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Moscow Int'l Ballet Competition reports

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#16 Renata


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Posted 22 June 2005 - 03:38 AM

Thanks for the info on Isaak (who has studied in the US for the past 2 years) and on the Americans and all the others who have competed.
Privet! Renata

#17 Natalia


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Posted 22 June 2005 - 08:39 AM

DAY TWO information

For starters, here are the links to the full lists of competitors, alas only in Russian but many of you should be able to understand the names:

The 56 Juniors:

The 73 Seniors:

So out of the over-200 approved entries, 129 actually showed up in Moscow & are competing. Among these, 34 dancers represent non-USSR-territory countries:

Japan - 11 dancers
Korea - 7
USA - 4
China and the Philippines - 2 each
Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Macedonia, Venezuela, Brazil, Israel & Mexico - one dancer each

Among yesterday's unconfirmed famous names, we can now confirm Irina Kolesnikova, 'prima' of the K. Tachkine Ballet. The Kirov's Alina Somova opted to not compete but there's an 'unknown' Natalia Somova from Moscow. Kirov soloist Evgenia Obraztsova -- their famous Juliet -- is here. All of the anticipated Bolshoi dancers are here. Certain dancers are so famous (Kolesnikova & Obraztsova, for example) that they are practically guaranteed medals unless they fall flat on their po-pos. Ditto the more favored soloists among the various Moscow-based dancers (Osipova, Kochetkova & such). Just my observation after umpteen years of following IBC events chaired by Yuri Grigorovich. :blush: Not that those famous dancers would not deserve it if they dance to their known potential. Hopefully, 'new discoveries' will also be rewarded, if they perform well...as was the case with Thiago Soares (Brazil) in 2001 and the unknown sprite Alina Cojocaru (Romania) in 1997! This year's discoveries could be established stars four years from now, dancing with ABT or the Royal Ballet. Who knows?

To confirm the final list of USA dancers:

One Senior: Jonathan Drake

Three Juniors: Kristina Chevchenko, Matthias Dingman, & Jana Feldman

MORE NEWS FROM YESTERDAY (the evening round):

It was reported on 'Kultura' television news that Russia's Natalia Somova broke her foot in the midst of the competition & is out. Her partner had to finish the pdd all by himself.

Everyone agrees that the standouts among junior men, yesterday, were Ivan Vasiliev of Belarus and Ndudi of Ukraine. A late report on yesterday's morning round also notes -- besides those pointed out earlier -- Miss Sayaka Takuda of Japan, in Flames of Paris pdd.

In yesterday's evening round, stand-outs (all seniors) included

Ekaterina Alayeva of Ukraine - for her lightness, as Giselle

Maria Seletskaya of Estonia - for her contemporary dance, to Stravinsky

Lola Kochetkova of the Bolshoi - considered rather weak in classical but superb in contemporary (her own choreography)

Miryana Pop-Alexova of Macedonia - a big surprise! Excellent Corsaire Medora variation

Ludmilla Konovaliova of Moscow - very professional, clean classicist, by all accounts


A report of Day Two's morning round, in the Bolshoi Forum (by author "Marekh") states that the biggest impressions were made by the "two Americans" (in parentheses, as names are not typically American) Kristina Chevchenko and Jana Feldman for the junior girls. Ukraine's Xenia Rusina, dancing a contemporary tango, impressed for her sheer physical beauty. Junior guys of note today were Ukraine's Alexander Shpak -- mentioned by ALL reports as superb! -- and Japan's Yasuomi Akimoto in Flames of Paris.

Another report on the morning round also praised Alexander Shpak of Ukraine & Ilya Bolotov of Perm-Russia, both of whom appear to have danced the same contemporary number by Radu Poklitaru (a modern take on a Chopin Mazurka). By the way, Poklitaru is the perennial winner of the choreography prize at such competitions; he choreographed the controversial new 'Romeo & Juliet' at the Bolshoi. A lot of people figure that he'll win yet again here.

