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  1. I was there too. A very full and interesting mixed bill. I would have loved to have seen Cornejo's Apollo but Robbie Fairchild did not disappoint. And how versatile he is--he was a respectable tapper next to Michele Dorrance in addition to his beautiful form in Divertimento Brilliante. Tiler Peck's skill and musicality are lovely to witness. It was a treat to see Carla Korbes as well. I wish NYCB would at least occasionally perform the full Apollo, with birth and death restored. It was great to see it.
  2. At the matinee she was replaced by Reichlen who did double duty (after Serenade). If she was tired, there was no sign of it!
  3. James Timm was immediately responsive to my email. I complained about phone/internet fees for subscribers and my experience at the box office this week where I was told that I could not yet purchase additional single tickets. He apologized, said I had been given wrong information, and processed my order for me with no fees attached. This is from his initial response: "2016 ABT subscribers may order additional single tickets at the time of subscribing. I am very sorry if you heard otherwise. There are also no additional fees for single tickets if ordered at the time of subscription. ABT also does not charge a facility fee, unlike many of our competitors, which benefits our customers. I hope this information may prove helpful."
  4. This is mainly a subscription audience and the theater is very small, so discount tickets will be limited I would think. Opening is set for May 5 I believe.
  5. I found the play fascinating. Michael Cerveris seems physically transformed and does an incredible job of evoking Balanchine without simply mimicking. It will be interesting to see what the critics say (it opens officially in early May) and whether this will resonate with audiences.
  6. And his longtime partner, Cris Alexander, died just two weeks later:
  7. I was at today's matinee and Diamonds with Kowrowski and Askegard is posted as first in tomorrow's program.