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Am I dreaming, or haven't I seen a photograph of Soloviev as the hero in "The Little Humpbacked Horse"? He seems perfect for hte innocent hero -- the photo of him on this thread show him as the genius of Water, and maybe what I'm thinking of is him in "The stone Flower" (same archetype).

I'm asking because his image keeps coming to mind in hte wake of Yuri Possokhov's wonderful remake of The Firebird. Tiit Hellimets (who's Estonian and perfectly konws the style) played "Ivan" as much less the founding tsar and very much more the innocent youngest son, really vividly, quite wonderful -- it's very high praise to say that a dancer puts you in mind of Soloviev. When he started to dacne for the princess, tears sprang to my eyes -- he did a cabriole in double passe at a tilt -- like a folk-dance frog cabriole but with pointed feet, and it was iconic. "I love you."

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acc'd to m.bremser's BALLET DICTIONARY, soloviev didn't danced ivanushka in LITTLE HUMPBACKED HORSE but only the 'genie of the water (or waters)' sometimes called 'ocean' as in the trio named 'the ocean and the pearls'

he certainly danced danila in THE STONE FLOWER so perhaps that's the image that you have in your memory 'gallery' of soloviev.

somewhat off topic, i'm posting a photocard of laurent novikov in his costume as 'ocean' c. 1917


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