Standouts (all seniors) in today's evening round, according to various reports:

Alexei Matrakhov of Moscow
Roman Artyushkin of Moscow (who was a memorable lead in the Kremlin Ballet's Coppelia not long ago, writes one reviewer)
Evgenia Obraztsova of St. Petersburg - huge accolades for her classical work
Vladimir Kuklachev of Israel -- actually born in Russia -- who is being coached by ex-Kirov great Valery Panov
Alexander Buber of Belarus - said to have the most spectacular technique, so far, among the senior men

From the writings I've read, it appears that the huge hope of all Muskovites is NATALIA OSIPOVA of the Bolshoi, who will dance tomorrow. [She was my big favorite at the May 2002 graduation of the Bolshoi Academy, even outdancing her classmate, the now-famous Polina Semionova, IMO.] Osipova was lucky to have received a 'high draw number' and will dance on the 3rd and final day of Round One. In other words, she is set to make a huge impression tomorrow, if she 'delivers.' Fans will be there en-masse for her.


Edited by Natalia, 22 June 2005 - 10:16 AM.

#18 Marga


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Posted 22 June 2005 - 11:01 AM

Thank you very much for your report, Natalia.

It's wonderful to hear that Maria Seletskaja did well yesterday. She has been dancing with the Estonian National Ballet for two years, following a year of study at the Vaganova Academy after her graduation in 2002 from the Tallinn Ballet School. Just before joining the Estonian Ballet, she won 2nd prize at the Eurovision Ballet Competition in July, 2003.

Masha was given solo roles, starting with Myrtha in Giselle, as soon as she joined the Estonian Ballet, where she was ranked as a second soloist last year. She won an "Encouragement" prize at the Helsinki International Ballet Competition earlier this month.

She is joining Malakhov's Berlin Ballet this year.

#19 Natalia


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Posted 22 June 2005 - 11:10 AM

...Maria Seletskaja.... Just before joining the Estonian Ballet, she won 2nd prize at the Eurovision Ballet Competition in July, 2003......


Thank you for this, Marga. So *that's* why Seletskaja's name rang a bell - my video of the 2003 Eurovision Competition! She is indeed wonderful, from what I recall.

#20 Natalia


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Posted 23 June 2005 - 08:20 AM


Point of clarification: I am not on site, in Moscow. I thought that I had made my location clear at the start of this thread; sorry if this was not the case. I am in my home in Washington, DC, reading/compiling/translating various Russian-language reports on the competition, as they trickle in, as a service to you. Chiapuris, who has posted a bit, is on site & we welcome his/her additional postings. The more, the merrier.

DAY THREE STANDOUTS, as per a compilation of reports on various Russian-language fora:

Natalia Osipova of the Bolshoi - magnificent classical portion: 'Flames of Paris' pdd with non-comp-partner Jan Godovsky. Then people's hearts sank with her contemporary piece: a pdd from V. Gordeev's "Last Tango" that seemed under-rehearsed & generally shaky. Partner for this was Ruslan Pronin. Still, the general consensus is that she'll make it on to Round Two.

Magnificent Chinese pair, esp. the girl, Sin SAN, dancing the Black Swan pdd. The man, Zhibbei BANG, is also good, if not as impressive as the girl.

Anastasia & Denis Matvienko of Ukraine - very polished, beautiful 'Sleeping Beauty' pdd [He has already won a gold medal -- maybe even an Grand Prix? -- at this competition. How can he top himself this year, one wonders?]

Miriam Faustino & Gerardo Francisco of the Philippines - surprisingly good classical but downright SPECTACULAR contemporary pdd 'Spiders' (Arachnids), with very tricky acrobatic supports

Katia & Peter Borchenko of Russia - another good Black Swan pdd

Viktoria Luchkina of Krasnodar, Russia impressed with her light elegance, reminding one reporter of Irina Kolpakova

Doshan Tabuildi of Kazakhstan was cited as one of the best solo (non-pair) men in the senior ranks

DISAPPOINTMENTS today (beside Osipova's contemporary piece) -

Irina Kolesnikova of St Petersburg/Tatchkin Ballet Troupe - cited as one of the 'most professional' competitors but very 'rough' in-your-face manner, as if trying too hard.

