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Valery Kosorukov's Art Book of Russian Ballet

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I am looking for a Russian Ballet book titled in English,does anyone know of someone i can buy

this book ?

"Mystery of Terpsichore".

Story by Irina Deshkova.Drawings by Valery Kosorukov.

Detskaya Literatura State Publishing House, Moscow, Russia, 1989

I have the two other books regarding Kosorukov's paintings

of the ballet which are

Ballet, Art book of Drawings and Paintings by Valery Kosorukov. Sovietsky Khudoznik State Publishing House, Moscow, 1966.

Images of the Ballet, Paintings and drawings by Valery Kosorukov. Introduction by V. Fyodorov.

Izobrazitelnoe Iskusstvo State Publishing House, Moscow, Russia, 1988 Ballet.

I would like to get the third book to complete my set.

I also got this information from his internet site.

Born in Moscow in 1937, Kosorukov began his career in the late 1950's. He quickly gained worldwide recognition for his paintings of the Bolshoi Ballet and Theater, which later became the subject of two books. For 25 years, he served as a Professor of Fine Arts at Moscow Surikov State Art Institute.

If you like to see some of Kosorukov's work internet address

Thanks Kevin

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Kevin, have you tried alibris? -- They're a rare book finder. They list the books from different booksellers, you order from them, and they pass the order along.

There are other bookfinder services, but I don't know them -- perhaps someone else does.

I'm going to move this to the Books thread, so please look for more responses there smile.gif

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