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  1. The companies "will collaborate on a unique immersive performance" of Robert Binet's The Dreamers Ever Leave You at a venue in London this October.
  2. Some tickets (not many) are made available each Friday for the following week But I would just keep scanning the site, as sometimes odd seats get returned and pop up.
  3. Birmingham Royal Ballet are putting on further performances of The Moor's Pavane - details here
  4. The BBC screened a documentary "Giselle: Belle of the Ballet" recently, presented by Tamara Rojo, and featuring extracts from English National Ballet's two versions of the work, by Skeaping and Akram Khan. There's quite a bit of footage of Cojocaru in this. Details are here It's still available on iPlayer, if you have a UK TV license. If it turns up on one of your TV stations sometimes, it's very much worth a look. There's a lot packed into an hour.
  5. I rather liked that version too. I thought the final detail (Romeo realises after he has drunk the poison that Juliet is stirring after all) was very touching. A few more for the list, seen here in London Mark Morris for his own company (a female Mercutio, I think) Ratmansksy for National Ballet of Canada Mats Ek for Swedish National Ballet (decidedly odd. Best thing in it was Ana Laguna as the Nurse). There was a production which was allegedly of the Ashton version at the Coilseum produced by Schaufuss with Osipova and Vasiliev a couple of years ago, with just a handful of dancers. I didn't get to see Cathy Marston's Juliet and Romeo for Bern Ballet when it came here but there's a clue in the title that it wasn't a conventional approach.
  6. Dawson must be a busy man right now. The Royal are reviving his recent The Human Seasons which is part of the triple bill opening on 16th March. I wonder how he manages to keep an eye on both PNB and the RB ?
  7. I'm a little surprised that this is described as Corrales's "Professional debut". He joined English National Ballet in 2014 and is now a first soloist there. Earlier this month he was the Outstanding Male performance (classical) at the National Dance Awards here in the UK. Perhaps it is intended to indicate that it his first professional appearance in the US ?
  8. Interesting to hear that. She's bringing her company to Sadler's Wells next July.
  9. I hope you get the chance to see it live sometime. Really fine performances from the kathak dancer Vidya Patel and a very courtly Liam Riddick.
  10. Birmingham Royal Ballet are performing The Moor's Pavane this summer in Birmingham as part of a Shakespeare themed bill. It also tours the UK in May (mid scale tour) as part of another programme
  11. Arthur Miller's works have always been very popular and frequently produced in the UK. His centenary was celebrated recently by the BBC . There's a piece from various actors and directors analysing why here There was a collection of programmes on BBC Radio 3 and 4 to commemorate the centenary. Details are here 12 programmes in all including new productions of two plays and some short stories. All still available I think via the BBC web site (if you can access these - if not geo-blocked)
  12. Scottish Ballet has put up its pre recorded session of David Dawson rehearsing principal dancers in his new version of Swan Lake for the company. It premieres next year. Link here I recall that there are some of you out there with an interest in Dawson. It was quite an intense few minutes, he works the dancers quite hard.
  13. There is a very readable biography of Joseph Grimaldi by Andrew McConnell Scott. Highly recommended, very vivid. I think it has quite a detailed bibliography of sources too (can't lay hands on my copy at the moment).
  14. Wasn't Kevin O'Hare still dancing with Birmingham Royal Ballet in 2000 ? In spring and autumn that year BRB put on a couple of Ashton programmes which included Two Pigeons, Voices of Spring pdd, Walk to the Paradise Garden, Five Brahms Waltzes in the manner of Isadora Duncan and Tweedledum and Tweedledee. I remember going up to Birmingham to see it this though I can't recall many details of the casting right now without digging deep into my programme archive. (I think Bintley himself may have been in Tweedledum and Tweedledee.) But I would think it's quite unlikely that given that this was O'Hare's company around that time (where his brother is still performing) that he would be entirely unaware of their existence, even if he wasn't in the cast. Didn't Walk to the Paradise Garden also feature in the Gable memorial gala or am I misremembering ?
  15. If it affects your decision, the casting for the RB Nutcracker is already published on the ROH web site. The casting for the ENB version is not available yet. I suspect it might not be available for another few weeks at least. Both productions are open for booking now. The RB Nutcracker always sells very well. It's usually sold out before it opens, so if you opt for this then I wouldn't leave it too late to book. The Coliseum is bigger and doesn't sell out quite so quickly. You won't find panto on at central London theatres. It tends to be on the outskirts. The Hackney Empire productions are supposed to be very lively. The blurb for this years production promises "outlandish costumes, bonkers baddies, glittering goodies and full-on dance routines. Join us for loads of silliness, irresistible live music, eye-wateringly funny gags, and stacks of chances to boo, hiss and cheer." You could also look at what's on in Richmond or Wimbledon. Timings for panto tend to be early afternoon or early evening (often two shows a day). It would certainly be a very British experience.