Natalia Domracheva of Russia - she was wonderful in 2001 (when I attended live), as Leonid Sarafanov's partner. This year's audiences are not quite as impressed. She has grown up (body wise) and isn't as fresh & sparkling. People were expecting her to build on 2001 & it doesn't appear to be the case.


People are still buzzing about the magnificent Israeli, Vladimir Kuklachev, calling him a new Yuri Vladimirov (ex-Bolshoi star) due to his acrobatic leaps and quick shifts of direction in midair. Kuklachev's coach is Valeri Panov, himself a wonderful demi-caractere dancer & high-jumper from the Kirov in the 1960s & early '70s.


#21 Renata


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Posted 23 June 2005 - 09:00 AM

Thank you for doing this, Natalia.

#22 chiapuris


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Posted 23 June 2005 - 01:13 PM

Just a quick note from Moscow after reading Natalia's detailed and complete reports of the
Competition from Washington. I am awed! Many thanks Natalia!

Third day: the big impression is Osipova's Flames of Paris pdd in the morning, (your report is right on: her contemporary was somewhat ragged )- a couple of fubbed lifts-- although she looked great in black tights.
In the afternoon the Corsaire II act pdd of Ekaterina Krysanova with a non- participating partner
was excellent. Moreover her tango to Piazzolla with an excellent non-particip.partner was

Other dancers of today that impressed me:
Ekaterina and Piotr Borchenko R
Anastasia and Denis Matvienko Ukraine
Natalya Matsak Ukraine
Kim Sol Fi South Korea
Artiom Alifanov R
Nikolai Chevychelov R

My notes say Ekaterina Kolesnikova had strong and secure fouettes but no other positive comments.

Haven't sorted me second day notes.... yet.
The sessions have been long--hardly time for dinner.
Tomorrow no competition. So we're seeing Sleeping Beauty.

#23 Natalia


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Posted 23 June 2005 - 01:26 PM

Thanks, chiapuris! Enjoy 'Spiachaya Krasavitsa' (Sleeping B.) tomorrow & do eat a bit!

Here's something that I wrote just as chiapuris' report came in, so it will be interesting to compare my 'round-up' of the Russian sites with chiapuris'.

DAY FOUR (Friday) will be a 'break day' between Rounds One & Two. Hopefully the names of the dancers who've made it on to Round Two (the semifinalists) will be posted on the official site & I can provide you with a link. Competition resumes on Saturday, the first of two days in the 2nd round. I won't be able to post summaries of Round Two until Monday but perhaps others can provide information between now & then.

Just based on the various reports from the Russian websites, these are some of the dancers who should advance to the next round, in no particular order:

Junior Girls:

Chinara Alixidze (Russia - Bolshoi)
Anna Tikhomirova (Russia - Bolshoi)
Natalia Vorontsova (Russia - Moscow...school/theater not specified)
Jana Feldman (USA)
Kristina Chevchenko (USA)

Junior Boys:

Zherlin Ndudi (Ukraine)
Ivan Vasiliev (Belarus)
Matthias Dingman (USA)
Isaac Hernandez (Mexico)
Alexander Shpak (Ukraine)
Yasuomi Akimoto (Japan)
Ilya Bolotov (Russia - Perm)
Paulo Alves Frasan (Brazil)

Senior Women:

Yevgenia Obraztsova (Russia - St P/Kirov)
Irina Kolesnikova (Russia - St P/Tatchkin)
Natalia Osipova (Russia - Bolshoi)
Sin San (China)
Ekaterina Kreisanova (Russia - Bolshoi)
Sayaka Takuda (Japan)
Ekaterina Alayeva (Ukraine)
Maria Seletskaja (Estonia)
Viktoria Luchkina (Russia - Krasnodar)
Lola Kochetkova (Russia - Bolshoi)
Natalia Domracheva (Russia)
Miryana Pop-Alexova (Macedonia)
Anastasia Matvienko (Ukraine)
Ludmilla Konovaliova (Russia - Moscow)
Miriam Faustino (Philippines)
Katie Borcheko (Russia)...competing with Peter Borchenko, sr man

