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  1. I concur with everything laurel said above. I thought Sarah Lane had a triumphant debut as Giselle! I like Gillian very very much but I think Sarah was more poetic, more vulnerable, the picture of romanticism. She did seem like a different dancer today. This performance was fully formed; where did it come from? I don't recall if she's danced it elsewhere while waiting for her shot in her own company. Bravo to her! Please pay attention, Mr McKenzie.
  2. I keep re-watching this beauty! You'd think they'd danced this together forever, perfectly in sync arms.
  3. I also enjoyed Lauren Lovette's piece very much! I too am a fan of beautiful melodic music. More from Ms. Lovette, please!
  4. Congratulations to Damien!
  5. The transformation of the lounge is beautiful but I have to wonder how long the white couches will stay clean!
  6. I've watched it, pherank! I think it's charm wears a little thin after the first season but hey, how many tv shows are based in the world of classical music? I'll be watching as long as they keep making them.
  7. I wonder if this opens the door for Lauren Fadely to become principal. She moved to MCB from her principal position at PA Ballet and has quickly moved from soloist to principal soloist.
  8. Happy to report that I was pleased with my interaction at the box office yesterday. I made my exchanges and purchased additional tickets. The agent did mention that she wasn't really supposed to reprint the tickets I didn't receive because it looked as if they'd just been printed and would probably be in my mailbox very soon. They're being mailed when we're halfway through exchange week? I didn't say that since she did go ahead and reprint all tickets not received and I'm happy with the seats I was able to pick. But this year does seem to be very haphazard. In any case, I'm excited about the season and hope to see many of you there to chat!
  9. Oh brother! I'm going in to exchange/purchase today and hope I don't run into difficulties. This year they really screwed me up - for the last 2 years I've asked them to mail my tickets to my daughter in the city as it's easier for her to go to the box office to exchange. This year they sent some to me, some to her, and some I've never received! I was told by an agent that tickets that did not come in the mail can be reprinted at the box office. I hope so. She read off to me which tickets I should have received and in one case the quantities were wrong. We'll see when I get there but I'm anticipating trouble. I did join as a basic donor this year (after being badgered with phone calls) so maybe this will help. On a more positive note, when I phoned a few weeks ago to order an additional ticket the agent mused aloud about why I'd been given such bad seats for my subscription when there were plenty of seats left in Dress Circle row b center. She made a note and a subscription employee phoned me back, asked me to mail back my subscription tickets and they would re-issue them. The seat I got on the second round isn't exactly center but better than before. I might ask why the poor seat was assigned in the first place. I'll report my experience tomorrow. PS - I don't think I ever got a mailing about their Trios subscription as in years past. This has been my preferred way to purchase for the last few years. Was this done away with? I only purchased a full subscription this year because there was only one performance I didn't care to see out of the 6. (bless NYCB ticketing!)
  10. Must disagree about Dakota Johnson, I thought it didn't work at all for a young woman. All the others you posted were beautiful but I have to admit, I don't know who some of these actresses are!
  11. Lucky Floridians! Not just for Marcelo but for this Ashton gem. Sigh.
  12. Couldn't agree more, vegansmom. I found myself drifting off too. IMO, the first half hour or so could have been cut. I felt as if they were trying too hard to be charming and for me it fell flat. It did come alive each time Gosling was on screen. He has charisma to spare!
  13. This makes me so happy! Now just to find out his roles and I'm there! He's going to get a loud ovation when he steps on the Met stage!
  14. Thank you all so much for your excellent input! I've passed all the suggestions along - you've given her quite a lot to think about. I'll report back next spring about her adventure! (I'm tempted to be her stow-away)