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I am not an "avid balletgoer" but a very recent "avid ballet viewer" so feel quite inadequate in terms of knowledge about ballet. But I know I love watching it.

In my small, but growing collection, the ballets I am enjoying the most at the moment are: Anyuta with Ekaterina Maximova and Vladimir Vasiliev; The Golden Age with Irek Mukhamedov, Natalya Bessmertnova and Gediminas Taranda and The Legend of Love with Maria Bilova, Alla Mikhalchenko, Mukhamedov and Taranda.

I discovered BalletTalk because it kept appearing when I was looking for information on the web. When I found that it was not possible to do searches without being a member I decided to sign up and have been enjoying reading your website ever since. This is such a wonderful source with so many interesting and informative posts. Thank you for making it available to anyone.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk, innopac; it's very nice to have you with us. And thank you for the compliments. We all love ballet and "talking bllet". We welcome you to this wonderful art and we hope your enthusiasm continues to grow. We looking forward to your contributions to our discussions.


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Welcome, innopac. It's great to have you as an addition to our international network. :flowers:

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