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  1. Mariinsky at the Kennedy Center, here we come. Skip ABT's fall season and spend your hard earned dollars in Washington DC in October to see La Bayadere.
  2. Now that Millepied has a lot of free time, since he is no longer director of POB, it appears he is back on the market as a choreographer. Gulp.
  3. No, I don't agree. They would never publish a document or brochure listing someone as a principal whose tenure as a principal had not yet gone into effect. There are all sorts of potential legal problems in doing that. It leaves open a potential for a claim by a dancer that he or she was entitled to compensation or benefits as a principal before the effective date of the promotion. I suppose they could put an asterisk with an explanation, but that would look silly and distracting. Even if someone is named as a principal tomorrow, their name would never go in as a principal into any material or booklet distributed to the press or the public prior to the date the new status became effective.
  4. They don't give exclusive first rights for publication of the season info. In fact, Dale posted the official info on Ballet Alert shortly after the NY Times. The press release goes out by email to all press contacts at the same time. If you look at the last two years, the promotions were announced on June 30 and July 1. This is, I believe, directly keyed into when the Board meets at the end of the second business quarter. Of course, it is possible that there may not be any promotions to announce. Even if there are new principals, principal status is rarely immediate. It usually becomes effective a few weeks later. So it makes no difference whether they announced the fall season principal lineup today or next week. Either way, they would not be listing any additional principal names for the engagement.
  5. No Kochetkova, either. But we are getting David Hallberg!
  6. NYCB is doing Other Dances in the spring of 2018, on an All Robbins program.
  7. Daphnis required a big cast, and it cost a lot of money to train all those dancers. I'm not surprised they are bringing Daphnis back. Personally, I liked Abrera in it with Stearns ( I think). However, I did not like Boylston at all in the second cast. I'm not sure McKenzie's 25 year tenure is deserving of celebration.
  8. Maybe that's why Ferri never performed Swan Lake, and instead made her career based on the "long skirt" roles with less exacting technique.
  9. Yes, but Ferri is 54 years old. Ferri's technique is very weak. She looks great when someone is partnering her, but she clearly can't do the solo footwork anymore. Ferri was performing in a ballet where dramatic skill counts for almost everything, and the footwork technique for her role was, in my opinion, not terribly important. Ferri is choosing her ballets carefully because she is aware of her increasing limitations. If you're going to take on the major roles, you ought to be able to perform the choreography.
  10. McKenzie seems to be interested in seniority and diversity. Although Hammoudi is not anyone's idea of a great dancer, he may just get the promotion. Hallberg, Gomes and Bolle are simply not able to carry a big workload anymore. There is a chronic lack of tall men available at the principal level. Stearns and Whiteside can't do it by themselves. Lane should be promoted too. Stone Shayer and Royal need to get out of the corps, ASAP. I
  11. I think the promotions are decided and affirmed at the board of directors meeting. Those meetings usually take place at the end of a business quarter, which would be around June 30. Thus, I think any decisions will already have been made before Shevchenko performs Mozartiana.
  12. I don't read Part's comment as saying that she will no longer do the role. Her comment says "Last Swan Lake Met 2017". That doesn't mean that she won't perform the role again during the Met 2018 season.
  13. It's not just that she says other dancers took away her opportunities. That's the experience of every ABT dancer, because of the guest artist policy. She specifically uses the words "white dancers", and so she automatically turns it into a racial discrimination issue.
  14. Just to be clear, Copeland didn't just promote herself on social media. She used and continues to use the media to accuse her superiors of denying her opportunities because she is black. Here is an excerpt from a NY Times interview from Apr 22, 2017: "For years and years, I watched as white dancers came in — when I knew I was more talented or brought more depth to a role — but had to sit back and watch it happen. But I didn’t stop working." https://www.nytimes.com/2017/04/22/style/misty-copeland-sally-field.html
  15. Thanks for the video. Who were the two men on the far right in the video?