Senior Men:

Vladimir Kuklachev (Israel)
Alexander Buber (Belarus)
Denis Matvienko (Ukraine)
Roman Artyushkin (Russia - Kremlin Ballet)
Nikolai Chevichelov (Russia - Moscow Ballet)
Andrei Pisarev (Ukraine)
Alexei Matrakhov (Russia - Moscow)
Doshan Tabuildi (Kazak)
Zhibei Bang (Cina)
Gerardo Francisco (Philippines)

The competition for the Choreographic Prize has ended, as all contemporary works to be judged were danced in Round One. However, the winners will not be announced until the final day. Other than Radu Poklitaru, I have not heard of any clear possible winners, although the contemporary dance of the Filipinos seemed to turn heads. Perhaps chiapuris or others could fill us in?

Good luck to all competitors! Tomorrow is the day of great nerves as they await the posting of the semifinalists.


#24 GWTW


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Posted 23 June 2005 - 05:25 PM

How wonderful to hear that an Israeli is so successful. The Russian emigre population has had such a huge influence on ballet in Israel over the past two decades - both as audience and as dancers.
My parents saw a performance by the Panov Ballet a week or two ago and were delighted with the performance.

#25 Paul Parish

Paul Parish

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Posted 23 June 2005 - 06:29 PM

It's very exciting to read your reports...
Thanks Natalia for organizing and translating, and Chiapuris, for reporting from the sessoins...

I'm pulling for Krysanova, but she's the only one I've seen -- totally fell in love with her when the Bolshoi came here (Berkeley, California) last year; she was a soloist in Raymonda. Her technique was very fine, but her DANCING was out of this world.

#26 Mikhail


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Posted 24 June 2005 - 12:25 AM

Official list of the participants of the second round is published at the site of the Ballet magazine:

Juniors: http://www.russianba...s/mlgr2tur.html
Seniors: http://www.russianba...s/stgr2tur.html

To my regret, no English version is presented. Between others dancers from the US Mathias Dingman and Christina Shevchenko.

Natalia, sorry.
The competition of choreographers will be continued on Satruday morning. Dancers will show numbers which were not included to their official programs of the first round.

#27 singing_medora



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Posted 24 June 2005 - 03:26 AM

2 Chiapuris
I'm greatly interested in your impressions about Kate and Peter Borchenko! Yuo've wrote theat theu've impressed you. Please, :beg: tell me what exactly? This couple is working in our theatre and I'm trying to get the more impressions that I can for i want to write an article about them.
Hoping you will help me,
In case you wnat to write a letter to me, here is my e'mail - singing_medora@yahoo.com

AND perhaps there is someone who also watches this contest and can help me!please!
One more thing, I'm interested in Buber and Vasiliev too.

#28 singing_medora



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Posted 24 June 2005 - 03:29 AM

I can also send to anyone photos of Kate and Peter Borchenko for you to see how harmonically they dance with each other!
By the way the are twins!

#29 Renata


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Posted 24 June 2005 - 04:26 AM

Thanks for posting the list of the people who have made it to the second round.

#30 Natalia


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Posted 24 June 2005 - 05:24 AM

Thanks for the info, Mikhail, & for posting the lists. I, too, have just seen them.

Happy for the Americans who have passed on to Round 2 (Dingman and Chevchenko), as well as the Mexican Hernandez, who studies in the USA.

The Filipinos have made it on, for those who have been asking me about them. Good for them!

On the other hand...oh my goodness, the Israeli who was so praised for his technique, Vladimir Kuklachev, has been eliminated. Huh?????? Lola Kochetkova of the Bolshoi has also been eliminated, although in her case I know that she is rather weak in classical.


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