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Yes, yes, yes! You have no idea how many times I've written, spoken too producers, and tried to myself get arts organizations, n.p.o's, and media outlets to work together to cross-promote or co-produce projects/performances. (My favorite instance was a WGBH "Masterpiece Theatre" with Helen Mirren about Caravaggio and a CONCURRENT Caravaggio exhibit in Hartford (v.rare) that was never cross-promoted.) Or even doing something as obvious as scheduling a "Dracula" performance in late October, (VERY easy to cross-promote: hey everyone tired of the 'trick-or-treating', spooky houses & hayrides--why not try something really different?! etc.etc.) or "R&J" mid-February. Trite, obvious, a 'dumbing down' maybe, but also quick money (a la Nutcrackers in Dec.) that enables more adventurous fare later.

Apologies for off-topic.

I do like that idea. I think it would help the arts in a way of exposure to a variety of audiences. Yes, money is always the issue, but in the long run I think it'll help for the better of ballet in getting more (who don't ordinarily watch) to view it and then it goes on from there. Anything to help!! Sorry, too, for off topic.

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The sub-topic that has developed here -- concerning joint marketing schemes between different arts organizations -- has a lot of interesting and useful implications for ballet.

I've split the topic off and given it its own thread on the Issues in Ballet forum.

Those wanting to report interesting experiments -- or brainstorm what could be done for the benefit of ballet organizations -- are urged to join the discussion HERE. :)

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