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Patricia Barker Mentions Her Future

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In the December 2005 issue/insert of encorecityarts, Patricia Barker was one of eight members of the Seattle arts community who was interviewed for the "That Was the Year That Was" article. Under What's up for '06 Barker said,

I'm very close to retiring as a dancer.  There's a real joy in being on stage and dancing.  but each time I dance I wonder, 'Is this the last time I'll ever dance this ballet?' There are the thrilling moments of being on stage, but also the sense of squeezing every ounce I can out of today.

This is the link to the page (2) in which Barker's answers appear:

By clicking one the image of the page, the .pdf file will begin to download (or you'll be prompted to download, depending on your browser).

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