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  1. My brother, who has season tickets to SFB, just sent me a graphic of the April and May 2018 calendar that shows specifically how the 12 New Works programs are distributed across the performance dates at the end of April and the beginning of May 2018. (They label the 4 performances of 3 ballets each as: A, B, C, D.) As it turns out, SFB is packing performances into nearly every available date. Looking at this chart of dates, I can see several ways to see all 12 works in 4 consecutive days........indeed, there is even a way to see all 12 works in 3 days (4/27, 4/28, 4/29). So the rumor I heard at PNB is true after can see all 12 works in a long weekend!
  2. Looking at the actual schedule it seems I can see all 12 new works if I stay in the SF area for a week (4/20 thru 4/26 inclusive). Not quite a long weekend, but close enough for me to make it happen. I've informed my brother in San Anselmo to expect my wife and I as guests for that week . It will be real fun for me to go to SF's Civic Center and enter the War Memorial Opera House once again. I grew up in Marin and started my 50+ year love affair as a ballet spectator in 1964 while attending UC Berkeley. As it happened, I latched onto what was called in those days an "usher ticket" from the student center. This ticket allowed a student to see a performance at the opera house for free if they came early to usher. I thought I was going to hear a symphony. I didn't even know it was going to be first ever! Well, thanks to my lucky stars, the 1st piece was Balanchine's Serenade. When the curtain opened to that iconic tableau of 17 women basking in the moonlight I was stunned by the beauty. By the time the music and all those feet hit first position, I was in love.......a love that has never diminished in all this time. What a treat to go back to where it all started for me!!
  3. Sara Orza Elizabeth Murphy Leah Merchant Cecilia Iliesiu
  4. For those in Seattle, USA or Vancouver, Canada (and environs), the Pickford Film Center in Bellingham, WA is showing this b'cast during the 3rd week of May (a Sunday and a Wednesday). So for those willing to drive, it is an option. P.S. I go to this theater all the time for is a nice "artsy" complex that does a fine job. Screens are a bit small, but more than adequate. Sound system is fine too.
  5. You're right, and I was wrong. I just looked at my old programs. In the 4 times I saw Vertiginous, Lindsi was not in the cast.
  6. pherank, For reasons I don't fully understand myself, I seem to have an inexhaustible appetite for seeing ballet for hours on end. Since I moved 2 hours north of Seattle, I now confine myself to PNB's 1st weekend (since I must stay at friends etc in Seattle). So to see multiple casts, I simply go to all 3 shows that weekend. This means I sit there for 3 shows in a little over 24 hours. On that Saturday, I am in McCaw Hall from about 11:30am to nearly midnight (with sojourns for food etc). A couple of years ago, on a lark, I even went both weekends and saw all 7 shows in a row. Believe me (as our faux-Pres often says), I can take it . I also have a brother in Marin I will visit while there. From what I can gather, SFB is planning 4 shows of 3 ballets each. Sounds like I will either have to miss a few, or contrary to the comment I heard at the Q&A, one will have to be there quite a few days to catch all 12 ballets.
  7. This Festival was mentioned at a Q&A session after a PNB performance this week (Dawson, Lang, Forsythe). A comment was made that SFB was attempting to schedule these 12 works in such a way that an out-of-towner, like me, could travel to SF and pack all 12 ballets into several days (less than a week I'm hoping). I know SFB is used to mounting more than one ballet program in a week, so they are capable of at least that. Does anyone know if it's going to be possible to see all 12 ballets without having to be in SF for the entire period (or nearly the entire period) from 4/20 thru 5/6/18??
  8. I wrote that 3 or 4 weeks ago. As it turns out, the Pickford in Bellingham is showing the ROH presentations. The wrinkle is that the presentations are not on the official ROH dates, but rather somewhat later, always on a Sunday, and always at 11:00am. This is music to my ears (pun intended) since I need to take a ferry to get home, and the official screenings at 6:00pm go too late for me to attend. Here is the Pickford schedule: MacMillan's Anastasia – at Pickford 1/8/17 @ 11:00am The Nutcracker.....Pickford is not doing it (doing Bolshoi Nut instead) Wayne McGregor's Woolf Works – at Pickford 3/26/17 @ 11:00am The Sleeping Beauty (after Petipa) – at Pickford 4/9/17 @ 11:00am Mr B's Jewels – at Pickford 5/21/17 @ 11:00am Frederick Ashton's The Dream / Symphonic Variations / Marguerite and Armand – at Pickford 7/9/17 @ 11:00am Incidentally, here are the ROH operas being shown at the Pickford: Offenbach's Les Contes d’Hoffmann – at Pickford 1/22/17 @ 11:00am Verdi's Il Trovatore – at Pickford 3/5/17 @ 11:00am Madama Butterfly – at Pickford 5/7/17 @ 11:00am Verdi's Otello (staring Jonas Kaufmann) – at Pickford 7/30/17 @ 11:00am
  9. Helene, your brain must operate at 10 times the speed of mine. I am continually amazed at how much you see, the scope of your reactions, your ability to remember and articulate, in a single ballet performance. I see a lot, but you are astounding!
  10. That's near where I live and I have been searching a ton of websites to check this out over the last couple of weeks. The ROH seems to think that their b'casts are shown at the Pickford Film Center in Bellingham, Wa. but nothing is scheduled at the actual theater. The Pickford does have a posting about the ROH, but there is no list of titles or dates/times. The calendar at the Pickford doesn't show any of the ROH showings. The Pickford did the ROH showings last year, but it doesn't look good for this year.
  11. Now that's an interesting observation!
  12. We could be talking apples and oranges, but if we are talking about the same hand gesture, I'm curious what you think of this interpretation. The gesture I am referring to is a hand that "flutters" out of control, with a mind of its own, looking much like a butterfly, which the "owner" (Juliette, Romeo, and I'm not sure anyone else) must "chase" and catch up with. Somewhere along the line in previous seasons it dawned on me that this gesture might symbolize the lover's heart. The owner's heart has taken leave of its senses and flies (flutters) around with uncontrolled passion. Both R&J do it. At the end of the rather long sequence (for a mime gesture), the owner grabs the out-of-control fluttering hand with their other hand and firmly slaps the fluttering hand to their chest -- as if to put the heart back where it belongs and under at least a modicum of control. sandik, what do you think?
  13. Miles Pertl debuted as Friar Laurence on opening night Feb 5; indeed Pertl is playing the Friar in every single performance during this run. BTW, I saw all 3 performances the first weekend. I had hoped to see Karel Cruz as the Friar in one of those three performances, and I was a bit disappointed when I realized that I would only see Pertl. However, did that feeling ever disappear quickly! IMO, Miles is spectacular in the role. For opening night he did a more than adequate job, and could be complimented just at that level; but he did not stop there. He got better and better with each performance.....not just the dancing, but the feeling. The Friar is a deceptively difficult role -- full of subtly and power. Pertl just went deeper and deeper into the role each time he did it. His body type enhances his superb interpretation....he is tall (6' 3") and lean. His grace reminded me of Olivier. I don't know how Boal pulled it off, but I think we all got lucky with this new hire! P.S. At the post performance Q&A, Pertl used the word "honored" time and again to describe his feeling at being given the chance to do this role.
  14. Mercutio was played by Ezra Thomson in the Feb 6 matinee. I fully agree Ezra played it with an animal like intensity (which I very much liked). P.S. Your post mistakenly says "February 11, 2016"....which would be quite a trick if it were true