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  1. I just hope she doesn't drag little sister Jeannette with her and out of here...😞
  2. She would be PERFECT for ABT...
  3. She will be certainly missed, but yes...go to the city, girl.
  4. B's Nut's Snow and Flowers are enough to "convert" to Balletomanne domains l.
  5. I have been seeing the checkpoints at the Arsht Center for a while...and although it doesn't look too glamorous I am VERY happy that patrons' safety is being prioritized. Two thumbs up.πŸ‘πŸ‘
  6. A little OT but..I also saw D'Amboise a few years ago and also after reading his book. A true gentleman...very humble and approachable. In that ocassion I asked him about "Apollo", and he told me that he much preferred the longer version-(birth and Parnassus). He also said that it had been very hard for him to dance the ballet in the televised version in such small studio. He laughed all the way during my mini-interview.πŸ˜€
  7. BEST DRESSES. Winner Viola Davis in Armani. Taraji P. Henson in Alberta Ferreti Karlie Kloss in Stella McCartney. Jessica Biel in Kaufman Franco Brie Larson WORST DRESSED. Octavia Spencer-(again...)-in Marchesa. Dakota Johnson in Gucci. Naomie Harris Blanca Blanco Sofia Boutella
  8. Are we watching...? i dn't care for the ceremony...but watching the dresses in between push up sessions. Will report back. Just one name: JANELLE MONAE!! WHAAAAAT?!?!?!
  9. πŸ‘
  10. I really can't remember where did I get this quote from Balanchine-(and it was fairly recent that I read someone's memoir...maybe D'Amboise's?), but there is a moment when someone asks Balanchine that if he had to name ONE single name from the myriad of ballerinas who inspired him in his long choreographic life, which would his favorite and he, without hesitation, rapidly answered "Allegra". And something along the lines that he still knew that he couldn't get all he wanted from her, but it was her "The One".
  11. Edited: I posted a message meant to go on Wassup!! 😢😢😢
  12. I loved Homan's book..although her grim epilogue spoiled the whole thing.😑😑😑
  13. Oooh...thanks for the notes, RG. I have never heard that name-(Albisson). I thought Toumanova was the lead in Les Rubis. was fun "visualizing" Albisson as Toumanova in the original color scheme of the ballet.
  14. I have seen Symphony in C-(not too often)-and mainly in NY, a couple of runs in Miami and several online videos. Still...every time I watch the John Clifford 1973 video-(on my smart TV)-I get glued to the screen whenever the second movements comes along. What is with Allegra Kent that makes this section...almost surreal..???. There is something on her which I can't quite describe...that comes from within and out. She dances this all the way from her face to her fingers. There is as if she truly inhabits the if she BECOMES the music itself. Very rarely I have seen a ballerina that is able to transmit almost a hypnotic quality to the choreography. What was that?! I can't describe it as aloofness...or sadness-(could it be maybe..??), but it is certainly something she has...probably a natural quality of hers. It is very strange, but that particular movement WITH HER, doesn't fail to move me to tears. Can someone shred some light on the subject...? What is this strange feeling of Kent that she radiates...? Who IS Allegra Kent..? What was going on with her as a ballerina-(or maybe as a person)- while in NYCB....? is very peculiar what she gives...what she does....but definitely beautiful and certainly-(and strangely)- unique.
  15. So...only one cast for the three nights...?