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  1. Roger Moore, best known as Agent 007 during the 1970s - mid 1980s has passed away. He was 89. Moore replaced the one film-one time 007, George Lazenby, and was the favorite to replace the original 007, Sean Connery. He didn't make his debut as 007 until 1973 in "Live and Let Die." Before he landed the role of James Bond, he was under contract as the original Simon Templar in the 60s television show, "The Saint." He also starred in "The Persuaders." Moore worked tirelessly as a goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF until his declining health no longer allowed it. His suave demeanor, and the smooth irony by which he delivered some of the most ridiculous lines in the 007 films, will be missed. Sir Roger Moore, RIP.
  2. Maps, I'm ITA with you: Irina was a flawless Aurora and Raymonda.
  3. Congratulations Alexandra!
  4. Here's to a long life well lived: RIP Martha Becket. Here's a link for her memoirs "To Dance On Sands,"
  5. Oscar winning Director, Jonathan Demme has passed away. He was best known for the films "Philadelphia," and the "The Silence of the Lambs." May he rest in peace.
  6. Congratulations to all of the 2017 Benois nominees !
  7. Legendary comedian Don Rickles has passed away. He was 90. RIP Mr. Rickles.
  8. I'm ITA with you. I have never done it but I have heard it on a few occaisions. I too think it's very upsetting to the artist(s). But, the paying audience has the expectation and the right to see a competent and professional performance. If the artist is not ready or able - for whatever reason, (ill etc.) he/she should not be performing. However, casting (and *frequent casting*) is an administrative judgement call. I remember when MacMillan's "Isadora" had its first performances and the one I attended didn't go over very well. As for the Royal Opera, I remember a production of "Les Comtes d'Hoffmann" that evoked much of what you mentioned above in the fantasy sequence, and it was booed. Years ago at the Met, I remember soprano Renata Scotto was boo'd at the curtain call and she gave the audience the "Bronx Cheer" in return and left stage right. At the Mariinsky and the Bolshoi certain factions may whistle, and that goes for the opera and the ballet.
  9. Duato's "R & J" is danced by the Mikhailovsky. I saw it in winter 2012 and it's in two acts. It's essentially modern dance. Juliet and all the ladies are off pointe in slippers. In the bedroom pdd, the lovers are barefoot. As I recall, the lovers' pdds are wrestling matches and they each start in orbit. IMO that's problematic because contrary to the narrative they have nowhere to go. His version depends heavily on group dances, is sparing on character and dramatic development, with reflex, and at times jarring visual illustration of Prokofiev's score. The Mik's audience loves it, as they do his version of "Sleeping Beauty." Consequently it's been retained in the rep since his departure to Berlin.
  10. The productions I've seen IRL are: Lavrovsky, Grigorovich, Duato, MacMillan, Ashton, Cranko, Tomasson and Martins.
  11. Thanks Natalia for your reports !
  12. I know the article didn't state that "... he has cameras in private areas like dressing rooms." I didn't infer that, and neither did the subject or the author of the piece. What Makhar is stating is that his voice can 'boom' in on the intercom. This could be disruptive to artists and coaches. Some people thrive under micromanagers; others don't.
  13. What? There's a fine line between self-preservation and paranoia. The Bolshoi never fails to amaze.
  14. Bravo Hugo Marchand! Congratulations to POB's newest Etoile !
  15. NEA

    Please see attached NEA appropriations proposal. Let's do what we can to get involved and contact our government officials.