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  1. I'm glad she's given a time estimate and an indication of her injury. We often don't know, which I understand but it causes rumors to swirl and concern to grow! Good that this sounds not terribly serious or long term! I wish her a rapid recovery and look forward to hearing reports from those of you going to the DC run!
  2. I agree, at least it can and has been used that way on more than one occasion. I can't remember for sure--Maybe Cory? Whiteside is one of the principals who does both and may have picked it up before Siegfried. David may have even done it before Siegfried (though I really hated him as purple Rothbart!)
  3. Hear hear! I watched it rather a few times after the election ended as well
  4. I agree Siegfried would (will? fingers crossed!) be a more natural fit, but on the bright side it is a good role, both in terms of learning to develop a charismatic character (a lot of his featured roles thus far have been pure dance) and in terms of some nice dancing, and he seems very excited about it! Besides stretching oneself is good for a dancer (no cheesy pun intended--I can't think how else to put it!) Kudos to him! I look forward to seeing him in it. We could use some more dancers who can really sell purple Rothbart! I wish him the best of luck!
  5. I love Leslie Caron especially (Gigi!!) Apparently Patricia Morrison is also still alive--101! This branches out from your original parameters a bit but also alive (yay!): Janis Paige (from Silk Stockings) Glynis Johns Doris Day Angela Lansbury Jane Powell Mitzi Gaynor Rita Moreno And of course not in musicals but there is Olivia de Havilland (100!) Great site:
  6. Oh I'm not joking about it either. I pretty much agree with everything you have said, and I have no problem with educational programs directed at dancers and their health. I just don't think requiring drug testing is an appropriate response. Except where drug use could impact safety (train drivers, pilots, etc.) I don't see why it is anyone's business. I think its intrusive and would create a situation where dancers are treated like children even more than is currently the case (big brother is watching!) We know what is best for you!
  7. Sounds like most of you want a police state. I think you are going to get one soon, enjoy it. Dancers are private individuals, making not very good money. It's ridiculous and fascistic to force them to submit to drug tests.
  8. He was made a soloist only a year (and a few months) ago. He doesn't particularly seem to have stalled to me. He hasn't yet taken on many principal roles, but his rep does include parts often danced by principals (the ballroom von rothbart for ex.) I'd like to see more of him but I'm not despairing yet!
  9. So I finally saw this last night, and I agree with pretty much everything (except about the costumes, which I didn't mind, but agree the bright ones at the end were a "I've run out of ideas! I need a finale" move). I'm also not sure I could call the dancing pleasant past a certain point (due to the extreme repetitiveness you noted) I didn't think Arron Scott was poor (as did someone else--Abatt I think?). But his dancing was one of the small bits of enjoyment I found in this (though the whole pirate section was derivative of Corsaire and Birbanto's choreography). Alistair McCauley is always going on about how choreography should show the music in a new way... By those standards it was "effective" because I'd never felt how schlocky some of that score is, or can be at least. The entire thing felt like an overlong dream ballet in a musical (think Oklahoma). It had cheesy music, schematic story telling, silly plot twists and exaggerated happiness and sadness. Except that Agnes deMille was a good choreographer. And if I'm going to see a temptress in that sort of thing, I'd much rather see Cyd Charisse. It was also MUCH too long. The person next to me walked out, as did the person in front of me. At that point (about halfway through) I thought, "well it isn't good but it isn't bad enough to walk out on." A bit later, I really wished I had joined them.
  10. In addition to the good information already provided by volcanohunter let me add that while it is a bit nerve-wracking that they insist on mailing you the tickets (pick up was only an option if it was quite close to the date), they came quickly. Almost shockingly so, considering the Italian postal system is not known for reliability or efficiency. I received mine within a week! The boxes on the side (unlike say side boxes at the Met) are totally obstructed view with some seats facing away from the stage. In the boxes facing the stage (what I did) there are 3 rows of 2 seats. The back ones might be a bit undesirable but the first 2 rows are fine. The seats are of varying height so you will be higher than the people in front of you.
  11. I don't know if there is any friends program, but I bought the day they went on sale and while there weren't a ton of seats, there were enough to choose from and I was quite pleased with what I got!
  12. I did see it (in Milan) and I would highly recommend it. I would also argue (apologies Volcanohunter) that Milan is not boring. The Brera is one of the great art museums of the world, and there are many other excellent smaller museums as well (the Poldi Pezzoli is a favorite of mine). There are also many wonderful churches, including ones designed by Bramante and more early christian structures than generally survive in Italy. Milan also has the only decent metro system in Italy (not a lot of competition there--those of Naples and Rome are atrocious although I love both cities), excellent food and is generally the least expensive place to fly to in Italy from the US thanks to a plethora of direct flights from NYC (Both Delta and Emirates).
  13. Thanks! I can't wait to see it tomorrow!!! This was a great primer!!
  14. Agreed. I think they need to make a concerted effort, if they schedule Ashton again soon (and I hope they do, I don't want another what--12 year ?--hiatus for Fille) to advertise it better. Really promote Fille especially as a family friendly event, which it most certainly is. Sylvia had issues this year--first ballet so they were a bit rough around the edges, hit by an injury to the ballerina who excels most in the role in her first performance, which by all accounts was therefore somewhat compromised (Murphy). I think that she really is the only natural Sylvia they currently have (maybe Polina? who pulled out pre-season!). It is a great part but not, without some more coaching, a great fit on anyone else in the company at this moment. It has also been done with some frequency lately. Perhaps scheduling it and Fille was too much Ashton for an unfamiliar audience.
  15. well, I'm glad you aren't in charge. I think Ratmansky is brilliant. But opinions are well, you know.