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So pleased to have found this site! I am a former childhood dancer and though I haven’t danced in many years I have never lost my early love for ballet.

I now subscribe to ABT, both the fall and spring seasons, and was at last month’s premier of the new Jorma Elo Chuck Close ballet at City Center (New York). I was at first disappointed that I was seated way in the back that evening, in the next to last row of the orchestra, until I realized that many of the people in the row behind me were members of the staff and administration of ABT. Just before the Elo ballet began, who should sit down in the empty seat next to mine but Paloma Herrera, fresh off the stage from her performance in the ballet “Clear.” As far as I am concerned, the back row of the orchestra is suddenly a wonderful place to sit! I'm looking forward to ABT's spring season at the Met, and also looking forward to interesting discussions/reading on this site.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk, laurel; it very nice to have you with us. Loved your talk about the back of the orchestra section; I hope it continues to provide you with surprises as well as wonderful ballet. Please tell us about the performances you see; we look forward to having you share in our discussions.


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