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  1. Where are the women in ballet running things, that is. A re-posting of the Luke Jennings article to which the NPR piece refers.
  2. It's a fair point, but Wheeldon and Ratmansky have both been ADs, and Peck may be one some day. If they haven’t begun to think about this yet, now would be a pretty good time to start. Thank you for the links, aurora. As Macaulay notes, Whelan has not chosen to work with any female choreographers in her post-ballet career as of this date. She was asked about this in an interview some time ago and her response was rather neutral. At present there's no reason to believe she's particularly invested in the question one way or another. I remember Maria Kowroski once saying that "Blossom Got Kissed" was a breakthrough for her, an opportunity to explore different sides of herself as a dancer.
  3. Thanks to both of you. I was getting lonely. I liked the first half of the series better than the second;the writers didn’t seem to be able to develop any new themes or mine any new aspects of the old ones. I agree. Lange was favored in the writing – more screen time and also more attempts to give depth to the character. Hollywood was tough for women and still is, although I agree that the series overemphasized it, or let's say they did not develop other aspects of their story. I think they also wanted to show the human cost behind that hard-won longevity, which cost may have been overstated but was also genuine. (I don't think they exaggerated how tough it was, though.) The men not only lasted longer as a rule but were able to age with some dignity if they chose and with greater autonomy, often forming their own production companies to churn out those Westerns – and of course much bigger paychecks. I would also disagree respectfully with some of the end notes for the last show of the series. To call Crawford “sometimes a great actress” is not only untrue but beside the point. She was a great star, arguably the greatest, and that’s plenty.
  4. A cookbook by a ballerina reminds me of the joke Billy Crystal makes in “When Harry Met Sally…..” about the Ethiopian restaurant. Although Allegra Kent did solicit a few recipes for her body book. And of course Watts and Soto published "Our Meals." Oh, and speaking of ballerina memoirs and Heather Watts – come on, Heather! Tell us everything!
  5. but he was clearly making an argument against a culture rather than the three choreographers as individuals. True. I'm afraid I did laugh at what Jennings said about Peck's comment, which inspired interesting mental pictures for this reader. (“If we feed the women bananas at regularly scheduled intervals while their minds are still impressionable, we can encourage them to make steps.”)
  6. A review of the DVD of "Dancer" by Jenny Gilbert for The Arts Desk.
  7. A review of Scottish Ballet by Kelly Apter in The Scotsman.
  8. A WNYC preview of New York City Ballet's Here/Now Festival.
  9. SAB student Gianna Reisen will make a new ballet for New York City Ballet's 2017-18 season.
  10. Q&A with Erica Cornejo.
  11. Table talk with Sally Field and Misty Copeland by Philip Galanes in The New York Times.
  12. A feature on Ballet Quad-Cities.
  13. Commentary by Courtney Escoyne for Dance Magazine, which includes comments by Luke Jennings on Twitter.
  14. A post by Courtney Escoyne for Dance Magazine in response to remarks made about the dearth of female choreographers in ballet by Alexei Ratmansky, Christopher Wheeldon, and Justin Peck in an NYT interview.
  15. Reviews of Ballet Ireland in "Giselle." Independent.ie The Irish Times
  16. The Tzigane anecdote is from Martins' funny and enlightening memoir Far From Denmark, written with Robert Cornfield. One of these days I hope Martins gets around to another one.
  17. I'm the only one watching this? It ended last weekend. Thoughts?
  18. Copeland's getting to be a publishing industry unto herself. Memoir, children's book, body book - she's checking all the boxes. Well, make hay while the sun shines.
  19. Generally, asking questions by e-mail allows the interviewee more time and thought to respond, not less, but perhaps that was not the case here. However, Ratmansky is claiming that his words were turned upside down. Given what he said, it's hard to see how Sulcas did that. The context supports a straightforward reading of "I don't see a problem." Anyway, Ratmansky's on Facebook and he's using it -- if he wants to elaborate on what he said, he's got a forum. She's under no obligation to do that, as long as she indicates that some questions were asked by e-mail, which she did. Millepied's Daphnis and Chloe was well received, I understand and may have some staying power.
  20. A profile of 91-year-old Maureen Leathley.
  21. A Gay Star News interview with Wayne Sleep.
  22. Q&A with Wendy Whelan about the new documentary Wendy Whelan: Restless Creature.
  23. A review of New York City Ballet's all-Robbins program by Christina Pandolfi for Broadway World.
  24. Gem City Ballet wraps up its 25th season.
  25. Wayne McGregor goes molecular.