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  1. If that was the case, it isn't now...
  2. I agree on everything! I'd just like to add that Rachel Richardson's shoes were ASTONISHINGLY quiet, which at the met opera house is no mean feat. and that the fan drop preceded a totally fantastically danced solo--it was like "take that fan!" followed by a coda with doubles with fan above head... Also, please get rid of the hair metal gypsy costumes ABT--I'm too busy laughing to watch!
  3. See, I don't find the (ugh) "boob jiggling" obscene because if I recall correctly, the woman wasn't bothered by it. This can be problematic in itself, but the female dancers were not treating this as a moment of offensive groping (so far as I remember it, I saw it once and thought it totally unmemorable as a piece). So while you might find it obscene to see boobs grabbed on stage, I personally would find it less offensive than the repeated trope of a woman being physically abused/manhandled by a group of men against her will (which it sounds like this was since she apparently slapped one at the end?) I'm not for censorship either but I have to say I also find I'm rather over rape/abuse of women as a plot device in new ballets. (And I adore Ratmansky).
  4. If you didn't move from the times article to the instagram post and the ongoing--well I'm not sure what to call it--with Macaulay, it is probably worth reading
  5. And of course the Millepied 3 Movements is even more conventional, in that it was him having his live-in gf at that time do the costumes.
  6. Gemma Bond (ABT corps) is also a Choreographer. She has not however seemingly received the commissions of some of her male peers thus far. She is putting on 2 performances at the Joyce in July, which might be of interest to those following this topic. Last night she took part in a show at the 92 street Y which I didn't know about unfortunately until after the fact, focusing (appropriately enough for this topic!) on female choreographers:
  7. Ashley Bouder is starting to choreograph and is very invested in promoting female choreographers. It is an issue that she has been speaking about a lot lately, and the Ashley Bouder project recently did a triple bill titled “At This Dance, Women Take the Lead.” (which Macauley rather panned in terms of the choreography which he found trite):
  8. me too! I can't wait!!
  9. I'm actually surprised Ashley Bouder hasn't made it into this thread before now, so as a tonic to the above I give you this:
  10. I have to say I found Ratmansky's response the worst, but he was also the only one who thought to even mention any female choreographers and give them any press. Is it tokenism? Probably. I'm hoping at least a bit of the callousness of the phrasing "I don't see it as a problem" has to do with speaking English as a second language, no matter how fluently. I'm interested to see how (if?) Bouder responds. I imagine she won't be thrilled with any of these responses.
  11. I'm glad she's given a time estimate and an indication of her injury. We often don't know, which I understand but it causes rumors to swirl and concern to grow! Good that this sounds not terribly serious or long term! I wish her a rapid recovery and look forward to hearing reports from those of you going to the DC run!
  12. I agree, at least it can and has been used that way on more than one occasion. I can't remember for sure--Maybe Cory? Whiteside is one of the principals who does both and may have picked it up before Siegfried. David may have even done it before Siegfried (though I really hated him as purple Rothbart!)
  13. Hear hear! I watched it rather a few times after the election ended as well
  14. I agree Siegfried would (will? fingers crossed!) be a more natural fit, but on the bright side it is a good role, both in terms of learning to develop a charismatic character (a lot of his featured roles thus far have been pure dance) and in terms of some nice dancing, and he seems very excited about it! Besides stretching oneself is good for a dancer (no cheesy pun intended--I can't think how else to put it!) Kudos to him! I look forward to seeing him in it. We could use some more dancers who can really sell purple Rothbart! I wish him the best of luck!
  15. I love Leslie Caron especially (Gigi!!) Apparently Patricia Morrison is also still alive--101! This branches out from your original parameters a bit but also alive (yay!): Janis Paige (from Silk Stockings) Glynis Johns Doris Day Angela Lansbury Jane Powell Mitzi Gaynor Rita Moreno And of course not in musicals but there is Olivia de Havilland (100!) Great site: