suggest who this might be.



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Thanks, rg. I had never heard of the "Grand Ballet Classique de France. It is stonishing that they did a five-week engagement -- performing 5 big works ballets -- at a theater as big as the Theatre des Champs-Elysees.

Would love to learn more about this company and this dancer. Also, what is Noir et Blanc? Never heard of that either.

Googling Liane Dayde turned up this from British Pathe -- a brief set of answers during an interview, and some performance shots. She's lovely in closeup, like a very young, slightly chubby-cheeked Audrey Hepburn.


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Noir et Blanc is now generally known as Suite en Blanc. Choreography is by Serge Lifar and it was recently danced by the San Francisco Ballet.

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