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Hi! I found this site while exploring on the net. I've signed my daughter up for ballet class and have been observing the companies rehersals for thier spring performance and got hooked. I danced as a child and teen and have taken classes as an adult as well. I danced pretting intensly as a teen but decided that attempting to go professional was not for me and so slowed down a bit towards the end and then went on to college to persue a regular life. I have always missed it though.

Great site! I am looking forward to reading.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, Quiet; we're very glad you've found us. You will find all kinds of information and advice on the board; we look forward to being of service to you. You are to be commended for the support you are giving your daughter. Enjoy the board!


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Hi, Quiet.

Welcome to BalletTalk. This site is oriented towards the interest of the viewers, and I'm sure you'll find topics of interest and encourage you to join our discussions about performances, books, videos, etc.

Our sister site, BalletTalk for Dancers, is for the doers and hosts forums for parents and for their young dancers (over age 13) as well as adult students. You'll also find a great community there, and if your daughter has reached the minimum age, she's more than welcome, too.

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Thank you!

I have peeked at the other site, although I have not yet registered. My daughter's still little though, so we'll see.

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