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the attached scan, likely documenting the final moments of act 3 in ABT's 1976 Mary Skeaping staging (see below, NYPL dance cat. entry) of THE SLEEPING BEAUTY, shows Kirkland as Aurora and Nagy as Désiré.


Sleeping beauty: Original title: Törnrosa. Chor: Mary Skeaping after M. Petipa (from the version by N. Sergeev); mus: Petr Chaikovskii; lib: Mary Skeaping after a tale by Perrault; scen & cos: Yngve Gamlin. First perf: Stockholm, Royal Opera House, Jan 13, 1955, Royal Swedish Ballet.//First American Ballet Theatre perf: New York, Metropolitan Opera House, June 15, 1976; scen & cos: Oliver Messel; lighting: Nananne Porcher.


not sure what DAILY NEWS is meant here, not New York's, but the caption writing (see scan) with its header recycling wording from A CHORUS LINE is of interest, noting that ABT "unloads its lavish full-length production" for this run.

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. . . not sure what DAILY NEWS is meant here, not New York's

Chicago had both a Daily News and an Opera House (mentioned in the caption) in 1977, so that might be the source. ABT performed there regularly on tour. Apparently the News shut down in 1978, but the Civic Opera House is still going strong.

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Chicago seems a sound suggestion; idly i wonder if it had a road co. of A CHORUS LINE around this time...

meant also to add above that Martine van Hamel is seen as the Lilac Fairy and that Cynthia Harvey seems to the dancer to behind Van Hamel, whose face is framed by her hand and Nagy's.

the Queen might be Rhodie Jorgenson.

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