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  1. Beautifully expressed jsmu about Mearns!! I could never quite get a handle on why he obsessed over Mearns. She is a fine dancer and technician, but not what I look for in a dancer.
  2. Yes, I too would like to know the year he said it! I saw Kent in the role and it was her performance that revealed the beauty of the work. (previously I saw Tannaquil LeClercq, but always felt she was unsuited to the role)---and then finally, the ultimate--- Farrell!! I have always loved and responded to Kent's 'other world'.
  3. Robbins beautifully captured the style of Baryshnikov and Makarova's dancing, and I personally can't bear to see anyone else perform it (particularly Kirkland!)
  4. Yes, I have always felt he had a special affinity to Chopin and I think it goes back to his early training days.. In his day, (and mine, too) class pianists played mostly Chopin and the body gets used to moving to it.
  5. Wonderful news!! You have it all Eugenia
  6. Please -- bring back the old daily forum page I am lost lost lost!!
  7. I am lost! How do I get to something resembling the old forum page???
  8. ....and that is supposed to mix with Balanchine?----good grief!
  9. Well, we shared the same hairdresser in NY for while---I would often b e seated next to her under the dryer---but nary a word was spoken--at the time "intruding on their privacy" was the norm. Too bad---I would have loved to talk to her about "The Heiress".
  10. I was at the rehearsal for SB---Abrera in Act l; Trenary inAct 2; and Murphy in Act 3...As for me, she walked (danced?) away with the honors...she is really the one to watch. Abrera's Rose Adagio was good, (has a way to go for real excitement!) but she lost me in the variation that followed. Too much mugging......
  11. I saw her "final" performance with Bolle in '07 and was a bit reluctant to push my luck with another performance, all these years later. So glad she has had good reviews! The one moment I have always loved about her Juliet has nothing to do with her is when she is sitting on the edge of the bed contemplating what she will do to resolve her predicament.....her stillness, not a muscle moving is quite mind boggling.
  12. About those fouettes---I have seen a few ballerinas go the 'pique turn way' but the one I recall most vividly is Nana Gollner (with ABT in the 40's and 50's) who did 32 Changements (for those not familiar with technical terms, it is one of the easiest steps in ballet...) but she made it exciting. Her elevation was great and she bounced up and down like she was on a trampoline---one felt like shouting "Whew!".
  13. Dear Giannina -- rest in peace. Always loved your comments and I regret not having met you in person.
  14. Actually Tom, it is not the Nureyev/Fonteyn SL--it is the one he did for the Paris Opera, I believe in 1984. There is a very good recording out by POB with Letestu and Jose Martinez. The variation is at the end of Act 1 with the Prince in a pensive mood about to go hunting......
  15. For me, beautiful male dancing has been embodied in the elegiac solos Nureyev put into his 'Swan Lake' and 'Sleeping Beauty'...not a bravura turn anywhere---just beautiful lyrical male dancing......