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I understand there is a thread on this topic, but I can't find it. So far, we have been accepted to Miami City and Chautauqua. Any thoughts?

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:clapping: Congratulations, jobeary, and welcome to BalletTalk.

Summer Intensives are beyond the scope of this board, which is for discussion of interest to audiences, as Helene notes in the thread "Before You Register":

The purpose of Ballet Talk is to discuss ballet -- performances, issues, news. If you want to discuss class (including adult), pointe shoes, summer intensives, ballet as a career, or issues concerning parents of dancers, please register at our sister site Ballet Talk for Dancers.

To gain access to the discussions on Summer Intensives, you have to register separately on BalletTalk for Dancers, our sister board. Please keep the same screen name.

I am closing this topic.

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