Opening Night Gala Spring 2010

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I was very glad to read Deborah Jowitt's review of opening night in The Village Voice. It was refreshingly positive and gave me food for thought. Now I'm ready to see both ballets again! As a blogging ballet reviewer, I'm attuned to minutiae. Sometimes I need to get the negative things off my chest in the first flush of passionate afterglow after the ballet is over. When I was a young dancer myself, I only saw the good! Now I'm a curmudgeonly armchair critic and feel it's my duty to report both negative and positive aspects of all I view. :clapping:

Deborah Jowitt spoke so glowingly and in such detail about both ballets, making me enjoy just reading her review immensely. Contrary to my initial reaction, I wish I could go back and see both ballets again.

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