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  1. I just happen to believe in that dancing is tightly intertwined with rhythm, and all this ballets usually employ typical arrythmic scores that usually make for long and lethargic performances.
  2. And I think Petipa and Blanchine both agreed too. They were very particular about their "music dansante".
  3. I have never been a fan of all this complex period pieces from literature being translated into dancing form. It looks to me that Oneguin, just as Anna Karenina or Manon, they all tend to be a long series of sequences focused on the ballerina running around dramatically in floating dark dresses and endless adagio pdd's. I even dislike R&J. I find them very boring.
  4. Who's the blond handsome guy who danced in the Medora pas..??? He was WONDERFUL!!
  5. I think your numbers are lower, at least per performances-(I don't visualize any different situation for.Copeland or Seo on their second takes). The meter should had started running from DQ on.😆
  6. Any word on Copeland's tonight ..?
  7. Any report on Seo's tonight..?
  8. Is anybody going to Seo's tonight....?
  9. Well, no. I said it because I suddenly realized that I had gone three nights in a row to the MET and no fouettes were produced. And then there was Lane on the fourth. So I was thinking more of four consecutive evenings.
  10. Wow...she is persistent. Still in Russia. Kuddos to her for her perseverance.
  11. Well...certainly not "four performances in a row", although indeed "four days in a row".😛
  12. So let's be even more detailed. "Four Principal ballerinas failing to do fouettes in four consecutive days". (Notice I don't say "four consecutive peeformances") Better....?
  13. Nanushka...I never said five in a row. In my original post I stated "four in a row". Don't know where the idea of 5 came from...😋
  14. Edited: double post.
  15. Out of curiosity. Do any of you remembers a situation like this of having so many ballerinas failed to perform fouettes in a single season, as this one, with four in a row...? Is there a precedent to this that you remember having happened at the MET ..? (or anyone else...for others than NY'rs..)