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  1. Funny you should mention Polina, Abatt. I too miss her so much! But you are also correct in saying that Part was the best of the week. She simply broke my heart this afternoon with her emotion and dramatic portrayal. Her mime was especially splendid. Sure, a few small blips technically, but overall, just gorgeous. Those legs, those feet, those arms! Plus she brings her unique touch of glamour to this double role. Such a pleasure to watch her. Whiteside is much improved, but I would still prefer to see Part with a Prince who can match her emotionally. Both sides of Rothbart were well taken, with Hammoudi better here that in his attempt at Siegfried the other night. It was really difficult to hate Gray Davis as the "swamp monster" knowing his recent story of heroism on the subway the other night. And bravo to the four cygnettes for keeping it clean and musical. Teuscher and Hamrick as the big swans also fine and well matched (especially in the jumps). My last Swan Lake for the season made me quite happy indeed. A huge "thank you" to Veronika! Brava, brava, brava!!
  2. Love Gray Davis....even before his "subway save". He certainly deserves a shot at more roles.
  3. Julie Kent did piques en menage in place of fouettes during her last years of dancing O/O. They were amazing!
  4. Program for Friday doesn't give Waski one of the Odalesques. Melanie Hamrick was clean and lovely as the first Odalesque. Since her return she seems to be dancing better than ever before with a new found joy to her dancing. Always a pleasure. Lauren Post was a bit off and muddied a few things in her variation. She doesn't display lovely foot articulation as the others do. In the third variation, Giangeruso held up her end of the trio, but still to my eye NO ONE does that diagonal line of arabesque into piroette like Renata Pavam used to do. What a joy that was to watch!! I continue to miss her presence on stage, especially at times like this. And I also noticed that Nicole Graniero is back in the line up. She danced in the "orange" section of the JArdin Anime'. She's also listed in the program on the main page. I know last year she came in during the last few weeks of the season, so wonder if this is something she'll be doing in addition to her job with Washington Ballet. She's another one I miss seeing a lot. With so many new faces, it's sometimes hard to keep track, but it's always a pleasure when one or two of the "old guard" come through with shining colors. The "newbies" can learn a lot from these ladies.
  5. Shevchenko= STAR! What a sensational performance from her and the entire cast tonight. Christine came through tonight with colors flying. Rapport with Lendorf was A Plus. Terrific together. Daniil out did himself as Ali and Stella was also lovely. This was my only "Corsaire" this season, but I left the theater with a huge smile on my face. Brava, Christine!
  6. Loved, loved, loved "Scotch Symphony" in today's Workshop performance. The way the women tilted their heads and used their epaulement was especially pleasing. As was their foot articulation and batterie. Mira Nadon as the lead displayed a wondrous softness, yet was utterly expansive and lush in her movements. The sun was shining in the Highlands today. As always, I am astonished at how the "older" ballet (Scotch Symphony) looked the freshest, the "newest", the most unencumbered of the three offered today. Both the Wheeldon and the Martins looked pinched, busy, over done. The naturalness of Mr. B's choreography and his response to the Mendelssohn score was wondrous to behold. Kudos to all!
  7. And based on her Giselle performance, I could easily add Nikiya and Manon to that canon. Her evolution, both as a dancer(technician) and most assuredly her acting, has proved that there is an astonishing artist smoldering in our midst. Her versatility, and dare I say unique style combine to make her THE number one asset to ABT at this time. As the story goes, the tortoise won the race!
  8. I saw Alonso in Giselle, but was probably too young to truly appreciate her performance. But over the years I have seen many, many Giselles. Some live in my memory and some are there, but without true memorable distinction. I put Fracci, Makarova, Kirkland, Ananishivili, Cojocuru (there are others, yes) in that premiere pantheon . And I know I missed many great portrayals. But after last night, I really feel as if I saw the greatness that makes memories live. So, welcome Sarah to this very elite short list of wondrous Giselles.
  9. I for one have never thought that Giselle needs to be a totally shy, innocent girl. There are so many moments when she is in fact head strong, opinionated. She teases and flirts with confidence, and certainly makes the bold decision to turn away Hilarion in favor of Albrecht. While she is ultimately betrayed, still in Act II she has the courage and again the confidence to stand up to Myrta in her attempt to save Albrecht. While she shows deference to Myrta, she understands that if ever there was a time to be bold, this would be it. I thought Gillian's portrayal had all of those elements of strength and courage. It's what made it stand out for me. Her layering of the smallest details only added to her character. Not since Ananishivili and Cojocuru have I felt such complete commitment to the role. All three are very different in their portrayals, but that's what makes this role so much fun to watch. And with the strength of Gillian's technique, I never once had to worry "would she make it"? I could simply enjoy an immerse myself in her performance. Bravo to all from last night!
  10. Unity had been paired with Cameron Dieck (her off stage squeeze) in "Symphony in C", but Cameron suffered an injury during the first movement, and while he finished the movement, he was replaced for the Finale. Hope this new injury is both minor and short lived. I love him, both as a partner and when he's just dancing on his own. Such elegance and style! He deserves a promotion.
  11. I would also advise bringing opera glasses, as it can be fun to observe not just the dancing, but any interplay between the dancers and whoever is holding the rehearsal. At times, several coaches can be interacting with various dancers at different places on the stage, and while you probably can't hear what's being said, it can be illuminating to see the dancers react, etc. to their coaches. Enjoy!
  12. No information on Misty's "Don Q". But her performances in the past have always sold very well.
  13. Perhaps you are right. Going a day or so later also means one doesn't have to stand in line. I walked right up and was done in less than ten minutes. I think there may be some "hype" as to tickets selling out, etc. I have never found that to be true. Sometimes it's better to wait because then those tickets that are "exchanged" become available. I'm sure someone was thrilled to get my exchanged ticket for Misty Copeland's "Don Q".
  14. I went on Tuesday to BO for exchange. No problems whatsoever. Even got improved seating from my usual subscription location. AND was also able to buy additional seats. AND the lady at the box office window was extremely nice and helpful What are people talking about.?
  15. I would have thought perhaps Cameron Dieck would have also been put forward. Maybe soon.