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  1. Winter 2018

    https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/23/arts/dance/new-york-city-ballet-winter-season.html?rref=collection%2Fsectioncollection%2Farts&action=click&contentCollection=arts&region=rank&module=package&version=highlights&contentPlacement=1&pgtype=sectionfront An evaluation of the current state of NYCB .
  2. Watching the Olympics

    Agree with ABT Fan completely. Zagitova reminds me of Boylston at ABT. Lots of technical skills, but no aesthetic beauty or lyricism. I long for the days of Mao Asada at her peak.
  3. 2018 Met Season

    Osipova guesting with ABT in Giselle. MARK YOUR CALENDAR! https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/26/arts/dance/american-ballet-theater-spring-season-wayne-mcgregor-alexei-ratmansky.html
  4. Gomes and ABT

    What came into my mind is that maybe someone was trying to blackmail either Marcelo or ABT or both by going public with a negative, damaging story. Fascinating that nobody has actually come forward to tell their story about Marcelo to the media. Perhaps the resignation essentially squelched the story.
  5. Winter 2018

    I was there too. Well danced, but the acting just didn't add up for me. Agreed that there was no chemistry between Woodward and Stanley. Also agree that Mejia stole the show. Can't wait to see more of him in everything.
  6. ABT Swan Lake in Singapore

    I'm sure ABT won't change the casting until the day before his first show, even if they know weeks before that he's not performing. That's their MO.
  7. 2018 Met Season

    It's outrageous if ABT failed to put any info regarding the restrictions on exchanging into 5/18 or 5/21 in the original subscription brochure. In fact, I think it may be tantamount to consumer fraud to add a restriction that was not revealed in the subscription offering. Just more outrageous and unscrupulous conduct by ABT, as if there wasn't already enough evidence of that from prior behavior. Does anyone have the original subscription booklet to confirm whether these restrictions were previously mentioned in the booklet. They might have a valid position about May 21 because it is a non subscription event (gala), but is there anything in the booklet that said no exchanges into May 18? Added: This kind of conduct toward loyal subscribers is particularly unsavory since Hallberg has withdrawn from his Bayaderes and Whipped Creams.ABT advertised Hallberg for these performances for months, but only recently revealed that he was not going to dance in either production. People who bought subscriptions to see Hallberg as Solor are forbidden from exchanging into one of the few dates that Hallberg is actually planning on showing up (May 18). FYI, the Met Opera's subscriber booklet makes very clear the performances that you cannot exchange into.
  8. Winter 2018

    For some reason I keep getting an error message when I try to open up the link for Week 6 casting Added: Problem solved
  9. Winter 2018

    Barak decided to incorporate dialogue into the performance. It was like watching a high school or junior high production, but with much more expensive costumes. The dialogue was inane. Link to the review below. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/06/07/arts/dance/07barak.html
  10. Watching the Olympics

    NBC wanted to hire Adam Rippon to be a paid correspondent for the remainder of the games, but he declined and is coming on as merely a guest. He said he would have had to resign as an Olympian in order to take a correspondent job, and he did not want to do that. He wanted the full Olympic experience even though his performances are over.
  11. Winter 2018

    I think you are talking about The Unanswered Question by Elliot Feld? Worst ballet ever at NYCB was Call Me Ben by Melissa Barak. It never saw the light of day after its premiere. It was pulled from the remainder of the schedule that Spring and replaced by other ballets. Barak was never invited back to NYCB to choreograph.
  12. Peter Martins Sexual Harassment Allegations

    Huge difference between a DUI with no injuries and being accused of sexual and physical abuse of employees.
  13. Peter Martins Sexual Harassment Allegations

    Glad Martins is formally cleared after having his reputation destroyed.
  14. Watching the Olympics

    Agreed. They were sublime. Athletics and artistry combined for breathtaking results.
  15. NEA grants to ballet-February 2018

    The Joyce Theater in NYC got $90,000.
  16. Winter 2018

    Kid performers also have lots of parents, grandparents and siblings who will buy tickets to see their loved one on stage. So casting kids is also a good sales tool.
  17. Winter 2018

    Re Martins ballets: I like ballroom dancing, so I always enjoyed Thou Swell. I also think Zakouski is pretty good, provided that it is well cast.
  18. Winter 2018

    Interesting article re coaching at NYCB now that Martins is gone: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/13/arts/dance/balanchine-dances-taught-by-old-masters-patricia-mcbride.html?rref=collection%2Fsectioncollection%2Farts&action=click&contentCollection=arts&region=stream&module=stream_unit&version=latest&contentPlacement=6&pgtype=sectionfront
  19. Watching the Olympics

    I love Weir and Lipinski. In fact, seeing what Weir is wearing is one of the highlights of the program. To me, Zagitova's program is all about being a jumping machine and tallying points by doing all her jumps at the end of the program for the bonus. There is almost no artistry or depth in what she does. That's not a knock on her. That is what the scoring system rewards. In contrast, when I watch Patrick Chan, I see a complete artist.
  20. Winter 2018

    I don't think the slap is gratuitous. It demonstrates that the society inhabited by these characters solves its disputes through violence, whether it's feuding clans or a feud between a father and his daughter.
  21. Winter 2018

    It's interesting how the exact same choreographic moment in a ballet is interpreted based on who the choreographer is. My recollection is that the Ratmansky Romeo and Juliet, which I saw a few weeks ago in the cinema, also had a significant slap of Juliet by her father. It was not deemed a problem in the Ratmansky production, but in the Martins production it causes a big uproar that leads to it being removed.
  22. Winter 2018

    https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/12/arts/dance/peter-martins-ballet-romeo-juliet.html?rref=collection%2Fsectioncollection%2Farts&action=click&contentCollection=arts&region=stream&module=stream_unit&version=latest&contentPlacement=2&pgtype=sectionfront For those who were thinking that Peter Martins' works would be dumped by NYCB going forward, think again.
  23. Watching the Olympics

    I was almost in tears watching Mirai Nagasu give the performance of her dreams last night at the team event. She has struggled for so many years and was, in my opinion, unfairly left off the 2014 team so they could make room for Ashley Wagner. No matter what happens at the individual event for her, she has already triumphed.
  24. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/19/arts/dance/american-ballet-theater-labor-unrest.html?rref=collection%2Fsectioncollection%2Farts&action=click&contentCollection=arts&region=stream&module=stream_unit&version=latest&contentPlacement=1&pgtype=sectionfront
  25. Winter 2018

    Since NYCB does not use the scenic designs, tutus or tiaras of Ballet Imperial, I don't think they should go back to using that as the name of the ballet either.