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  1. I, too. How many New York debuts that day? Sarah, Christine, Gillian, and the return of David to his home company. Is it Simkin's debut too? Please correct/add if I've got this wrong. I'm going by memory. Thank you, David, for working so hard to come back to us. We have missed you greatly.
  2. Thanks, ABT Fan, I hadn't seen either of these before. Stunning!
  3. Thanks, abatt! Somewhere I saw a clip that included this and the two other debutantes, Sarah Lane and Gillian Murphy.
  4. Has anyone heard anything about how well the debuts in Giselle went in Oman?
  5. You can now buy "performance only" tickets to the Gala performance of Whipped Cream on the regular ABT web site. Just as an example, there are Row A Dress Circle tickets available (admittedly not center, but not terrible) for $100. I'm going to the Gala performance, but If I were free for the Tuesday Cornejo Whipped Cream, I would also go to that.
  6. I suspect that today the site was sluggish because this was the first day that single tickets were made available to the general public, so that traffic to the site was especially heavy. It's good that you did it today, especially if seats are going quickly.
  7. I do think the hunt is quite a procession. But you got me on R&J!
  8. And of course Act 1 of Giselle with its procession of royalty, including two borzois, who every once and awhile don't obey their handlers' commands, which makes for an amusing moment. I imagine the dog gets fired after such a performance. And Romeo and Juliet (Act II?)
  9. I'm a member (at the Patron level) and bought tickets by phone today, including performance-only tickets for the Gala. I was allowed to pick my seats and the representative was both knowledgeable and helpful.
  10. I'm a fan of Sarah Lane also, and would love to see her promoted to Principal.
  11. Vipa, I totally agree. I never buy tickets for any of her performances. And it would be a tribute to the reigning Swan Queen if Veronika could get two performances of SL in a season before it's too late.
  12. That's a great image, dirac, and probably exactly right!
  13. Having just seen the performance of Walpurgisnacht (on a recording I made of the PBS airing) I'm a newly converted fan of Sara Mearns. I saw her live last week in Thou Swell, and I must say that when performing alongside Rebecca Krohn and Teresa Reichlin, Mearns looked, to my eyes, very wide. The sash around her waist in the blue costume only emphasized that. However, in Walpurgisnacht I thought she was sensational in every way and I'm so glad to have this on DVD so that I can watch it many times. I think Macaulay's comments were well deserved.
  14. So glad I could help this forum in some small way, since I derive such pleasure from reading it, as well as some great tips--got a front row seat in the second ring at NYCB because a member (can't remember who) was kind enough to post when casting went up. And that is just one example.
  15. And I just realized, Helene, that I could have searched my Trash folder for Ballet Alert and deleted the ABT posts and sent the NYCB ones all at once, instead of a gazillion separate emails. Well, hopefully there will not be a next time, but if there is, that's what I'll do. In the meantime thanks for this great forum. Also, you may have noticed that sometimes two and three posts are in a single email, if they were together in my Trash folder.