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Royal Ballet style

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wonder where the "spoon" hand started -- I have heard that people setting Tudor's ballets made a big point of it, can't remember who I heard it from but suspect it centered around Oakland Ballet (which did a number of his ballets and reconstructed "Echoing of Trumpets").

It's been a long time since I saw them regularly, but back in 69/70 i THINK I recall dancers like Sibley and Mason and Seymour having an articulated index finger, or a pattern of holding hte fingers where the third and fourth fingers were held closer to the palm and both index and pinkie were a little freer. I remember thinking they had very beautiful hands.

But earlier than that, Markova, that very British ballerina, had very pronouncedly separated fingers, "staghorn" fingers, which were quite beautiful; they weren't claws, were under control (I'm going on a couple of videos and lots of photographs.)

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