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  1. ABT Fan, thanks so much for posting the clip of Sarah and Daniil. I am definitely going to see her debut. She has posted a few other clips online (e.g., studio rehearsal clip of her opening Aurora variation) and it's always such a joy to see such beautiful dancing/acting. We've waited a long time for this Giselle.
  2. mnacenani, if you haven't seen the DVD of Nina Ananiashvili dancing O/O at the age of 29 with the State Ballet of Perm, I highly recommend that you do so because I think you'll find what you're looking for. Her partner, Alexei Fadeyechev, alas, is extremely dull, but Nina is extraordinary. I learned later that she didn't even know they were filming her that night. The DVD is probably available on Amazon and also from that web site that sells many ballet videos, I think it's Kultur.
  3. Osiel Gouneo is the embodiment of every great male dancer I've ever seen, all in one package: Nureyev, Baryshnikov, Hallberg, Stiefel, Corella, Carreno.
  4. At this point, I have a severe case of Hallberg Deprivation, and am so excited that he's coming back. I'd go to see him in almost anything. I hope that ABT gets its spring season casting sorted out soon, because casts have been shuffled around so much I may have to change all six performances of my six-performance subscription!
  5. I think of the role of Purple Rothbart as a stepping stone towards larger roles. I remember when Marcelo Gomes first danced it and then leapt into principal roles the next year. I don't remember the others who were on that trajectory, but I know there were some. Sterling Baca danced the role last season and then became a principal dancer at Corella's Pennsylvania Ballet.
  6. As a fan of Sascha Radetsky, I lasted all of 30 minutes, but I'm bailing now. Thanks again for the link, laurel!
  7. Thanks, Laurel! I am a Sascha Radetsky fan, especially after attending a Spotlight Seminar in which he talked about his career in ballet as well as his writing. And I'm a fan of Stella as well (which has nothing to do with this movie, but still....) This will be great to watch during tomorrow's winter weather advisory. Again, thanks so much!
  8. Thanks, Kaysta. I won't give it another thought. (But if anyone knows....) : )
  9. I don't get the Hallmark channel so couldn't watch this. It was up on YouTube for maybe half a minute before they took it down. There are websites that you can sign up for a month's free trial that claim to show it, but I don't want to sign up for them. Is there any other way to see the movie? I think Sascha is adorable and probably could stomach the cliches just to see his sweet face.
  10. We took our granddaughter to Swan Lake for her fourth birthday--ABT with Michele Wiles and David Hallberg. Not my favorite Odette, but it was a matinee and we were afraid she'd fall asleep in the evening. My granddaughter had already watched it often on DVD (with Nina Ananashvili dancing with the State Ballet of Perm). She was mesmerized throughout, didn't move a muscle. Everyone around us commented on how much she seemed to love it--which she did. She has been taking ballet lessons ever since.
  11. Met Box Office: Are you listening?
  12. Dancerboy90210, I know it may be asking for the moon, but I "second" every one of your wishes for Abrera. I, too, am a huge and longtime Abrera fan, and want to see her in the leading role of every single major ballet in the spring season.
  13. Wasn't it Arnold Haskell who said something to the effect of: There are three kinds of people in this world: Russian ballet dancers; ballet dancers; and very ordinary people. Sigh. He didn't sigh. The sigh is mine.
  14. The performance of Jewels last night was surely one of the ten best performances I've seen in my life, and I've seen a lot of ballet over the decades. I agree with everything vipa and Olga said above. I will add only that I fell in love with Rebecca Krohn, whose pliant use of her upper body in Emeralds was rapturous. In Rubies, Teresa Reichlen brought the house down as she sliced the air with her gorgeous long legs. And Sara Mearns in Diamonds was a study in classical perfection--placement, turnout, technique, musicality--everything came together to make a performance I will never forget. I should add that this was the first time I'd ever seen Mearns in a classical role, and I've been wondering for a long time what all the fuss was about. I'd seen her in a YouTube clip of Swan Lake where she lost the line in between poses, and it's taken me up to now to see her live in a role like this. She won me over totally last night. I adore her. I don't yet know the individual soloist and corps members, but I grew up in the days when it was fashionable for the NYCB corps never to dance together. Last night I thought they were superb--maybe not Mariinsky mirror images or POB mirror images, but dancing in a way that made me feel they were all in it together doing this joyous thing. What a glorious company NYCB is these days!
  15. Moderators, Is there any way we can have a "like" button? I would really like to "like" this post. Or maybe we already have one and I don't know about it.