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  1. The lives of Reed and Bryant, and Reed's writings, will always be of interest to historians and specialists in the period. It's not surprising that the names of a couple of journalists, however well known in their time, would fall out of the popular consciousness. It's lucky that their story made a good movie (well, an okay movie) and that Beatty wanted to make it. Much less likely that a major studio would venture on the project today, even with a big male star pushing it. I add my thanks for the article, pherank.
  2. Friday, October 20

    A review of Dwight Rhoden's "The Great Gatsby" by Laura Cappelle in The Financial Times.
  3. Friday, October 20

    A review of Matthew Bourne's "The Red Shoes" by Perry Tannenbaum for Broadway World.
  4. Friday, October 20

    An interview with National Ballet of Canada dancer Siphesihle November by Martha Schabas in The Globe and Mail.
  5. Thursday, October 19

    Melanie Hamrick gets back in the game.
  6. Thursday, October 19

    Reviews of "Kenneth MacMillan: A National Celebration." The Daily Telegraph The Guardian The List
  7. Wednesday, October 18

    A review of the Mariinsky Ballet by George Jackson for danceviewtimes.
  8. Wednesday, October 18

    Zachary Catazaro's promotion is noted by the Ohio press.
  9. Thursday, October 19

    Alabama Ballet presents a mixed bill.
  10. Thursday, October 19

    A review of ABT by Marina Harss for DanceTabs. Mary Cargill's review for danceviewtimes.
  11. Thursday, October 19

    Pix from the American Ballet Theatre party.
  12. Thursday, October 19

    Q&A with Jessica Lang.
  13. Friday, October 20

    Reviews of the Kenneth MacMillan Celebration. The Times The Stage
  14. Friday, October 20

    A preview of "The Red Shoes" by Joan Acocella in the October 30 issues of The New Yorker.
  15. Matthew Bourne "The Red Shoes"

    Interesting. Reviewers have consistently noted that the plot is hard to follow unless you know the movie, so it's good to have another view.
  16. Thursday, October 19

    Central Illinois Ballet presents Dracula.
  17. Thursday, October 19

    A review of the Mariinsky Ballet by Alexander C. Kafka for DC Theatre Scene.
  18. Thursday, October 19

    A review of the Joffrey Ballet in 'Giselle' by Lauren Warnecke for The Chicago Tribune.
  19. Thursday, October 19

    A peek at the costumes for Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre's "Dracula."
  20. Wednesday, October 18

    A review of Wayne McGregor's "Tree of Codes" by Brigid Delaney in The Guardian.
  21. Thursday, October 19

    Cincinnati Ballet presents "Romeo and Juliet" in an unfamiliar venue.
  22. Thursday, October 19

    A review of Alexei Ratmansky’s new piece for American Ballet Theatre by Apollinaire Scherr for The Financial Times.
  23. Thursday, October 19

    A review of the MacMillan program by Mary Brennan in The Herald.
  24. Thursday, October 19

    More reviews of the MacMillan celebration. The Evening Standard The Financial Times The Independent
  25. Wednesday, October 18

    A review of New York City Ballet by Rose Marija for Broadway World.