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  1. 2 of my daughters took class with her in NY years ago and she was a lovely person and I enjoyed watching her teach.
  2. He has been there many years.
  3. If I thought she was interested in me, I would have tried more classes but I already had wonderful teachers- Madame Darvash, Nadine Revene, etc.
  4. I took a couple of classes from her in the 70's. There were so many stars in class like Gelsey,that it was hard to not watch them. Maggie paid attention to them and not new ones like me. I never went back.
  5. Haven't seen him dance for years...
  6. He was my student years ago!
  7. The other girl is an apprentice with NYCB and a friend of my daughter's/
  8. Yea! She was always my favorite at NYCB in the 70's!
  9. Hope to meet everyone! Contact me through Ballet talk and I can give you my cell number. I am there every day teaching.
  10. I will be there for the Friday night performance.
  11. First was Rose Adagio- Cojocaru, Kobborg, Kristopher Wojtera- from Louisville Ballet, and 2 Sarasota men. Showed off her balances! Next was Freeflow choreographed by Adam Houghland- Erica De La O and Wojtera- both from Louisville Ballet. Music by Bach- contemporary with bare legs and pointe shoes. Next Le Corsaire pas with Misa Kuranaga- Boston Ballet and Daniil Simkin. Both looked good together and loved her double fouettes! Les Lutins- choreography by Kobborg with Alina, Herman Cornejo, and Simkin. 2 men trying to outdo each other for the lady with live piano and violin- cute. Manon pas- Kobborg and Cojocaru- lovely Coppelia pas- Shelby Elsbree- Boston Ballet- she is from Sarasota, and Daniel Ulbricht Les Bourgeois- Simkin Don Q Divertissements- all of the above except for Wojtera. 5th woman was Kate Kadow from State Street Ballet- also some connection to Florida. Really enjoyed the performance- especially Cojocaru- she is amazing!
  12. I went to the matinee of Sarasota Ballet's last subscription series today- Johan Kobborg, Alina Cojocaru and friends. Also dancing were Daniil Simkin, Herman Cornejo, Daniel Ulbricht, Misa Kuranaga, Shelby Elsbree, and 2 Louisville Ballet dancers. I have never seen such amazing balances as Alina did. 3 performances total.
  13. I went to the matinee today with a different cast. Serenade was one of the best I have seen and Who Cares had some great 2nd cast solos! Not sure I liked Illuminations but it is enjoyable to see all the different Ashton ballets I have never seen before.
  14. The Serenade picture at the top of the SB website is indeed SB.
  15. I am not sure either what ballets they will be performing but I assume they will be the ones they did last season and this season. Natalia, maybe I will meet you. I teach at SB.