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  1. I believe the Tudor R&J is a one act ballet and would be on a mixed bill program
  2. See what you mean Jayne. Womack being so openly critical about people and companies would be a red flag. There are a lot of talented dancers out there to hire. Also her limited experience as you described (and I agree with) make her seem a dancer left behind.
  3. I see your point abatt and agree. On the other hand, it could be that if ABT dispensed with that kind of rep there would be more opportunities for younger dancers. You'd get more soloists in principal roles and more corp members in soloist roles. It could be great for dancer development. Of course the AD has to consider what the ABT audience wants and/or is used to.
  4. I feel the same why. That's why every year when ABT is at the Met I totally avoid certain weeks regardless of who is dancing.
  5. It was a few months ago that Megan Fairchild, on instagram, confirmed that she was no longer married to Veyette and wrote the following: "Tonight I did something I truly never thought I would be able to do. I performed in front of 2600 people, with a person who I share a lot of painful memories. I feel like I climbed a mountain in the last two days, and it ironically only felt like a small hill. You never know where life will take you, but I know now that I can survive whatever comes my way." That was after performing Allegro Brilliant with Veyette. I don't know if the company intentionally let some time pass after their divorce before pairing them, but they ended up being paired none-the-less. I expect the same will be true of T. Peck & R. Fairchild. If he remains with the company.
  6. I am weighing in as a person who never liked the ballet. It could be, nanushka, that it's just not your thing. I am not much of a full length story ballet fan unless there is a lot of dancing. This ballet has a lot of drama but as CTballetfan wrote, not a lot of memorable dancing. If dancing is what you are looking for skip it. If you are looking for drama and intensity, expressed with partnering and acting go for it. I'm sure Abrera and Sterns will do a good job.
  7. I am always confused about competitions and what is to be gained and lost by a dancer. Joy W. has been a professional for a while now what do these competitions offer her? I honestly don't know.
  8. One more thing about the fouettes - it isn't really 32. I never feel a need to count because it's really an amount of music. If you start with a double pirouette and do 29 or 30 singles (depending how you started with the music) - then pull in for a double - finish - you're good. If you delay the start a hair and finish with a releve in fifth we're talking 29 actual single fouettes, but looking OK. It's not the number that matters (IMO) it's finishing out the fouette music looking like you're in control.
  9. The article actually gave her height and weight! I don't believe that would happen today.
  10. Last thought about Sarah Lane now that I've read other comments and had a day to think about the performance. For all the ups and downs, all the elements are there, and this season she has proven herself IMO to be a real artist. I sincerely hope that last night will not be her last SL with ABT. I would love to see her again when she's had some real preparation and rehearsal time. I hope Kevin McKenzie sees it that way too - promotes her and gives her Swan Lake opportunities before next year's Met season. I also wonder what will happen with Kochetkova and ABT now that she's missed the entire Met season.
  11. I wasn't concerned when Lane started because of her style of turning. Some people are "spinners," these dancers rely on velocity. Other people are what I would describe as "balancers." There is more rotating that spinning. I don't know if that make sense to anyone in the way I'm describing it so I'll give one example. Cynthia Gregory was a "balancer." She did multiple turns because she could stay on her leg for a long time. She didn't take a lot of force and spin. Lane tends to be the balancer kind of turner. Some people combine both attributes. All that said, if tonight Lane had just pumped out maybe 3 more and pulled in for a finish she would have been fine. I think she lacked confidence in it. Also, I think she was tiring at that point, probably from lack of experience in doing that role.
  12. I agree that she got close to finishing 32 counts. It actually is never 32 fouettes. If you do all singles it's about 30 and pull in for a double. If you do doubles in there it's fewer. The thing is that Sarah got close to the finish line and then came off pointe. I'm sure that if she had been able to pump out maybe 3 more and pull in for a double it would have been fine.
  13. I too was at tonight's performance. I thought it was an uneven but in some ways an amazing performance from Lane. First off I didn't expect her characterizations to be so remarkable. White swan vulnerable and pure - Black swan gleeful, glamorous evil. Technically, as Odette ,she showed indescribably gorgeous port de bras and musicality. There were a couple of small bobbles in the variation but nothing major. On the other hand she did a balance that was astounding. Technically Odile was more uneven. The pas went very well with one partnering mishap on Simkin's part. The variation had ups and downs. (personally I dislike that variation. It doesn't look great on anyone.) The fouettes weren't finished. They started out with beautiful looking single, single double that barely moved, and went to nice singles that barely moved but she came off pointe before the finish and that was that. As an aside I wish every dancer didn't think she had to do doubles. Just pump out your 30 or so singles, pull in for a double and your done. I think dancers are going for too much in this respect. In any event it seemed to me that Lane was tiring as the ballet went on. My take away is that Lane has the potential to be a great O/O. The characterizations and artistry are there. Most of the technique is solid. She has to iron out a few problems.This was a last minute replacement in a role she's never done before for ABT. Rehearsal time had to be limited and as a soloist she was doing things like the pas de trois while preparing. That's one difficulty in being a soloist doing principal roles. The other dancers doing O/O didn't perform in any other Swan Lakes. Now - the rest of the show. I thought Lendorf as the purple Rothbart was great - charismatic and great dancing. I loved Brandt in the pas de trois with her joyful presentation, and great beats & jumps. Joseph Gorak is a fine dancer but has an odd way of partnering turns that disrupt the flow. 4 Little Swans had a crowding issue that make one of the be pushed out of line! I am curious to read other takes on the Lane performance. I truly hope she is promoted now and that she has more Swan Lake opportunities.
  14. Just got my ticket for tonight's SL. It seems almost sold out.
  15. Interesting review that IMO described the flaws in the production well, and gave the reader an idea of the qualities of the performers. I found it a bit odd though, that he chose to review Swan Lake after seeing just 1 performance, so he couldn't comment on other interpretations. Also, unless I somehow missed it, he didn't review Giselle at all even though there were 3 debuts in the title role.