Ballet's Greatest Hits: La Bayadere

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Please list up to three dancers who you think are the greatest Nikiya, Gamzatti, Solor, and/or Bronze Idol among current dancers.

Please use these threads to vote only, so that they're easy to tally. You can argue elsewhere.

This thread will be closed at noon PST on 1 February 2013. For details about the project, please see this thread:


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Nikiya: Lopatkina, Zakharova, Semionova

Gamzatti: Terioshkina, Alexandrova, Boylston

Solor: Matvienko, Hallberg, Tsiskaridze

Golden Idol: Sarafanov, Vasiliev, Simkin

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She's like Odile, except she doesn't need any magic. Were I Solor, I'd be besotten: Nikiya, who?

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Nikiya: Cojocaru, Lopatkina, Veronika Part

Gamzatti: Terioshkina, Alexandrova, Gillian Murphy

Solor: Gomes, Hallberg, Tsiskaridze

Golden Idol: Herman Cornejo, Sarafanov, Vasiliev

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