Romeo & Juliet - Spring 2012

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Like Macauay, I also saw R+J 5 times this season, albeit different casts. The leads I saw were Xiomara Reyes/Herman Cornejo, Gillian Murphy/Cory Stearns, Natalia Osipova/David Hallberg, Paloma Herrera/Marcelo Gomes and Hee Seo/Alexandre Hammoudi.

It was interesting to read the criticisms of Osipova in this thread. She was one of my favorite Juliet this season for the same reason others disliked her performance. Juliet is a 14 yr old girl. I often feel that Juliet starts young, but suddenly rapidly ages once she falls in love with Romeo. In many performances, she suddenly goes from being a little girl to a mature woman. I find that transition to rough. I think Juliet is a wealthy, rather spoiled, young teen. I felt the adolescent, impetuous nature of Juliet throughout Osipova's performance. I also felt that Hee Seo kept Juliet young throughout the entire performance. Gillian Murphy, Xiomara Reyes and Paloma Herrera all went through that rapid aging that I personally dislike.

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