Pacific Northwest Ballet at the Joyce Theater

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That would be wonderful, Jayne!

Francia Russell spoke in a Q&A about an idea to bring San Francisco Ballet and Pacific Northwest Ballet together to produce and perform "Vienna Waltzes", but the companies couldn't get the financing together.

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larger scale Balanchine festival of some sort in NYC- invite the full troupes that perform it best into the city for a great 2 weeks of dancing in January. Miami, PNB, NYCB, Suzanne Farrell Ballet, Dutch National, etc.

What a great thing that would be. I suppose it could represent a big financial risk -- of course, it could also earn companies money if it were successful enough, but which ADs would be willing to take the risk? It would also need a single company to sort of honcho the event and preparations (someone has to make the decisions)......NYCB is the natural candidate, but could the Balanchine Trust take on that coordinating role and perhaps even the financial risk by underwriting the event such that each company were guaranteed to at least break even? Balanchine himself took on risk with his Stravinsky Festival.....I believe that worked financially, so in many ways the Trust would be true to his ideals if they took on something like this.

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I have no idea how to finance it, but I would assume if it was once every 4 years, the companies could fundraise in advance, the venues could be reserved, and the tourism board might be willing to kick in some $$$ (ok, not this year, but when they are on better financial footing) to make it work, and find some NYC corporate underwriters. I doubt all the companies could bring their own musicians, would need to use local orchestras, but I still think it would be wonderful to pull it all together.

Also, maybe not the same companies every single time - maybe limit to 6-8 companies invited, with performances running over about a 10 day period (bookend 2 weekends).

Example - 1st Quaddrennial Festival:

New York City Ballet

American Ballet Theatre

Pacific Northwest Ballet

San Francisco Ballet

Miami City Ballet

Houston Ballet

Dutch National Ballet

That would be one hellova draw from around the world. This event could turn into a "Rings" Opera type of draw - with balletomines traveling from around the world to see it.

Switch out the invitations each quaddrenial - invite the Maryiinsky, Royal Danish, etc in different years, and some up and coming ballet theatres as well from Europe and South America, Asia and the US (Tulsa Ballet, etc).

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