introducing myself, Friday May 18 '07

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I am Joseph, a 4 decades-long balletomane who made his debut at the State Theatre when it was brand new. I was on board for the first run of Brahms-Schoenberg Quartets and was swept away...all the way up in row K of the gallery. I still remember that first program as it had Bugaku and Narikissos danced of course by Villella who did the choreography.

I am rather a huge fan of Wendy Whelan. :yahoo: I've gone to the ballet as many as 4 times in a week. :clapping:

I share my time between digs on West 72nd street and my Mother's place in Bucks County. I also share my outings with the symphony and opera. :flowers:

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Welcome to Ballet Talk, Joseph. You've had a long and wonderful history in ballet, and your insight will be of great interest in our discussions. Ballet 4 times a week: most of us weep at the idea. We hope you enjoy reading and sharing on the board.


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