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La Crosiare/ AmericanBalletTheater

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When I saw this performance on television, I immediantly fell in love. Fell in love with the beautiful costumes, and the outstanding choreography. Julie Kent who played Mendora was beautiful and graceful as she seemed to float across the stage by magic. The drama of this Ballet was wonderful. And even though I had never heard of or knew the story of this Ballet when I first sat down to watch this, from the expressions and dancing, I could immediatly tell the plot.

The male dancers were amazingly talented, and there were many male dancers on the stage. Usually you only see 1 male on the stage, but seeing this many was quite a thrill! Between acts they even had the dancers being interviewed which was fun to see. They were so down to earth and natural. It looked like they were really enjoying themselves, and what they were doing.

I have to recommend this to any Ballet lover. Youll end up watching this over and over! You wont be dissapointed!

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