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  1. Thanks Natalia for your reports !
  2. I know the article didn't state that "... he has cameras in private areas like dressing rooms." I didn't infer that, and neither did the subject or the author of the piece. What Makhar is stating is that his voice can 'boom' in on the intercom. This could be disruptive to artists and coaches. Some people thrive under micromanagers; others don't.
  3. What? There's a fine line between self-preservation and paranoia. The Bolshoi never fails to amaze.
  4. Bravo Hugo Marchand! Congratulations to POB's newest Etoile !
  5. NEA

    Please see attached NEA appropriations proposal. Let's do what we can to get involved and contact our government officials.
  6. Yes.
  7. Fortunately, there will be another NYCB broadcast on PBS this Friday. Brace yourselves: "Symphony in C!"
  8. Thank you Natalia and Cubanmiamiboy for your reports !
  9. Mary Tyler Moore will be sorely missed. She was truly a pioneer. I recall that it was Natalya Bessmertnova who danced Juliet in this Bolshoi bicentennial telecast of "Romeo & Juliet." She was unforgettable. Thank you "rg" for posting this historic and priceless pic of Tyler-Moore and Ulanova.
  10. It has just been announced that star of television, stage and film, actress Mary Tyler Moore has passed away. RIP MTM .
  11. She will be sorely missed. Martha Swope, RIP.
  12. Q: What other decrees will the Bishop try to implement re the "occult" "Swan Lake," "Giselle," "The Sleeping Beauty," and other works in the Russian & Western canon of ballet and opera? A: Stay tuned.
  13. Indeed. For me, he was the Master of the Scrim. He was the source of beautiful creations and designs for the ballet in general and the Royal Ballet in particular. I would like to think that there are designers who have been influenced by him, and young ones coming up today who will be inspired by his life and legacy. There won't be another one like him; he will be sorely missed. Peter Farmer, RIP .
  14. Another light has dimmed and gone out. Mme. Morgan RIP.
  15. The overwhelming grief must have been too much for her to deal with. This is very, very sad news. Debbie Reynolds and her daughter Carrie Fisher will both be sorely missed. RIP Debbie Reynolds .